If you notice, there is one tag for charity affecting the whole blogosphere. I believe writing the memes for all bloggers will be a piece of cake, since we are doing such things all the time. But actually how many tried to promote the event this idham (the organizer) is working on?

So this entry is dedicated to invite all my fellow friends to be there and do our little part for the benefit of the orphan there. I will definitely be there. The details are as follows, (for more information, please check the originator’s blog)

Event : “Bloggers bring rainbows to DIO (Darul Izzah Orphanage)”
Date of event : 11th August 2007 (Saturday)
Venue : Darul Izzah Orphanage, Bandar Baru Bangi
Planned activities : magic show, clown, treasure hunt, sukaneka” and of course lunch
Email to confirm going – idham_blog@yahoo.com

  • please indicate the number of pax in your party

Still looking for :
– volunteer for project manager (I’m a bit worried here)
– volunteer to do printing and binding of all memes (cost supported)
– volunteer to organize party games
– able clowns and magician

Will update the details. So how many of you guys are going? Let this be our little gatherin just as well 🙂

To honor both PuteriEzza and Sharze who did tag me. Here is the memes completed

1. A person is only as good as the decision he made
2. Friendship is always a good thing to have, bad friends are not
3. To love is to love .. period!
4. Money makes me rich (financially)
5. I miss wake up in the morning with only one purpose, play and play
6. My way of saying I care is by saying I care, why should it be so vague?
7. I try to spread love and happiness by all means
8. Pick the flowers when there is flowers to pick and of course it’s legal to do so
9. To love someone is to expect nothing but gives everything, and not the other way around
10. Beauty is never as clear as black and white
11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was , waiting at the bus stop 6.30am counting the time for red light to turn green
12. When I was twenty one, I remember it’s 1998, guess my age now?
13. I am most happy when the VIP in my life is happy
14. Nothing makes me happier than being loved by my VIPs
15. If I can change one thing, I will change the one thing immediately
16. If smiles were available in shops then I will buy none
17. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do nice things to other people
18. If you want to grow up then you have to start acting like one
19. Money is not everything but it is always good to have some
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is when I was told that my brothers and I will be separated
21. I smile when she smile
22. When I am happy, I buy myself drinks (Milo Ais)
23. If only I don’t have to sleep, then probably I can finished this book
24. The best thing I did yesterday was watching movie with the mrs by my side
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,”555 Where Ideas Jotted Down
26. One thing I must do before I die is “Dua Kalimah Shahadat

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  1. idham
    11 Jul 07 4:03 am

    great! hope to see you and others soon when I am back in KL so that we can discuss activities.

    would you be a volunteer to?


  2. kakLuna
    11 Jul 07 6:03 am

    sampai sekarang, saya belum pun jawab meme ni. sebab meme ni ada nilai. RM127 per meme untuk dijawab suka2 atau lewa2?saya lihat ramai buat begitu, tapi tak lah bermakna saya tak suka.

    cuma pada saya meme kali ni datang dengan tanggungjawab. keseriusan untuk berbakti, itulah patut jadi fokusnya.

  3. banji
    11 Jul 07 6:25 am

    idham-sure why not,tell me how i can be of service

    kakluna-sebenarnya sy pun x berstuju,sbb tu sy ambil masa lama,ye la kdg2 nampak mcm promosi utk blog idham,memes tu pun sebaiknya diganti maybe dgn artikel yg mggalakkn budaya charity etc,so kenapa sy buat meme tu jugak?simply to honor the 2 friends tagged me.hm samada donation akan dibuat @ x,itu antara penjanji dgn Allah,yg penting insyaAllah sy akn ksana,tolong2 apa yg boleh,jom la eheh

  4. banji
    11 Jul 07 6:49 am

    🙂 maaflah klu post diatas byk short form n nampak serius,post guna hp ada limit,just nak highlight yg sy x tag siapa2 pun sbb bg sy, mcm kakluna tegaskn,charity sepatutnya dtg ikhlas dr hati,i did my part in promoting the event.

    1 thing about posting using hp,by the time nk abih,dah xtau tadi tulis apa,so harapnya x menyentuh hati sesapa.

    n yg plg penting bukan blog,x populariti,x donation,definitely jugak x meme,tp happykan anak2 yatim tu

  5. pocket
    11 Jul 07 2:53 pm

    Macam nak gi … tapi…
    let me see my availability first.
    I’d definitely be bringing Dewi
    tak janji …
    tp tingin …

  6. banji
    11 Jul 07 3:56 pm

    pocket – hopefully jadi… 🙂 anyway update me, ye jadi tak jadi. jauh tu dari penang nak ke sini

  7. alfattah
    12 Jul 07 2:56 am

    banji…since i live in kajang je, rs nak join…tolong2 kan? cam organize party games n etc kan?? tp cam x brp paham sbnrnye…have to meet up b4 the charity day ke?or just be there n give somes hands on that day…?

    nak join 2x!!!

  8. banji
    12 Jul 07 3:38 am

    alfattah-setakat ni idham tu masih mencari volunteer, pls email dia. yg sy dgr dia balik dr oversea akhir julai dan akan held a discussion, apa2 info sy dpt, ill msg u kay 🙂

  9. Puteri Ezza
    14 Jul 07 7:12 am

    Banji… Thanks for completing the memes. Hikhik. Jelesnya apabila dapat tahu Banji akan bersama-sama dalam majlis tu. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, napa la saya dok jauh ni 🙁

  10. Banji
    14 Jul 07 7:28 am

    puteriezza – takpe, saya ni pun sebab kebetulan dekat dengan rumah, mine kat bandar baru bangi jugak. so bile lagi kan? 🙂

    tapi best jugak kalau boleh jupe puteriezza

  11. zai
    14 Jul 07 2:19 pm

    ermm i’m thinking of nak join jugak..

  12. Banji
    14 Jul 07 2:52 pm

    jom jom jom jom
    jom heboh heboh

    huhu.. harap jugak bleh jupe zai kat sana, antara my first blogger friends ni 🙂

    kalau ada masalah transportation.. just commute sampai komuter bangi, then ill go fetch u

    tapi tu la, still tokey x balik malaysia, so tak confirm lagi

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