I remember one story I read in my email. I’ll try to rewrite the story from my memory. One person (who we will call Tenggang) came to see an ustaz. The ustaz was at the moment teaching his student about Islam in a mosque. Tenggang rudely interrupt the teaching and asked the ustaz.

Tenggang : Ustaz, you have been teaching about Allah and Islam. I just want to ask you two questions.
Ustaz : (interrupted but stil remain calm) Yes, please ask and I’ll try to explain them to you if I know

Tenggang : You talked about Allah, Can you show me this Allah so I can look and be satisfied? Second question, It was said that Satan was created from fire. Hell was also said to be made of fire. If so, how can satan be tormented and tortured in hell when he is fire by nature?

Ustaz : (approached Tenggang.. and slap him)
Tenggang : (shocked) Why are you mad at me? Is this how an ustaz should behave?

Ustaz : I just answered both questions with the slap.
Tenggang : (still angry) What do you mean by that?

Ustaz : Do you feel the pain when I slap you?
Tenggang : Yes, what’s your point?

Ustaz : So you believe that the pain exist?
Tenggang : Yes

Ustaz : Then show me this pain. Obviously you cannot, you can’t even comprehend such a normal feeling, how would you expect to understand the physical of Allah (Zat). To know Allah is not to know His “zat”. You would go crazy if you think about it. Know Him through His creation.

Tenggang : (slightly humble) But what about the second question?
Ustaz : What is your cheek made of?

Tenggang : Skin
Ustaz : And what is my hand made of?

Tenggang : (Realizing) Also skin
Ustaz : So when I slap you, do you feel the pain?

Tenggang : Yes, Ustaz
Ustaz : Even though Satan is created from fire and so is hell. If Allah will it to hurt satan, It will hurt him.

/end story

I read a lot of debate from non-believer who actually question the very existence of God. And they were actually expecting a logical answer from us. The thing is, logic is flawed to begin with. The story serve as a good example of this. To those non-believer, before you ask for the logic behind God, tell me first, where’s the logic of you being you

  • you cannot choose the way you were born
  • you cannot choose the way you were going to die
  • you claim that you live but you have absolutely no control of your inner organ. Try to make your heart stop beating for five seconds or ten. How to claim you are you when you can’t even explain your beginning, your life and your end

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  1. ticnube
    30 May 07 2:23 pm

    benji…siyess…mmg tic penah bace this ntri..but i dont knw where lah..but must be some where lah kan..haha… tp bace ur ntri nih..mmg bagus…tingat balik..n leh baiki diri kan… :)ilmu jugakk neh..

  2. banji
    30 May 07 2:59 pm

    sy pun dah tak ingat mana terbaca dulu, tp kalau tak salah from email la. benda yg baik x salah kite ingat2kan.

    tapi sy mmg x suka just copy and paste. for me la, tu semua org bleh buat. kite kena ada idea kite sendiri yg diransangkan oleh idea original tu.

    sy cerita balik bende2 ni harapan terbesar dia utk ingatkan diri sendiri 🙂

  3. dekwan
    30 May 07 3:27 pm

    nice writing ere bro…

  4. banji
    30 May 07 4:20 pm

    thanx bro… 🙂 masih banyak perlu belajar

  5. syila lalalala...
    07 Jun 07 9:09 am

    i remember when i was in high school, i read somewhere (tak sure hadith ke ape)- “sejahat-jahat manusia ialah org yg tidak beragama”. mase tu rase mcm tak pcaye je ade org bleh hidup tanpa agama. now, i understand what does it really mean. totally 100% agree with it. susah nk ckp ngn non-believers (atheists). for them, to certainly claim a fact, you need a proof.scientific proof to be exact.when people keep arguing with you, walking away is sometimes a good answer too.

  6. banji
    07 Jun 07 9:47 am

    syila-walking away is definitely the better way, nak jawab semua ni kena ada ilmu, kalau x kita jadi sesat dan menyesatkan.

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