Today is a historical moment for Immortal Wisdom. This blog had been nominated for World United Blogger Award (WUBA) and is one of the fifteen blogs that won the award. The details can be read here

For your information World United Bloggers pioneered by Dr Ahmed El-Zoghbi @ Sharm with the intention to call bloggers from around the world and share ideas to promote love and peace. More about it in WUB’s blog

I am not a member of the organization. And being awarded doesn’t mean I will get prize money or anything. But really I’m so touched that a member of the group (a very dear friend of mine – noushy) confidently nominated this newbie blog for the award. For the confidence given I’m forever be grateful.

Seriously, I think the appreciation should be given to all of you who frequent the blog. You had taken the time everyday to click the link to this blog and share your opinion here, saying hi in the shoutbox or just come in to see what’s on menu today. I really can’t do this without knowing you will be here supporting. So I sincerely thank you.

As you can see from my entries… it is always my intention to try to make a difference to our society by learning from each other. So I humbly requested, if you think that the blog or any entry in it will benefit others (maybe friends or family), please help introducing it to them. I’m not going to be any richer, and I’m not interested to be popular. I just hope we will not repeat the same mistake and maybe be a bit better with every passing day. Amiin….

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Appreciated action :

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  1. krystyna
    27 Jul 07 7:09 pm

    Hi Banji!
    Congratulation from deep of my heart!
    Wonderful post!
    Best to you!

  2. Noushy Syah
    27 Jul 07 8:49 pm

    Keep up your good work! I definitely will keep coming..

    p/s ehem2, cantiklah BG hitam dengan putih tuh..

  3. pocket
    27 Jul 07 10:19 pm

    waaaa banjii…
    ganash ganash…
    u’ve really done it..
    pray for your kejayaan heheheh

  4. Sharm
    27 Jul 07 11:13 pm

    I wanna say something you ..

    you did not win because noushy nominated you , you won because you deserve this ..

    I received about 40 different nomination but just the best 15 won ..

    Congratulations ..

    Sharm of Egypt

  5. Banji
    28 Jul 07 1:25 am

    krystina, noushy n pocket – thanx for the wishes. really is the high of my day 🙂

    sharm – 🙂 i understand. thanx again for the vote of support. the recognisition definitely had motivated me to further improve the blog. tq

    i will be honored to contribute as a member of wub. an email will be sent to u as soon as i got off work 🙂

  6. azuwachan
    28 Jul 07 3:59 am

    huwaa!! jeles nye!! =(

  7. filantera
    28 Jul 07 4:11 am

    jeles heheheheh


    its easy to make a blog, its hard to maintain it…!!!

  8. Banji
    28 Jul 07 4:43 am

    azuwachan n filantera – jgn la jeles, blog kita juga 🙂

    mmg susah nak maintain, tp somehow bila semua kengkawan datang meriahkan… jadi mudah pulak 🙂 seriously

  9. syahidatul
    29 Jul 07 6:00 am

    honestly, this blog deserves the award… congrats banji! =)

  10. banji
    29 Jul 07 7:50 am

    thank u syahidatul.. 🙂

  11. Jim
    05 Aug 07 2:42 am


  12. Banji
    05 Aug 07 3:43 am

    jim – thanx

  13. zai
    09 Aug 07 2:29 pm

    huhuhu.. well done bro.. cayalah..

    just keep them coming 🙂

  14. Banji
    09 Aug 07 4:53 pm

    thanx zai… will do my best 🙂

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