Summary – Situation where mistakes must not happen.

It’s just not easy to becoming a doctor. I once heard (doctors.. please correct me if I’m wrong) that in any test while pursuing medicine, the marking method is completely different from the rest of us. For us, if we answer the question wrongly, they will be no mark for that question. But for the soon-to-be doctors, if they answered the question wrong, their marks will be deducted accordingly. Doctors must train themselves to only be sure when answering, if not.. it is always better to leave the question alone.

They just can’t afford to make any mistake, especially when lives are at stake.

An engineer is expected to make mistake, since this is the only way we can learn and get a more accurate result. Any damage done to the machine, is never an issue, we just simply replace it. But doctors can’t do that. Otherwise, unfortunate cases like the cutting of wrong arm of a baby will be more common. Once the trust is gone… I guess we will have to take up medicine and be the family doctor ourselves.

What I’m trying to say is.. that in life there are two different situation. One, in which mistake is actually allowed and needed to gain experience. And Another where mistakes is never an option. NEVER… not only to doctors, but to us all.

Examples are like when we were going to blame someone. We must be sure that he is the culprit. No mistakes. If not sure, it is better to leave him alone. There is a saying in law if I am not mistaken, that “It is always better to free 10 guilty criminal than to imprison one innocent person”

In Islam also, the phrase “Cerai” is not a words can be joked around. If a husband say “Saya Ceraikan Awak” to the wife, irregardless of intention. The divorce had already occured.

Maybe you know any other situation that mistakes is not allowable?

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  1. intankamaruddin
    05 Sep 07 5:37 pm

    Hehe. Long time no see!

    So many big mistakes that have no right to be in place. But they can be good teacher. Walaupun ada mistake done yg completely boleh destroy one own’s life, Allah is forgiving.

    Btw, for the marking thingie, WRONG answer won’t get any merit watsoever. What wrong is wrong. But an INCOMPLETE one may get some.. :-p

    Being a doctor – a job with highest liability. Students got to think thousand times before choosing to be in this field..
    *no regret*

  2. Banji
    05 Sep 07 11:56 pm

    thanks intan for the highlight. will make the necessary ammendment after work

    really long time no see, hows ur cuti2 malaysia? relaxing? 🙂 always a pleasure having u here

    job with the most liability, i must say that i agree. but just like all things, if the liability is great, the job must be even more rewarding. knowing that u save life 🙂

  3. Pawana Malam..
    06 Sep 07 12:52 am

    In any circumstances..we will make mistakes..thts why the word “forgive” exist..See, how great allah is..

    Regardless of any reason, we are just a human being..which is no close to perfect..But, instead of keep making mistakes, allah grant us so called “mind”…So, use it!

    hehheheh…take care..

  4. banji
    06 Sep 07 5:07 am

    pawana malam – I’m with u that human makes mistakes. and that Allah is Maha forgiving. He forgive any sins except syirik.

    However what I’m trying to highlight is some situation where mistake should be avoided at all cost.

    We really don’t want to hear doctors saying… “oops.. hehe I make a mistake of cutting your arm”

    still… i must admit, some allowance of error must be considered in anything like u said 🙂

  5. Pocket
    06 Sep 07 1:56 pm

    Went to donate me blood the other day… it was my first time after 6 years. a bit takuuuttt!!!…
    having this feeling of fleeing when i was waiting for my turn… when it was my turn…
    the doctor who came was a newbie.. the nurse have to instruct him on
    where to ‘cucuk’
    how to ikat the tangan…
    n then he poked me… in the right place i would suppose since the blood stream macam lajuuu jer…

    n then he even ask how to salotape the jarum to my tangan…

    tulooong la bapak doktor… jangan la buat silap :_D

  6. Banji
    06 Sep 07 4:20 pm

    pocket – huhu dah lama jugak x menderma. nasib baik la doktor tu x buat salah, kalau x, lagi 6 tahun la kan?

  7. Noushy Syah
    06 Sep 07 8:54 pm

    ..how about marrying a wrong man/woman?..I always see and hear those statements!

  8. Banji
    07 Sep 07 1:39 am

    noushy – for me the idea of wrong man/woman is just not fair.

    when a man married a woman, he should realize he’s marrying another person, not an object but a person with opinion, dream n most importantly flaw.

    marriage is about accepting each other’s flaw n complement each other.

    if neither of the couple understand this, it’ll going to be a rough road for them. my 2 cents 🙂

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