Time Travel To See Hang Tuah

summary – Impossible things now may be possible tomorrow
What if suddenly we found a time machine and go back to see Hang Tuah. He then asked us how is the life in the 21st century. We may answer like this.

  • We can chat with anybody from anywhere in the world (via internet)
  • All information ever existed can be search in mere seconds (via internet)
  • We can see what happen around the world the moment it happen (television)
  • We can cook without fire (microwave)
  • We can fly (aeroplane)
  • We can travel around the world in less than 80 hours

Think about it, for us these are nothing new and very common. But to Hang Tuah, he must think that we are just bluffing him. There’s no way all that is even possible.

If we travel back even further, maybe to the caveman period, they may even think that we are supernatural being or even god with all these common technology.

That is why I always believe that in time we will understand the mystery of God’s creation that is now assumed to be unexplainable and spiritual. For example :

  • Other dimension – where djin and satan resides
  • Space travel at speed faster than light – israk mikraj
  • ESP – extra sensory perception

Now if only there are people researching this.. hm

Note – Hang Tuah is a Malay legendary warrior back in the 1400

————— Personal Note ————————–
I am actually a big fan of Hang Tuah’s legend. I may not support him in some decision he made like the execution of his brother, Hang Jebat. I don’t even know whether he existed or not. But, in an indirect way I think he is still the main motivation for me to study silat during my study. I still remember, my colleague and I actually go to Kuala Terengganu four or five weeks before our final to participate in the training organized there 🙂

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    18 Jun 07 6:21 am

    hai bro banji,

    urmmm.. i prefer Hang Jebat rather than Hang Tuah… why? sound like HT like scapegoat to me! it’s true! he so followed what ever Sultan said.. and he ended up ‘hide’ or ‘missing’ in jungle. wat happen? wuz is bcoz of puteri gunung ledang? nope.. sumthng else..

    it just my 2sen words. +_+

  2. banji
    18 Jun 07 8:08 am

    .comi agree with you, HT does seems to be potrayed as blindly loyal and stupid. but personally… I think there’s more to the legend than what’s written. I just wonder, HT is not stupid. He managed to detect Tamingsari’s weakness and cheated him to his death, HT also was said to persuade the Tun Teja. So why is he being so stupid as to follow the Sultan’s order to kill HJ, when bendahara himself cheated the Sultan. Furthermore, the story during the fight between HT and HJ is supposed to be secret since no one else was there. But it is described with exaggeration. So I personally believe that HJ was actually not killed by HT. He was saved by the same method bendahara did to him. 🙂 (Personal theory)

    This is all based on the assumption that the legend is true hehe

  3. abubin
    18 Jun 07 8:13 am

    so…from a fan of HT, what is you view about him being a Chinese descendant?

  4. banji
    18 Jun 07 9:07 am

    Yes :), I’ve also heard about this version of the story. According to it, only Hang Kasturi is Malay, All others are from chinese. Hang Too Ah, Hang Lee Kiew, Hang Ji Fat, Hang Lee Kir. The version possibly start with the coming of Hang Li Po to Melaka. It really spark a lot of anger from Silat fanatics.

    Personally, like I said before, nothing is sure. it is possible that HT is from chinese decendant. everyone does entitle to his/her own opinion. If you choose to believe he’s a chinese from his name. then technically you just throw the whole legend aside (i mean the original book). In the book also (Yes, I read it countless time eheh), it does say that HT is fluent with almost 8 different language, which includes Arabic and Japanese. If we want, we can say he is an Arab (Ad Doa) or a Japanese (Ando San) 🙂

    What ever race he is, I still adore the whole legend,

  5. filantera
    20 Jun 07 4:06 am

    bout the hang t uah being chinese……

    Hang is actually a title given to a person actually

    its like dato in this new world. so when hang li po come here, maybe the real name is Sew Li PO but to remove the surname, to clear the descendence, there chang it to Hang…

    we have seen many other Hang also, Hang mamat, hang mudim (?), hang buat apa, hang nak pi mana, hang keja ka hari ni, hang ok ka, hang nak pi minum dak…so all this hang maybe come from chinese too…:P

  6. Banji
    20 Jun 07 5:36 am

    mula2 nampak ada hala tuju.. tup2 ada pulak “hang nak pi mana” hahah, anyway, mungkin jugak betul hang tu adalah gelaran… sbb mmg ada pun watak hang nadim tu, tp dia anak HT lah. Wallahualam

  7. norazman
    24 Jan 09 11:00 pm

    the first word pronouced by Jibrail to Prophet was Iqrak….read.The order to human kind is to read and research and continue this generation after generation for the better but we ignore the phrase commanded by god.Thats why all this childish ideas as above appears.Professor Hawking and Einstein have done their part triggering this subject but we never tried to study this time travel in perspective of Islam.,I always hope intelligent and intellectual muslims pursue this matter so that layman like me whom are interested in this subject will be enlighten.thank you.

  8. 24 Jan 09 11:29 pm

    Norazman – Thank you Norazman for reading the childish ideas. It seems that you are interested in time travelling theory and how Islam can explain it. Unfortunately this article is not meant to explain that. It is simply suggesting that human has progressed so far that if a man from the past see the present, he will not believe his eyes. And this open the possibility that in a few hundred years, we will be amazed with our future technology just as much.

    Hopefully in time, you can share your take on the subject (time travelling) with us.

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