Summary – Why there are no discussion on issues here at LessonInLife

“So many things out there, and here you are blogging about emotion, self discovery etc? Do you even know the “Negarakuku” case, the bus accidents or Muslim’s fate around the world? Are you just that insensitive?”

Alhamdulillah no one ever ask me this question. They have been raised by my concious though. As you might be aware, the articles written so far, had never be about any specific issues in Malaysia, well maybe some:)

Why didn’t I blog about politics? or the misunderstanding of Islam throughout the world? or major issues around the globe? Actually I am… But I prefer to be very general about it, What I did is actually addressing to the core issue which is our mind. We need to change there for everything else to change. I’ve highlighted in my previous post on how to choose effectively. And maybe how to open up our mind for more possibilities. Once we know this, choosing “which political party is better” would never be an issue. This in my opinion is more important than all those specific topic. Once our mindset had changed, we no longer accept everything people throw at us, we will have a look and choose whether to accept it or not.

So many bloggers out there excellently took the role to discuss those issues. I think their discussion and ideas should be more than enough for our reading pleasure. Kudos to them. In Islam, there is a phrase known as “Fardhu Kifayah”. It is a task that someone will have to do, if not the whole community will share the responsibility. For examples, doctors. Doctors are important right? But should we all strive to become doctors? We can’t, There are other task that is equally important. So this is my second reason… I am actually blogging to highlight some OTHER view on the matter. Not that I say that those issues were any less important.

However I understand that despite our virtual life as a blogger, we live in a real world, where issues should not be taken for granted. Believe me when I say that when there is an issues I have a new view to share, I will definitely share it here.

Conclusion – this post is a tribute to the many unsung heroes out there. Bloggers who each is doing their part. Any entries what ever topics is never a waste. As long as they’re out there… they’re all a part of us. So show respect to any blog. Show respect to all bloggers… which is basically YOU who is reading this 🙂 Thank you!

————— Personal Note ————————–
I’m currently in KL visitting. So all entries are posted via phone and I bet the allignment is all messed up. Please excuse them ya, will be fixed ASAP 🙂

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  1. UncleJ
    06 Sep 07 6:25 pm

    A very good piece here.

    Yes , I do agree with you…just write on issues/subjects that you comfortable to write on.

    This your blog, right? So just be yourself, write on issues that you feel, it is you..

    My two cents.

    p.s wah hebat blogging dr telefon je ni…

  2. Noushy Syah
    06 Sep 07 9:00 pm

    Let’s enjoy the differences of bloggers/blogging in blogosphere…

    Otherwise blogging would be so monotonous and boring!!

  3. Banji
    07 Sep 07 1:17 am

    uncleJ – blogging thru phone is basically sending the entry via email. nothing fancy but i have to inform since all the formatting will be messy 🙂

    the keyword is comfortable. the more comfortable we are, the better pieces we will come up with. it will then never be a burden to blog 🙂

  4. Banji
    07 Sep 07 1:27 am

    noushy – variety add colors to life. and like u said the differences are never meant to drive ppl apart, actually difference in ideas will unite us, complementing each other. 🙂

  5. Rockafella Gurl
    07 Sep 07 7:31 am

    agreed! no further question ask..
    aiseh… all alignment lari la plak. nvrmnd, take ur time to fix it.

    enjoy KL bro!

  6. Banji
    07 Sep 07 9:15 am

    yanz – i need to get myself a laptop. its very hard to edit using hp. hopefully pm can put it in budget 08 eheh

    thanx for understanding sis

  7. intankamaruddin
    07 Sep 07 2:28 pm

    yeah noushy’s rite!

    or else blogosphere will be newspapers instead!

  8. Banji
    08 Sep 07 12:48 am

    intan – thats another good way to see it eheh a newspaper.

    10 Sep 07 8:33 am

    Hello Banji,
    I agreed with you and noushy.We are different but the differences that make us special.Sometimes lke a puzzle instead.Different shape but have to unite to perform a clear picture…
    See you gain.bye

  10. Banji
    10 Sep 07 9:25 am

    encik farmasi – i like the puzzle symbolic. hehe somehow i always love them. It can describe visually what we cannot imagine 🙂

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