One Way To Handle Difficult Customer

Summary – A conversation script to illustrate how to handle difficult customer
I read this in a book about how to manage difficult person. I found it very interesting and had tried the same tactics in my line of work. The story and script are obviously rewritten based on my memory.

One day, while working in the ticketing counter of an airline company, Asni was approached by a fierce looking man, namad Latif. He is very rude cutting the line straight to the counter and slammed the counter with his fist so hard, everyone was shocked.

Asni – How can I help you sir?

Latif – Don’t give me that polite rubbish. I want to get on a plane to London now! You hear me!

* Let me stop you right here. If you were Asni, and you check and know that there is actually one available seat. What would you do? Give it to him? Here what Asni did

Asni – I’m very sorry sir, but there is no available seat left. Hm I tell you what, just give me 2 minutes while I try to find any other alternatives.

Latif – you better find me that seat or I will sie your company for making me missed my appointment

Asni – (picking up the phone, PRETENDING to talk to another person) Hello, this is Asni, I would like to check if all seats were taken or not?

Asni – (obviously talking to no one continues)Yes, I understand, you cannot do that. But I have a gentleman here who urgently need the seat. It’s a matter of life and death (wink at the gentleman)

Latif at this moment.. seemed touched by the effort made by Asni, started to calm down and give her a thumbs up.

Asni – Please, if there is a seat, why not give to this gentleman. He wouldn’t mind buseness class or not. He just need to be there for his daughter’s operation (again wink at Latif)

Asni – I tell you what, you help me with this one. I buy you dinner later. So how? Ok Thank a lot!!! I really owe you one

Latif – (by now in debt with Asni… amazed with his service) Thank you so much dear. I will put up a good comments on you later. Thank again ya

Asni – (smiling)

/end script

If we just give Latif the ticket, he will still be cranky all the way to London. This way, both will benefit. But of course, Asni cannot bluff all her customer. Now that would be unethical hehe..

So how do you guys handle difficult person? Any tricks?

————— Personal Note ————————–
I used to do part time in Metrojaya as a Customer Service. I still missed the worklife there. Less responsibility and you can see a lot of people. One of our daily job is of course to wrap gift. I can do any design within minutes… heheh But the best memory there, is when we are so busy wrapping (it’s christmas) and suddenly one gentleman came and bought us 1 box of Dunkin Donut, appreciating our work. We were smiling all day long

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  1. kakLuna
    30 Jun 07 3:26 am

    wow, creative and respectful. i my self cant think what to do when facing unsatisfied customer. most of times i only keep silent and gives what they want.

  2. noushy syah
    30 Jun 07 1:38 pm

    Asni must be one in a Million!! hahhaha…but that was really amazing and thinking about how polite and cool she was in dealing such situation…

    I wouldn’t think I would be polite enough in responding to such scenario!!….

    p/s Part of lesson in life-to be learned!!

  3. pocket
    01 Jul 07 4:05 pm

    sounds like my everydays work..
    prod line want some support to
    ensure the line is runnin…
    n i have to give full support
    when problem due to plastic parts
    occurs.. huhuuuu…
    problem happen…
    Prod Supervisor call the plastic man.
    plastic man appear within 2 minutes..
    problem description…
    problem analysis…
    containment action…
    Prod Line start to run again
    plastic man saves the day 😀

    after kena tembak with some good
    sarcastic mocking n scolding that
    is …hehhehehh

  4. filantera
    02 Jul 07 2:57 am

    me as always…malay commentary

    selalunya i predict apa yang akan boss suruh buat, then buat siap siap…then YM all the time heheheh

    then when the day come, he will as me “buat laaaa benda tu benda ni”
    amik masa sikit dlm half an hour, lepak jer, then submit benda tu

    so dia akan nampak cam benda yang org lain amik 2 jam nak buat kita bleh bagi dlm setengah jam hahaha

    tp time siuk tu kalut gak lah

  5. banji
    03 Jul 07 3:56 am

    kak luna n noushy – seriusly sy pun respek kalau ada org yg mcm tu, hopefully when our time arrived, we can react in such way

  6. banji
    03 Jul 07 4:02 am

    pocket – 🙂 we will face customer service once in a while. eh ure the plastic man rite?

    filantera – thats very smart of u, unfortunately my pile of work doesnt seem to hv an end, here when ppl see me not working, they’ll assume im not working, must find work to do

  7. k o r o m y s t
    04 Jul 07 1:23 am

    Hmm. Neat trick. Good thing that she is using the computer and the monitor’s screen is facing her. Lolz.

  8. banji
    04 Jul 07 4:28 am

    yerp neat trick, but just how many of us were trained with such trick. usually we were just dump there to learn everything ourselves

  9. Akak Pok Pek
    04 Jul 07 2:44 pm

    banji, the Arabs (and all those involve in this line in Saudi) should learn all about customer service. I have been in this line as long as I can remember. )Kinda bread and butter) It breaks my heart whenever we customers are not treated the way we should be. Sometimes, it is not all about money. A smile and a word of thanks is more than enuf to brighten one’s day. BTW, I bet Asni is not working with one of those middle eastern airline or else…. (fill in the blank) Psstt.. been there done that (sori a bit furious everytime I talk about them)

  10. Banji
    04 Jul 07 3:32 pm

    APP – no need to be sorry. I actually appreciate those who write with passion. I guess those Arab still believe that they are somewhat holier than the rest of the world. I still remember u mention in ur blog on how the arabs always look down on us as if we are some poor philipinos working with them. That really opened my eyes

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