Summary – The secret is detailing

I have a dream, to save RM12,000 by the end of the year.

We always have this kind of resolution very early in a year. By the end of the year, we usually already forget the resolution entirely and start a new one. Where do we go wrong? and why am I talking about resolution when it’s no where near the 1st of January? 🙂

It’s because, there should never be a specific date for planning your future. It is more achievable and easier if we keep reviewing them all year long.

Oh ya, so where do we go wrong? The reason our resolution always left incomplete is because we never plan the details.

1) See achievement as things you can visualize

Confused? well don’t be, what I’m saying is that we must always know what we want. If we want to be successful, define what do we meant by successful, is it money? if yes.. then how much money? when should we have that amount of money?

In short, instead of saying we want to be successful, detail it with another format, maybe – “I want to have RM10,000 by 31st December in cash”

Of course there are other definition of success, the above are only examples. Maybe you can say this, “I want to reduce my weight to 60kg by 31st December”, or “I want to finish 2 books, both done in 2 months.”

Note : Set realistic goals.. you just can’t dream of saving RM1 million, when you only earn RM5K per month,

2) Go for details

Let me take the dream to save RM12,000 by the end of the year. So don’t stop there, how are you going to save RM12K? break it down, you will need to save RM1000 per month. Ask again, how to save RM1000 per month? This will be very tedious, I assure you. But if you cannot save RM1000 per month, how on earth are you going to achieve that RM12K by year end?

Check all your expenditure, where can you reduce.. maybe you don’t need Astro after all, since you just don’t have the time to watch, That would already be RM100 saved. Maybe change your postpaid line to prepaid. Check these things.

If you hit a dead end, when you have just squeezed everything and still not enough to save RM1000 per month, change your end of year target. Maybe reduce it to RM9000.

It is not my intention to describe how to save money. What I’m presenting here is that, to achieve that target, we need to breakdown to the very detail on how to achieve it.

That goes the same to all target, whether to reduce weight, or to get that promotion. Anything! Let’s do this first, shall we?

Anyway, what’s your dream? what do you want to achieve from this last 4 months of 2007? Care to share?

————— Personal Note ————————–
One of my first dream achieved was to buy a pc. I dreamt it for a long time and when I checked my saving, it was only RM100 above. I was frustrated. Then only I realized this method from my reading. And I went for a very sudden change in my lifestyle. No more going to movie, or weekend trip to Ipoh. My diet also changed to save. Alhamdulillah, not long (still about a year) after that, I bought a decent PC priced at RM1600.

Basically you want it, you have to do something to get it. 🙂

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  1. Noushy Syah
    27 Aug 07 10:34 pm

    Commitment,determination and dedication plays huge role in achieving any targets or goals…without those elements,having ‘nantilah-esok attitude’it’s kinda difficult to fulfill the details.

  2. Banji
    28 Aug 07 1:00 am

    very true.. achieving a dream is never easy, u hv to work for it, but there must be a detailed strategy beforehand or the work will end u up nowhere however hard u work. my 2 cents

  3. azuwachan
    28 Aug 07 3:46 am

    yes, I have a dream of becoming full-time musician like one of my sensei. So I keep on dreaming about it, even though the chance is very low since I don’t really have basic in music theory which is very crucial.
    But when I heard that my sensei only learned music when he was 20 something (now he’s 44) it motivates me more to achive that dream.
    My sensei is my strongest motivation (plus I got to know his salary is quite big, heheh…) so that’s why I keep on believing in it.
    The only problem is of course, my parents. huhu~

    p/s: suddenly I recall the script, ‘apa?? ahli muzik??!’ in the movie Kassim Selamat xp

  4. banji
    28 Aug 07 7:11 am

    azuwachan – well at least u are on the right track. All you need now is to know exactly what it takes to become a musician like ur sensei.

    1) Ask him how.. in details, what thing he learn, the exposure, everything.

    2) learn the basic music theory as u said. enroll urself in classes.

    parents.. as always will try to guide u. that’s their duty. we will have to understand that. let them see ur passion in music, and how it will be very rewarding. I’m sure in time they will accept it, as most parent knows that there will be a time when they will just have to let go 🙂 My 2 cents

  5. azuwachan
    28 Aug 07 7:33 am

    hei!! thanks so much for the support!! I really appreciate it =)
    tp tu aa, segan sikit nak tanya dia, tp oleh kerana bang banji bagi idea suruh tanya, Insya Allah saye akan tanya my beloved sensei tu.
    pasal blaja teori tu, ade aa sikit2 blaja dr kwn2, even though not enough. but still I’ll take a class or something after I got a job and my own money.
    chasing our dream isn’t difficult if we know the way, right??

  6. banji
    28 Aug 07 9:41 am

    azuwachan – you go girl… (this would be my first time ever saying this phrase) hehe

    You are the best person to plan your strategy. Simply because you know exactly the what and how. So all the best ya.

    “chasing your dream”… i wonder maybe that’s why the word used is “chasing”, you have to run, sweat and maybe fall 🙂

  7. dihaKJ
    28 Aug 07 1:35 pm

    my very first dream banji, is to own a Levis jeans.. it took me 2 years to buy it.. i was in skolah menengah at that time.. most of my frens are anak org kaya.. and they can ask and get easily things that they want from their parents.. but i,i have to usaha for it.. and i simpan duit.. more than 2 years i think.. habis skola, i kerja pasrt time waktu tgh tunggu result U.. mase tu la i dh realisasi kan my very first dream.. huishh.. susah sungguh!

  8. banji
    28 Aug 07 2:01 pm

    diha – boleh bayangkan betapa susahnya nak kumpul duit time sekolah, dgn dikelilingi org lain yg senang dapat apa yg diidamkan… mmg tough

    tapi diha boleh juga dapat apa yg diidam. mmg la jeans levis tu skrg mungkin bila2 boleh beli, tapi usaha nak dapatkan masa susah la yg buat kejayaan tu the sweetest thing 🙂 kan?

  9. Pocket
    28 Aug 07 4:02 pm

    to go to KL from kedah for a breakfast wit the banji …
    needs that first step of going out of your house n sarung the sandal.
    then go buy the ticket…
    then the departure date n time…
    then the trip…
    then the landing in KL…
    n then the call… ‘Banji..dah sampai KL dah’
    Its the planning… eheh…
    got a big plan commin up… hope all goes well…

  10. Banji
    28 Aug 07 5:22 pm

    pocket – 🙂 You are most welcomed. Come2 and let me introduce u to estate life. Where time almost stand still

    Always a pleasure having u here

  11. Noushy Syah
    28 Aug 07 9:19 pm

    True indeed banji…’detailed strategy b4 hand as you said is the Planning–Implementation–Evaluation:if the targeted goal been achieved…if not, what’s the reasons.

    …the process aint go no where if no determination and commitment to accomplish the goal even if the planning is there..

  12. Banji
    29 Aug 07 12:44 am

    noushy – i think we are both right, both planning n implenentation are important 🙂

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