Summary – Tips to go from sad to happy

So what do you do to be happy back after being sad? It’s Wednesday.. and in here, we’re supposed to be happy on Wednesday :)I was walking around the mill, and come up with these 10 steps on how to be happy. I know I will…. How about you? Do you find they will work?

1) Let all our sadness out. Mourn is the better word. When we are sad… just be sad, cry if you want. But before all that, make a deal with yourself. That you can cry and be sad for as long as you want, but when you’re done, you’re done. No more sadness. (of course don’t talk to yourself in public… people will get the wrong impression eheh)

2) Watch a sadder movie. This is a trick I always found useful. If you were broke, with no money.. just watch “Bersamamu” on TV3 and see poorer condition. You will immediately feel so much better. When life sometimes is very harsh on you… just know that they are more unfortunate people out there.

3) Do what ever things that make you happy. I don’t know about you, but as for now… surfing blogs and writing seems to make me smile πŸ™‚ So that’s what I’m doing now. Can I ask? What things make you happy?

4) Remember the last time you’re happy.. I mean really happy. The kind of happiness that when you think of it, you immediately smile and laugh. (well a smile will do). For me… I just simply remembered the time when my brothers and I played our daily game of “Main-main” when we were kids. We created this imaginative game ourselves. All three of us, would pick a super power and played the character. hehe I’m sure you have your own happy memory that’s just as interesting.

5) Watch kids. I always laughed when I babysit them. Sometimes, if I’m lucky enough.. I will be able to record those funny act from them. FYI America’s Funniest Home Video is my all time favorite, especially the children videos πŸ™‚

6) Share your happiness with friends. Make this a practice. whenever you’re happy.. share them with friends. Happiness is very infectious. So who knows you’re actually the person who brought happiness to that friend of yours.

7) To offer other people a smile or touch them with your positive values. People will feel appreciated and happy. Knowing that you make someone else happy is usually what make us happy. – Contributed by Noushy,

8] Take a deep breath and smile. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. It has to start somewhere… and a smile is a great way to start. – Contributed by filantera

9) Do nothing. If you are actually saddened by a problem, and you’ve tried everything but to no avail. Maybe the best option is to let it go.. a do-nothing approach – Contributed by Azuwachan

10) Make others happy. Like charity work, surprise a friend or help our friends in need. Usually we are what we are surrounded with. Happy environment will definitely makes a happier you – Contributed by Syahidatul

11) Play with cats or other pets. It has been researched and proven that physical contact with pets is very stress relieving. Of course by physical contact means treating them well.. not hitting them or anything. – Contributed by Syahidatul

12) Dance. Dancing is actually how our body express itself, usually to the mood we are having. By dancing when you are sad, it is just another way of letting it all go. And you will definitely feel better – Contributed by aRa

13) Smile and have people smile at you back. This is really satisfying especially when you just help them with a favor. – Contributed by diha

/end list

I’m sure we all have our own way to be happier. Care to share yours.. They will be updated in the post by the end of the day πŸ™‚

* Thanx to my friends, I’ve compiled their suggestions in the list. πŸ™‚ A more detailed explanation is available in the comment section. Feel free to browse them

————–Personal Note————-
πŸ™‚ Remember tips no 6, to share your happiness? This is mine… Few days ago, the mrs and I went to the clinic. And the doctor had confirmed that my wife is now pregnant!!!! πŸ™‚ YAYYYYYYY I’m so happy I literally jumped and almost did my happy dance. I actually did but at home la haha.
I pray to Allah that the mrs and the baby are both healthy πŸ™‚ I just can’t stop smiling….. πŸ™‚

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  1. joey
    18 Sep 07 6:41 pm

    hehehe…tak sangka ada tips ni…lagipun memang tengah bersedeh ni….
    anyway..your tips makes me smile again …:)

  2. Noushy Syah
    18 Sep 07 11:17 pm

    yeyyy!! Congratz banji and Mrs…Will pray insyaallah they would be fine yea…

    You know,we are at our best when we are happy.If you summon up a genuine sense of fun and sparkle and then honestly project it, you can’t help but take on a better mood yourself.

    Try and touch each person you meet with a smile and a positive spirit. Live with great integrity, honesty and by only the highest and best values….I think you’re good at this Banji…coz you made us happy by being genuinely appreciate us coming and commenting here..


  3. Banji
    19 Sep 07 12:16 am

    joey – πŸ™‚ last time i saw ur nick was weeks ago.. hows life? tgh bersedih ye.. harapnya idea2 tu boleh membantu. ada apa2 nak tambah joey?

  4. Banji
    19 Sep 07 12:42 am

    noushy – thanx noush.. πŸ™‚ i AM happy. and id like to share this with my friends.

    that is exactly what im trying to do, to include u in our (mrs n i) joyous moment. thanx for being part of this ya πŸ™‚

  5. filantera
    19 Sep 07 12:47 am

    wah i am waiting this post since before merdeka hahah

    we are all happy for u banji, u should see the smiley faces of ours when we overheard what u talk o maktuk hehehhe

    tips to be happy……
    take a deep breath and smile…..or try to smile!

  6. Banji
    19 Sep 07 1:48 am

    filantera – before merdeka? banji baru tau pun 2 3 hari lepas πŸ™‚

    anyway lupa pulak maktuk cakap kuat on the phone eheh spoil the surprise

    nice tips..

  7. annefarish
    19 Sep 07 2:32 am

    congratulations bang ji!!!! πŸ™‚

    and thank you for the tips..now i am trying to apply one or two tips πŸ™‚

    semoga isteri and bakal anak akan sentiasa dipelihara dan di rahmati hendaknya… πŸ™‚

  8. [b]y [y]oung [l]ady
    19 Sep 07 3:04 am

    happynye die
    congrats banji!

    happy2 selalu n jaga ur wife elok2

  9. azuwachan
    19 Sep 07 3:41 am

    hey!! tahniah!! bakal jadik ayah la nih =)
    about being happy, my friend did give me an idea; if you have a problem, just let it go. if you feel like you cannot handle it, just let it takes you anywhere it will and one day the problem will be solved itself.
    Life goes on, you know~
    takkan kite nak bersedeh berhari-hari kan?? what’s life’s that???

  10. Pocket
    19 Sep 07 3:43 am

    umph… maktuk kinda give it away when she said ‘macam mana pun tak pa lah!! asal kan sihat tubuh badan sempurna sudah lah!!’
    at that sudden i’ve said to filantera, ‘banji is going to have a baby?’
    hehehe… congrats for the 14th time lah banji πŸ˜€

  11. Banji
    19 Sep 07 3:49 am

    anne – terima kasih atas doa tu, πŸ™‚ jgn sedih2 ye.. blog baru hidup baru

    by young lady – rasanya kita x properly introduced.. ptg nanti sy ziarah uq blog ye..

    terima kasih atas ucapan tu, insyaAllah sy akan jaga the mrs tu elok2.. pohon doa kawan2 semua

    all – ada cara lain kita boleh happykan diri sendiri? ada 3 tmpt kosong lagi πŸ™‚

  12. Banji
    19 Sep 07 4:13 am

    azuwachan – thank you for the wish πŸ™‚

    pasal idea tu, kurg sket faham.. mungkin maksud wawa tu ialah problem – kesedihan, sedih ni kalau x dpt settle mmg digalakkan biar ia lenyap dgn masa. setuju sgt

    tapi kalau problem – masalah, pendapat sy ia xkan hilang dgn masa. makin bertambah lagi.

    kalau x menyusahkan, mungkin wawa bleh tolong clearkan πŸ™‚

  13. Banji
    19 Sep 07 4:18 am

    pocket – eheh spoil.. tp takpe yg paling penting pocket akan bergelar pakngah n filantera paksu πŸ™‚

    jgn manja2kan sgt tau nanti. dan doa2 le minta sihat ye

  14. syahidatul
    19 Sep 07 4:24 am

    wow. I’ve been silently wondering and waiting, ‘agaknya bila banji ni nak ada anak nie..?’ (since i saw ur wedding pics in ur friendster). so, CONGRATS! seronoknya πŸ™‚ (seriously!)

    anyway, bout today’s topic, i’d always do the number 1 tip. only that i wasn’t determined to ‘finish the sadness and get done with it’. when i have thoughts about it, it’s watery-eyes all over again. my weakness πŸ™

    since i’m currently in a sad mood, i get myself happier by making others happy… they smile, i’ll smile too. nvm for them not knowing whatever i’ve went through. it just makes us happier by seeing that we can contribute to other ppl’s happiness. example, do charity work, or surprise a friend, or help out a friend when they needed help.

    i play with my cats. stroke their coat or feed them. just ‘layan’ animals can somehow help my problems go away and forget it…

    i will do a thinking. ‘tak apa. ada hikmah di sebaliknya. semua orang pun ada rezeki masing2. maybe mine’s not now yet. Allah sentiasa bersama dengan org2 yg sabar….’

    so, Insya Allah I got better and learn to accept and forget, and go on with life….

  15. aRa
    19 Sep 07 4:28 am

    Congrat Banji..wahhh…what a wonderful news it is..

    Hurmm…ur tips sama dgn mine la..Agagagaga…1 good tips is cry..i did cry if i’m sad..after crying the hell out of me..i’ll feel better..Ati ringan je rasa..

    Tips u mmg berguna and i’ve tried all of them before..1 tips yg selalu i guna lagi..yg kira berkesan la..Pasang lagu dance kuat2…and dance…klo dah kawin ajak bini..klo single menyingle mcm i..menari je la lam bilik sengsorg..besh gak…buat style Beyonce ke..Shakira ke..then u akan gelak tgk gelagat u sdiri..

    Byk actually tips yg leh buat u happy..it’s all abt the mind gak..Lebihkan +ve thinking..and u’ll be happy..

  16. azuwachan
    19 Sep 07 4:29 am

    problem, tuh problem la abg banji oi.
    ade problem yg terjadi pada diri kita tu pd masa yg sama kita tak bleh nak buat pape, so let go je la kan..
    camtu aa lebih kurang idea kwn saye tuh. sbb dia pon jenih sempoi gile, huhu~
    but sometimes I take that advice and let go, and it works, yeah x)

  17. Diha
    19 Sep 07 4:34 am

    wallla!!! now thats a very super duper good news banji and mrs dpt heh! hehehe.. nk tumpang hepi gaks.. Tahniah to both of you! bakal menjadi ayah dan ibu.. hehehe..
    byk bende saya suke buat.. cume bile tibe kt kampus jek, dh tak dpt nk lakukan all the things i like coz im stuck with kuliah, tutorials, books, ulangkaji and etc.. hehe.. kene tunggu balik rumah baru dpt lakukan the activities..
    saya smile everyday, laugh everyday. even susah hati pon gelak dan senyum.. hehe.. dan yg paling best is when you smile at that person, and they balas the senyuman.. somehow bile senyuman dibalas, makes me tenang and it feels good.. hehe..

    tahniah again for banji and mrs.. besss!! πŸ˜€

  18. banji
    19 Sep 07 6:30 am

    Syahidatul – terima kasih ucapan tu.. hehe dah sampai rezeki kami.

    no 1 tips is a bit tricky. nobody can turn off their emotion like that. the tricky part is to differentiate whether you’re letting go, or you’re just suppressing the emotion. Two different things that is very similar.

    That’s a great way to make oneself happy, make everybody else happy. Good good πŸ™‚

    Playing with your pet is another great stress reliever. In fact I’ve read somewhere that actual scientific study was done proving the matter. Two great tips from syahidatul.. πŸ™‚

    ara – menari memang besh… that’s why i have my happy dance. huhuh embarassingly proven to project my happiness. The mrs almost vomitted seeing it hahah

    thanx for the wishes… and the tips (to dance and positive thinking) great!

  19. UncleJ
    19 Sep 07 1:35 pm

    banji..CONGRATULATIONS! wah happy ye nak dapat baby..first ker ni bro?

    Anyhow, mintak mrs jaga diri bebaik dan hubby dia jugak kena tolong2 keje umah tu..bior mrs rehat banyak..boleh ker banji buat tu? hehehe

  20. banji
    19 Sep 07 2:27 pm

    uncleJ – alhamdulillah.. mmg first πŸ™‚ baru je sambut anniversary bulan 8 ari tu…

    setakat ni, mmg tgh suruh dia rehat lebih sket.. tambah pulak bulan puasa ni, esok nak gi klinik lagi, tanya soklan heheh, baca kut internet.. mmg boleh tapi nak percaya tu kena tanya doktor sendiri lah πŸ™‚

    doakan ye uncle… takde tips2 ke utk first timer mcm saya ni πŸ™‚

  21. intankamaruddin
    22 Sep 07 9:54 am



    Ramadhan punya berkat la nih..

    Hehe. Happy for u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  22. Banji
    22 Sep 07 5:05 pm

    intan – terima kasih… mmg berkat bulan ramadhan, semoga sihat lah πŸ™‚

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