Summary – Tips : Never go to bed angry

First of all, on behalf of my dear wife, I would like to say thank you for all the wishes. All those kind words and wishes are actually prayer (Doa). And we pray to Allah that we will be given the strength for the years to come and the same blessing if not more is given to you.

We are just one year old. Very new if compared to some of you. There’s so much to learn about marriage. And I sincerely hope that maybe you guys can throw in any tips on how to live a happier life as husband n wife.. Tips from bachelors /bachelorettes are also equally welcomed. I have met some of my bachelor friends who actually offered great tips. Maybe you read it somewhere or from your observation of your parents. Do share… however insignificant you may think it is. As for myself, I’ve seen a movie that actually gave a great tips to happy marriage.

Never Go To Bed Angry At Each Other

Argument in a marriage is very common. If you never come across an argument in your marriage, something is very wrong. So why we cannot continue the argument tomorrow? Simply because sleeping is when our subconcious mind works the best. Have you ever wonder about a problem until you sleep, and you found out that you know the solution exactly tomorrow. Or how dreams can actually show your innermost desire and guide you.

Subconcious mind is a very powerful tool. However like any other powerful tools, if used wrongly, it can be very dangerous. You see, if we go to bed, hating each other with the argument unsolved. The mind will start trying to solve the problem. Since the solution actually requires the two of you to sit down and talk, the mind will not be able to solve it. And thus, it will revert to the next method which is to write it down somewhere for the mind to work on another day.

Subconciously your hate and anger to your spouse will be recorded, and accumulate with more arguments. It will be no surprise, if one day, the both of you will see that there is no more love, only hate. Which is why you should never go to bed angry at each other. Solve everything before hand

If you know any other tips, do share ya. Let’s learn from each other.

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  1. Noushy Syah
    20 Aug 07 5:14 pm

    Hehehhe..I might have not experience it yet but don’t judge book by it’s cover, rite?

    I used to hear my mom said that to all my brothers prior to their wedding.Going to bed with problems unsolved will cause tension to a relationship which triggers more problems the following day as you mentioned, and besides, it’s against Islamic laws too, hubby-wifey sleep with anger could dissolute a relationship!

    I do believe in making marriage work does not call for any expenditure, but can be done with some effort.

    Exiting from an argument at the right time is a great means of making marriage work. It is important that a couple know when to come out of an argument before things become too hard to handle..till bedtime! Perhaps b4
    the argument gets out of hand is to change the topic talking about a completely unrelated topic or breaking a joke or humor…how about that? Prevention is much more better than cure!

  2. david santos
    20 Aug 07 6:53 pm

    Banji, thanks for you work, is very godd, and have a good week.

  3. Banji
    21 Aug 07 1:13 am

    noushy – u got it rite, sometime the best way to stop an argument is to detect an argument is coming n just prevent it. prevention is always better than cure.

    however for those conflict /argument already took place, dont procrastinate to solve it out

    ps – parents are the best teacher, they may sometime teach the wrong thing, but hopefully we learn it the right way 🙂

  4. Banji
    21 Aug 07 1:14 am

    david – hi.. have a good week too ya

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