This is a true story and it happened yesterday (20/6), I’ve had a new experience in my line of work. I was working as always when suddenly one worker came running to me saying that there is a drunk tractor driver chasing other workers with a “parang”. I immediately called the security guard and believe it or not, he said he wouldn’t dare to go to a drunk running amok with a “parang”. I am quite angry at the time, because who will go and calm the person if the security doesn’t dare. What if somebody got hurt?

I am not that brave also, but I take a deep breath and “tawakal” to Allah. I asked three of my other workers and we went to the driver’s place. . There I saw him alone, no “parang” what so ever.

“Fuuh! lega!”. Immediately after he saw us, he get upset and start cursing. I asked all those with me to remain quiet and just stand by if he attacked or anything. I slowly approached him and I tried my best to maintain that innocent look of not knowing what happened. I asked him to start from the beginning. After a lot of cursing and incoherent words… he explained to me what’s the problem.

I guess his thought became more organized to properly explain to me and thus he started to calm down. I was agreeing with everything he said and promised him to settle his problem myself.

FYI – he is a contractual tractor driver taking the waste of the mill out. He is not employed by the mill but by nearby estates. And he was paid by amount of load he can do everyday. The more he can load out, the more money he get. To load the waste will require mill’s shovel, which was not available at the tme. That’s why he’s angry.

Of course in order for me to help him, I insist he must surrender the “parang”. Everything’s settled. When I walked back I can see him laughing, maybe because he think I will now do what ever he wants. Obviously I then called his manager and banned him from entering the mill compound ever again. Oh ya, no one’s was hurt fortunately.

Lesson learnt –

  • My security need to sit down and come up with proper plan for all emergency. Luckily this is just a drunk case, where I can still reason with him. If it were a crazy person who just want to kill others, the workers will be all dead before police came.
  • I need to sit down and come up with my proper plan for all emergency. The problem with emergency is that it usually happen when you lease expected and if you panic, things will only just get worse. Hm do you guys ever plan what to do in emergency? like your bus toppled or burglar inside the house? I think I should..

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  1. filantera
    21 Jun 07 3:38 am

    wah real life example tu….ingatkan dah nak kuar citer pendekar parang dan pisau dua tadi heheh

    gud ol days..

    well emergency happen. like accident and everything. just let look at bigger picture, what if suddenly we fall ill, and can only work at home?what if suddenly Malaysia in on war? what if alien really exist,and u are the one who can communicate with them? and what if suddenly, its blackout in here, since i still didnt do much work yet, what if i cant log in to YM today?

    and what if suddenly all telephone in the world just cut off? and what if i cant go out for lunch today?:P

  2. intankamaruddin
    21 Jun 07 4:18 am

    I always think abt the worst in evy situation. Nak naik bas tiap2 hari pun kdg2 i imagine sumone wil run amok n shoot me wit gun. or bile msk minyak tepecik kt satu muka or umah akan terbakar.
    i don’t plan much. but just stay alert, and tawakal. if it meant to happen it wud happen rite. heheheh.

    but u tackled it nicely 🙂

  3. Banji
    21 Jun 07 4:38 am

    filantera – ya la, sambil jalan tu, duk ingat le jugak step2 silat kut2 terdesak kesitu. alhamdulillah le takde gaduh2.

    i get what u mean by the bigger picture. ya la, if suddenly u got fired, what would u do? tp at least that situation gives us plenty of time to think our way out. Emergency like intan just said really need immediate responds or u might just die 🙂

    nice one bro.. a broader view 🙂

  4. Banji
    21 Jun 07 5:01 am

    ntan – kite sekali lagi sama kat sini… i also almost always prepare for the worst case scenario (which is by the way.. my fav show on tv). dalam bas… selalu bayangkan, kalau terbalik.. apa benda nak pegang, avoid tingkap takut kaki terkeluar dan putus. mcm2 lagi… ye lah nak buat apa lagi dlm bas ye tak?

    ada org kata we are being pessimist, i’d prefer to call it prepared 🙂

  5. Rockafella Gurl
    21 Jun 07 7:18 am

    woww! anywhere can be dangerous..

    at 1st i tot, u are talking ’bout ‘Heroes’ series! coz it showed ystrday what??.. ropenya, sumthing happen! alhamdullilah, all goes well..

  6. Banji
    21 Jun 07 7:37 am

    peminat heroes jugak ye…. 🙂

    alhamdulillah le takde pape. pikir2 balik mmg bahaya, kalau org betul2 dah lost control. my wife pun dah suarakan kerisauan dia, and believe me dear, I will try to avoid it if i can. cuma smlm somebody must do something. and im so happen to be in charge.

  7. pocket
    21 Jun 07 11:45 am

    wah wah wah clap clap clap to the
    banji… heh… u are great bro…

    well … just like u said…
    keep in mind what will u do should
    anything goes wrong…
    look for a place to menyorok kalau
    ado kapal terbang suddenly come
    crushing at you hahahah….
    n of course ..tawakkal…

  8. Banji
    21 Jun 07 1:24 pm

    pocket – tu la, tawakal paling penting, provided semua step2 keselamatan dah diambil

    – bawak tiga org besar2…
    – check dulu ada parang ke x?
    – communicate dari jauh dulu
    – check kasut koyak ke tak? kut2 kena lari :p

  9. Pawana Malam..
    21 Jun 07 4:59 pm

    hye banji…

    my first time here…slm perkenalan..

    neway, the formula is, you have to look confident in order to convince people even if you are not,rite?

    thats y, in life there’s so much “if”…coz they have all the look of “if” even there’s actually none…

    looking into “if” i would call prediction..hhehehe

    so here..what if i’m imagining how charming you look as u plays hero’s role, aite?hehheheh

    come visit my page bila2 free kay..tata

  10. Banji
    21 Jun 07 6:51 pm

    hi pawana malam.. salam perkenalan, I’m not sure I get what you mean. Maybe you can elaborate more? but thanx for the comment

    I do get one thing though.. I am charming hehe. That I readily agree

  11. filantera
    22 Jun 07 1:36 am

    nicely done bro…..

    hopefully pas ni takde dah scene scene heroes ni….

    neway this thing h appen after we ym?

  12. Banji
    22 Jun 07 3:58 am

    filantera – ye la… hopefully tak berlaku lagi gak,

    berlaku sebelum ym, tp time ym tu takmo cerita lagi. 🙂

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