Summary – The 4 secrets of Allah and why they were kept a secret

Of course we cannot tell everything about us. There is such thing that is called secret. Unless of course the secret will solve the problem, then by all mean, share it. Now we do know that everyone has a secret, even Allah.

So what do you think is Allah’s secret? Believe me that I did not make this up. I read it in a book long time ago. Obviously the following is rewritten based on memory.

Secret 1 – Lailatul Qadar
For those who may not know, “Lailatul Qadar” is a night appointed in one of the nights of Ramadhan. The night was kept unknown to motivate all muslim to work harder in order to get “Keredhaan Allah” by searching it in all 30 nights or at least the last ten night.

Secret 2 – His Saint
Saint or “Wali Allah” are those whose life are devoted only to Allah. He loved them so much that almost any prayer from them will be granted immediately. Obviously they themselves do not know of their status. Their identity were kept hidden so that we will always respect and treat others kindly. Who knows he/she might be one of them. Do you dare to hurt people loved by Allah?

Secret 3 – Soul
It is mentioned in a hadis (correct me if I’m wrong) that when several people came and asked Rasulullah about the nature of soul, they were told that the soul is Allah’s secret. Soul is basically what make us alive and concious. It cannot be the brain or heart because some organism like bacteria have neither and yet still alive. So why does Allah keep this a secret?. It is to make us humble that even though we had explore the whole universe and understand everythings, we will still not understand our own body and how we come to be alive.

Secret 4 – Death
The origin of life is a secret, of course death will be another. But unlike life, death is kept a secret in the manner that nobody know how and when we will die. It’s not a surprise that somebody who is so healthy died, if not natural cause, maybe due to accident. So.. as you may have guess it, death is kept a secret to allow us to live our life fully by seizing the day. Death is beyond our control and thus why worry. The same death will also urge us to “memperbanyakkan amal ibadat”(hehe I have no translation for this) as we can die any moment in our life.

There’s a saying that “work on your life as if you are going to live forever but “beribadatlah” as if you are going to die tomorrow.”

Of course this is just an opinion of the past ulama’. In the end only Allah knows the reason behind all matters

Maybe you guys can add to the reason why such matter is kept a secret. And also can somebody please give me an English word for beribadat? 🙂

————— Personal Note ————————–
My favorite memory on secret, is when I (during my childhood) was fasting in one Ramadhan. I was 10 or 12 years old at the time. Heheh so as what a child would do on his first time fasting, I cheated by eating the currypuff filling my mother made. To cut things short, my brother, filantera caught me. And so we established that this is a secret between us. Everything was going fine and we had break our fast for the day. Somehow, filantera couldn’t resist and spoke to me (in an intentionally-raised voice) – “Banji, mama tak tau lagi rahsia kita kan?”

Obviously my mother interrogate him and my secret is all out in the open. heheh so understandbly I was “rotan” by mother. I know that I get him back after that.. but unfortunately cannot remember what 🙂

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  1. syahidatul
    24 Jul 07 6:21 pm

    erm. beribadah eyh… what eh… perform good deeds? or perform prayers? or perform religious obligations? hmm maybe an action of religious tasks. huhu.

    how bout mandi wajib? obligatory bath? or compulsory bath?


  2. Noushy Syah
    24 Jul 07 10:41 pm

    Banji,correct me if I’m wrong, but common sense tell us that all these hidden agenda are to make sure that we-human being-surrender our selves to be worshipped but him alone sincerely and faithfully all the time.

    Unlike if we know exactly when is our death, then perhaps the perceptions would be different…ie, let say my mati time would be at the age of 70 then I might say:
    “alaaa lambat lagi nak mati…masih banyak masa nak bertaubat”

    2/More Hippocrates in treating and dealing with pple–especially if you know he/she is a saint…naturally want to be good to him/her

    Beribadah is worship,
    Mandi wajib is ablution/impurity

  3. Noushy Syah
    24 Jul 07 10:45 pm


  4. Banji
    25 Jul 07 12:44 am

    syahidatul – thanx for the suggestion, i think ‘worship’ is best word for it.

    even though the word ‘compulsory bath does trigger some memory of me being force to take a cold morning bath before school eheh

  5. Banji
    25 Jul 07 12:57 am

    noushy – you are right, all these can be figured out by only using common sense,

    the sad thing is we often choose to ignore it completely. most ppl still believe that repent (bertaubat) is meant to be done at old age, some ppl with degree look down on ppl without.

    hopefully this entry will remind us ESPECIALLY MYSELF, to be better every single day

  6. k o r o m y s t
    25 Jul 07 1:10 am

    True enough. Good entry there (^_^)b

    And I guess I’ll never find the answer to the which comes first ‘secret’… the chick or the egg? (~.~)

  7. filantera
    25 Jul 07 1:57 am

    again i am the one who nakal here…hehhehe

  8. Banji
    25 Jul 07 3:23 am

    koromyst – eheh some things are better left alone

    filantera – for the record, the entry is never meant to give filantera a bad name. just to cherish every moment growing up with him (both of them) 🙂

  9. filantera
    25 Jul 07 7:05 am

    heheheheh its nice growing with u too…..hehehhe

  10. Rockafella Gurl
    25 Jul 07 10:40 am

    i wish that Allah can granted me to have at least malam “Lailatul Qadar’ before my last breath.. insyallah.

    i rmmbr when i wuz 11-yo, my ‘geng’ use to go at one hill next to mosque & wait there to get malam Lailatul Qadar.. we wait there about 2 hours ok. damn funny..

  11. Banji
    25 Jul 07 11:03 am

    filantera – 🙂

    yanz – me too… harap2nya lah. tapi kena le usahakan. dulu ada gak cuba tunggu, tapi kecik lagi, so selalunya pukul 1 dah pengsan.

    ingat lagi mcm2 org cakap. air beku lah etc. mungkin berlaku, tapi kalau kite nak tunggu air beku baru solat, takde point lah dirahsiakan kan? 🙂 (hehe serius dulu tunggu air beku.. jahilnya diri ini)

  12. pocket
    25 Jul 07 2:39 pm

    i was the third person…
    looking at the incident …
    filantera was standing on the dinner
    banji was taking something from the
    The Mother was holding the sejadah…

    heheh… banji… lets re-do the
    scene again sometime… but what will
    the secret be?

  13. Banji
    25 Jul 07 3:35 pm

    pocket – huhu that’s a very good idea. we’ll do the whole thing. a collection of memories from the three of us 🙂 msg me when the brotherhood will chat again

  14. Asif AHMED
    13 Mar 13 3:39 pm


    One of the best secret of ALLAH is the status of Prophet MUHAMMAD(S.A.W.S) no body know the status as Rasool ALLAH had mehraj and met with ALLAH TAALA at a place called LAMAKHA (No Place) so ALLAH is where there is no place no name and Rasool ALLAH met ALLAH at that place leaving behind all form right from HUMAN-NOOR- even Jibrail A.S cannot proceed from Sidratul Muntaha.

    Every creature loves ALLAH whereas ALLAH loves RASOOL ALLAH thats why called as HABIBULLAH in QURAN.

    MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) was created before existence of anything(universe,Adam (A.S),earth, air,water).


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