13 Going 30
Summary – Appreciating is a hard thing to do

Hectic hectic day… So hi guys, hows life?

Yesterday I was watching a movie “13 going 30” on RTM2 with the mrs. Did you watch it? Well no fear, this is not a movie review. It is about one 13 years old wishing to be 30. And like every thing else in a movie, the wish come true.

I’m not sure about you, but when I am at that age, I cant wait to become adult. No more studying, no more exams, a lot of money every months. Can do anything we desire without the need to seek approval, Wow! that would be heavenly.

Not that my childhood is no fun. Believe me. It was the best time of my life. With all the drama, the rebellion, the awesome company, SO MUCH free time, I sometime wonder what to do… Now that I’m working. every once in a while, I start wishing to be given the opportunity to turn back time, and maybe this time I will appreciate the time more.

I believe every one, if given the chance, want to do the same. Am I right? Why ya?

I’m thinking this all through out the movie. And this is what I can come up with

  • We really are so bad at appreciating and be thankful. when we were kids, we don’t appreciate all the wonderful things we’re given and jealous of all the things adult do. It actually not a surprise because we were just not that mature at the time. But why when we were supposed to be more mature now, the “bad at appreciating” seems to still be there.
  • It doesn’t stop there, we always find eating at other’s house is more delicious than our very own cooking. We always envied other people for their perfect life, when in fact they were doing the same on you.
  • any other examples guys?

No wonder the word “syukur” is repeated many times in AlQuran. It is not an easy thing to do, don’t you think?

————— Personal Note ————————–
I know somebody may find that the movie is so ewww heheh. Well unfortunately I really like that type of movie. For me movies should satisfy my imagination. If I want to see war movies, I am better off with the evening news :). Anyway my kind of favorite movies are those that are imaginative like Harry Potter, LOTR, Highlander etc. Comedy is another genre I love. Ya la, if you are going to sit there for 2 hours, you are entitled to a happier you after the movie… 🙂

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  1. Pocket
    16 Aug 07 3:24 am

    dont u find the menu that your frenz
    ordered would be more nicer…?
    ‘cam dia dpt sayap… aku nak sayap jgak tp dpt peha la plak… dua dua plak tu…’

    Movies… i hate horror movies…
    somebody gave me this idea and i never went to any horror movies ever since.
    ‘i dont wanna pay my good money just to let people scares me’
    Tapi ‘nang nak’ tu bukan hantu… tp citer cinta tuuu… heheh

  2. banji
    16 Aug 07 7:00 am

    the grass is always greener on the other side. ntah betul ntah idak idiom tu hehe

    hm pasal horror movie tu, agaknya idea tu boleh dipakai gak sekali sekala.

    tapi kdg2 elok jugak kita experience the whole emotion we had, ye la… kalau tak keras hati nih, kdg2 kasi sedih sket, tgk cite industan, takut sket.. tengok cite horror, 🙂

  3. filantera
    16 Aug 07 8:26 am

    wowoowowo citer hindustan best woooooooo

    same thing with keja too
    nak pindah keja sbb rasa tak best

  4. Banji
    16 Aug 07 10:33 am

    filantera – 🙂 nak pindah keje apa?

  5. noushy syah
    16 Aug 07 1:20 pm

    Yuhooo…I love medical thriller movie and of coz hehhehe when I’m with him, shaye suka citer horror!! Yuhooooooo, for some reason*wink wink*

    p/s But tell you the truth,actually I do agree with your entry nih, like for example now, how I wish I’m married with 3-4 adorable kids, thinking how nice to be a mom like!! hehhehe…

  6. intankamaruddin
    16 Aug 07 2:28 pm

    hehe. another example.

    plump ppl wanna be slimer.
    slim ppl wanna be thinner.
    thin ppl wanna be chubbier n sexier.
    = u can never get away from girls whining bout their size n diet. hehe.

    p/s i like romantic comedies too!~

  7. Banji
    16 Aug 07 3:43 pm

    noushy – thriller? hehe understandable.

    anyway… that’s a very sweet moment what u wish for. So may I ask? when will the big day? 🙂

    Intan – huhu… that is one fact of life I’ve already make peace with. heheh woman and size. Never get in the middle of that. eheh

    I think, romantic movie should ALWAYS come with some comedy. or people may get bored and romance die 🙂

  8. syahidatul
    16 Aug 07 5:00 pm

    hurm…. try watch A Walk To Remember.. or have u watched? It’s a very touching romantic movie… Sad one. =P

    Or.. if u wanna see a romantic comedy movie, can try You’ve Got Mail.

  9. Banji
    16 Aug 07 6:09 pm

    syahidatul – so many people recommended me the movie – “walk to remember”. I need to find the dvd and watch.

    “you’ve got mail” is really a good romantic comedy. brings up old memories of chatting hehe

    thanx syahidatul

  10. gina marna
    19 Aug 07 6:22 am

    wahh…sy suke movie nii..gile2 tp kalo kita hayati btol2 mesej dia mmg sgt bagus. bersyukur…

    oh no…i’m turning 30 next year..hehe

  11. banji
    19 Aug 07 7:23 am

    gina – hehe yup, very interesting movie. turning 30 ke next year? sama lah kite 🙂

  12. Miz Dila
    04 Jun 10 5:01 pm

    huhu…until now i never watch this movie..

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