Summary – Warning given in an accident

Have you had an accident that when you think back, you were actually the luckiest person in the world at the time. Any minor changes in the accident may resulted in you being … well, dead.

Yesterday, there was an accident involving one of my tankers. Leaving the details out, I can say that the driver was very lucky. Any wrong action at the time, he will be dead for sure, plunging into a cliff nearby. The pictures above showed the trailer disconnected from the prime mover (the front part of a tanker). Alhamdulillah the driver was not hurt and all palm oil were recovered. Happy ending.

Back to the topic, I personally have had a lot of near (death) experience. Not that I am seeing the light or anything, like there’s one time, I was driving back from Kedah to Johor. I am very sleepy at the time, suddenly I realised there’s a lorry approximately 100 meter in front of me. I hit the brake immediately and manage to stop exactly behind the lorry. (the lorry was moving very slowly). Shocked, I headed to the nearest RnR and sleep for over two hour there. Apparently I’m down with fever, not any fever – the dengue itself. But that’s another story.

In my opinion, there are two ways you can react to this.

  • You will be braver, and eventually become those of Mat Rempit or Tokyo Drift material.
  • or you can do this. Imagine that the near miss “fatal” accident is actually a warning given by the Almighty, probably it would sound like this – “If you doesn’t change the way you drive or do things… that exactly what will happen in a day or two. Don’t say I didn’t warn you then.”

Have you guys had such near miss accident? How do you talk yourself out of the trauma? Care to share?

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  1. Noushy Syah
    22 Aug 07 10:30 pm

    Good reminder Banji.

    ..never encountered before..

  2. Rockafella Gurl
    23 Aug 07 1:46 am

    fuhhhh alhamdulillah.. nothng bad happen naa.. yup i juz faced ’emergency brake’ last monday due to stupid car (2 car in-front) that suddently move lane w/out signal coz dat car in smart-tag lane..

  3. Banji
    23 Aug 07 1:50 am

    dedicated especially to me.. so that I drive even more carefully 🙂

    Ingatlah orang yang tersayang heheh

  4. Banji
    23 Aug 07 1:51 am

    yanz – i always hated that. if u dont care enough to check for your balance. use cash lah. kan?

    luckily nobody’s hurt.

  5. Pocket
    23 Aug 07 1:59 pm

    I was approaching the allagappa roundabout, i know there’s a car should be in front of me. i’ve noticed the car when it overtaked me.
    I’m verifying the traffic inside the roundabout. totally forgotten bout the car which should’ve been infront of me. when i looked in front… the car is already bout 5 metres stopped infront of me.
    Screeching tyres
    adrenalin rush
    i managed to ngelak a bit to the right side. the ‘kepak’ of my EX5 already touches that guy left bumper… hohooooo…..
    ok… i wont go fast anymore when i’m approaching roundabout:D

  6. intankamaruddin
    23 Aug 07 4:21 pm

    Hehe. I almost ‘terbabas’ at a very sharp corner few weeks ago when i was driving kancil (after been used to perdana). my moral: hit the brake if kancil reaches 90km/h at corners.

    It will be either “nasib baik” or “dah nasib…”

  7. david santos
    23 Aug 07 4:25 pm

    Good work Banji.
    Have a good day

  8. Banji
    23 Aug 07 7:22 pm

    pocket – roundabout really is a danger zone, i lost about rm400 there hitting somebody else’s car. Definitely my fault.

    But for those who ride a motorcycle, u should be twice more careful. The effect on you is usually twice as dangerous

    Intan – “nasib baik” or “dah nasib…”, 🙂 thats a very nice way to put it. perdana and kancil is very much different. I have to remind myself when I drive any other car of that.

    David – thanx, just sharing. 🙂

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