The day after tomorrow is 07/07/07 which only happen once in a hundred year. Around the globe people are getting married that day assuming luck which come with the number will have some effect on their marriage.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as lucky number. Remember when we were in primary school? The teacher introduce number with those “biji saga”. The number 3 is just the addition of three “biji saga”. In short, all numbers are related and are meaningless otherwise. 3 will never exist if there are no number 2 and number 1. Hopefully you can understand me up to here. If all are related then obviously all number should have equal luckiness and importance

So you may say, “let it be lah, for fun only”. The problem arise especially for us muslim. Let me give you an example to illustrate. If tomorrow I decide to enter a competition advertised in the newspaper on page 7 and I somehow win the contest and received RM7000 cash prize. What do you think the first thing that will come up to my mind? Obviously I will assume the luck in number 7 is the reason I win. This is where it’s dangerous because this is a clear case of “syirik”. What ever happens are all by the Will of Allah.

Non-religiously, believing in number had also affected other area. For example, in Japan, they actually build buildings with no level 13 because of the fear of it. Can you believe that they even concreted the whole level. This is clearly not a wise decision (financially)

However some of the couple who get married tomorrow may do so not because of the luck but to help the couple expecially the man to remember their anniversary later on. Man does have the tendency to forget anniversary. I’m not sure whether it’s biological or not but do give us a chance kay eheh 🙂

————— Personal Note ————————–
I don’t believe in lucky numbers or date. But I do believe I am lucky enough to be born on my birthday. It’s 25th December…. Lucky not because it’s christmas but because every year I can have the day all to myself without having to work.Anybody else have stories related to number that can be shared? Perhaps being born on 29th February. For him / her birthday is only every 4 years 🙂

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  1. noushy Syah
    05 Jul 07 8:30 pm

    woww..I do believe all numbers are the same ..the differentiate is only some look appelaing than others, like this 07-07-07 rite? SOmething beautiful would remains in our memories easily and for good.

    P/s..yeh hey Banji you’re not only coz for me the best number is 31st December every year..coz not only it’s my birthday but it’s the new year eve as well..so all over the world is celebrating my birthday*perasan mode kejap*..hehhehe..and it’s also my anniversary with my sYahyang..so it’s 3 in 1 celebration ..yehahh!!!

  2. noushy Syah
    05 Jul 07 8:31 pm


  3. noushy syah
    05 Jul 07 8:33 pm

    —>sorry some error there:
    You’re not the only one happy of your birthdate coz for me….

  4. Iyandz
    05 Jul 07 11:59 pm

    Welllll.. I’m totally agreed with what u’ve said. However, it depends how we interpreted it into our life. If that day only appear once in 100 years, so I believe we’r very excited to know about that.

    As long as we’r not out from the ‘line’, it is ok for U & Me.. 😀

  5. filantera
    06 Jul 07 1:47 am

    hhehehehehehe nice post again!

    mmmm i think the most unique number is zero(0) why:

    hmmmm if people want to show off the money, they will put:
    i have RM 100000000000000000000000
    naper tak tulis
    RM 1748927398042859023784 hahahah

    then, u can devide number with 0,
    ia juga adalah number perdana dan number ganjil pun bukan, number genap pun bukan hahahah

    and number o adalah number yang best nak tulis

    dan takde tarik 00/00/00 right?not in a million years hahaha

    then, number 0 bleh tulis ngan huruf o
    sooo, lets count berapa number 0 dlm ni


    hahahaha banji will get mad at me for writing this hehehhhh

    just for fun…………

  6. filantera
    06 Jul 07 1:49 am

    typo: *can’t
    ::hari ni hari typo sedunia ek::

    then: kontraktor tak buat level 13 tu is all about marketing strategy. utk kita yang takisah, tak peduli pun ada ke takde ke, janji rumah/building tu ok….

    bagi yang kisah, diorg akan pilih tingkat lain….so basically, dari ada tingkat 13 tp org tak mau duduk, better pun concrete and pretend like we care hahaha

  7. banji
    06 Jul 07 1:51 am

    noushy – it does look very appealing, doesnt it? now the problem is what important things to do on the day. Any suggestion?

    birthday on 31st dec? wow!! hehe i’m almost always thinking like u did, that the whole world is celebrating my birthday. hey it’s my birthday… im allowed to think what ever rite? 🙂

    iyandz – yerp… once in a hundred years do deserve the attention.like the millenium few years ago, once in a thousand years

    Still remember, on 12.01am 01/01/00 i was trying to get into pizzahut with my friends 🙂

  8. banji
    06 Jul 07 2:20 am

    filantera – heheh i certainly am not mad with your post. instead it amazes me. never think of it that way 🙂 so many uniqueness of zero

    masalahnye rugi woo concrete satu level. heheh

  9. kakLuna
    06 Jul 07 5:36 am

    but number 7 has special meaning in Islam, its defines Allah’s great creation;

    7 days a week
    7 sky layers
    7 earth layers
    7 planet
    7 al-fatihah’s ayat
    7 rainbow colour

    and manymore..

    Allahu Akbar

  10. banji
    06 Jul 07 6:28 am

    kak luna – i agree that there are a lot of seven in islam. But my point is still seven is just a number. It doesn’t have any effect in our life.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no verses in Quran that potrayed the greatness of the number. Even when there is such coincidence, I believe that it is we, people who were very eager to find the significance of the number then associated it with the phenomenon.

    Just my 2 cents, but it is true that a lot of universal phenomenon is related to nuber 7

  11. k o r o m y s t
    06 Jul 07 6:52 am

    Hmm… Ryota Miyagi from Slamdunk wears the jersey number 7 … xP

  12. Banji
    06 Jul 07 11:19 am

    koromyst – my all time favorite comic tuh… MVP miyagi, erk mana nak cari balik ye komik2 tu

  13. alfattah
    06 Jul 07 2:43 pm

    =) arwah datuk pnah pesan supaya cari tarikh dah hari yg baik dalam islam berpandukan kitab utk tetapkan tarikh perkahwinan…spy m’bawa berkat & sgala perkara2 yg baik2 utk hari yg mendatang… ape lah yg ade pada nombor… ape2 pun x dinafikan nombor 070707 memang cantik……..=)=)=)

  14. Banji
    06 Jul 07 3:02 pm

    alfattah – hm memang cantik kan nombor tu, terasa mcm nak tunggu je 7.07 7 saat, pastu nak jerit. tapi mcm bodoh la pulak huhu, jam dah le tak tepat.

    anyway… org2 tua mmg berpegang sungguh tarikh2 ni kan? hm tapi time kawin dulu, kelam kabut sgt, langsung terlupa hehe

  15. pocket
    06 Jul 07 4:09 pm

    Besok …
    kita gi kuarkan wit kat
    pada 7 pagi 07 minit…
    then the resit would shows the
    date and the time…
    would be something nice to frame.

    remembered a friend of mine went
    to ski place. tryin to buy the
    first ticket on the first of
    january 2001.
    he arrived at the ski place at
    4am… (the place opens at 8am)
    somebody else beat him to the race.
    he got number 200 something …

  16. Banji
    06 Jul 07 5:26 pm

    hahhaha… 4 am in the morning? wow.. so devoted. dapat number 200 lagi, maknanya ada 199 org lagi devoted. Agaknya diorg nak jual tiket tu.

    i bet paling penting for him is the feeling of being part of something extraordinary 🙂 Understandable

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