I laughed out loud when I first saw this cartoon. The face expression for the hippo and the cow is priceless, with the rhino looked annoyed and the cow looked satisfied eheh

The moral of the cartoon is self explanatory, but what I’m trying to highlight is just the importance of choosing a friend. I believe that we have to be very selfish when it comes to choosing friends. There are millions of people around the globe, Millions! We can’t be friend to all of them now, can we? So how do i choose my friends?

  • Support me when I’m down
  • Smile for me when I’m up there

You turn to your family for unconditional love. You turn to your spouse for companionship and support. Imagine having 10-20 people who cares for you sincerely (love), accompany you when you needed them the most, for example when you are crying at your mother’s funeral (companionship) and offering help when you hit rock bottom (support). Now those are your true friends Please appreciate them with the same manner they appreciated you. You’ll do fine.

So how do you choose your friends? Do share 🙂

————— Personal Note ————————–
I actually lost contact with one of my best friend. His name is Nur Syikri Harun. Anybody know him, do let me know. After SPM he continue his study in Mesir and that’s when we started lost contact. During our schooling, just as every normal kids with raging hormons, we started flirting with girls hehe. Must be very traumatic for them, I mean the girls. In short, Syikri had a crush on one girl, and I had helped him approach the girl. Back then I was a cupid haha. The last thing I heard about Syikri is that he actually married the same girl. He sure owe me big time.

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    05 Jun 07 12:30 am

    muahaha! i received this email quite some time ago.. funi.. but i like ur personal note short story down there!

  2. zaidah zainal
    05 Jun 07 2:56 am

    hye banji.. nice post..

    recently i received a sms from a fren.. he said.. his best fren fren left him (there’s a reason why he left) n he said ‘maybe dia ditakdirkan untuk tak berkawan’ well i told him.. if that guy betul² your best fren.. he wont just leave u just like that.. no matter how bad u are.. a best fren won’t leave u.. NO MATTER WHAT.. to my surprise.. dia tak setuju with my opinion.. well up to him.. it was just my 1 cent..

    it’s not easy to find a true friend.. to find a fren who is always there 4 u.. who always listen to u.. who do everything n anything all out 4 u.. in short someone who is always there.. no matter what u do.. no matter what u did.. no matter who u are.. no matter how u are.. someone who can accept u as u are..

    as for me.. if u ask me have i found my true fren?? the answer is YES.. i found that person in my life..


  3. filantera
    05 Jun 07 4:49 am

    true friends is like a star shining up at the black night sky, u can see them, but u cannot touch them, no matter up and down, rain or cloudy, no matter u can see them or cant, they will always be there.

    hentam je tulih ni heheh

  4. banji
    05 Jun 07 5:00 am

    yanz – 🙂 for your information, the syikri I’m referring to is (last time i heard) a hafiz. So there are times I felt like I’m the one who corrupted him, but since finally he got married to the same girl… Fuuh there may still be hope for me to heaven huhu

    zai – I totally agree with you. there is no such thing as destined to have no friend. a true friend will speak up to ur face, and say… what you are doing is wrong. so in a way, i think your friend there is very lucky because he got you as a friend.

    About finding a true friend, I can’t put it in better words. very hard right? so congratulation! 🙂

  5. banji
    05 Jun 07 5:47 am

    filantera – huhu very poetic of you, cuma tak faham “u can see them, but u cannot touch them”

    semenjak dua menjak ni berpuisi ye :p

  6. xenowork
    05 Jun 07 1:04 pm

    Susah nak cari kawan yang akan tolong kite sewaktu kita susah tapi senang untuk cari kawan yang ingin berkongsi waktu senang dengan kita.. Pernah seorang insan yang saya anggap sebagai kawan sejati rupa-rupanya musuh dalam selimut.. 🙁

  7. banji
    05 Jun 07 3:13 pm

    hm.. kawan jadi musuh dlm selimut, mesti terasa mcm dikhianati. tapi kite setakat mampu nilai org berdasarkan apa yg kite nampak. hati org ni Allah saja yg tau. so mmg pengalaman tu adalah tunjuk ajar dia la kat awak le xeno. banyakkan bersabar

  8. N. J.
    19 Mar 09 1:37 am

    Sorry, but this is a drawing of a hippo not a rhino! Sheesh!

  9. banji
    31 Mar 09 7:55 am

    N.J. – Thank you N.J. for the correction. Appreciate it. It has now been fixed 🙂

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