Ubat Mata

Summary – Just a yesterday storyI woke up yesterday, very eager to work… (not exactly). However it is weird that I had those “taik mata” at my eye (I wonder what it’s called in english..eye shit? hehe). Before any assumption arise, I do wash my face and bath every morning (I almost can hear the assumption building up).

I looked in the mirror. hm my left eye is reddish. (I have a sepet eye.. chinese almost always speak chinese with me) I thought maybe the eye got exposed to the dust while riding my motorcycle to work (Estate is like that.. when it’s dry, we will have a layer of dust on our face – bedak asli). Hopefully the reddish color will be gone soon.

Working as usual, until lunch time, I go back home. (the mill and my house is just 1 km apart, so I can actually go home anytime of the day 🙂 ) the color is still there. (Ait!!!) I tried sleeping during the 1 hour (overslept abit :p). There’s no change in the color. (I think I “sakit mata”) Went to see the manager, asking permission to go to clinic. (he doesn’t even want to look at my face, maybe afraid that the disease spread to him)

Went to see the doctor.. (Guess what, the doctor also try to avoid any eye contact with me. Is it really that contagious?) and he gave me a 3 days MC (Yahooooo!). Went back to the mill and surrendered the MC to the manager (with the expression of pain and suffering but yahooing inside)

So with that, it is confirmed that I am down with “sakit mata” (I still don’t know the english word for it. Eye ache?) Please pray for my recovery and hopefully the mrs will be fine.

Lesson learnt –

  • One tips from old people (Petua) to avoid “sakit mata” is to blink when you take bath. I used to do that.. and very rarely be sick. Now that I wear contact lense, it’s advisable not to do so, so I didn’t. Maybe you can try.. seriously it work.
  • People with “sakit mata” has the ultimate power to make even the manager afraid to look you in the eyes hahah
  • I need to brush up on my English vocabulary. Very poor
  • The words in the bracket is like what my mind is thinking at the moment I wrote certain sentence. what a busy mind we have, don’t you think so?

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  1. Noushy Syah
    24 Sep 07 8:57 pm

    hehhehehe..seem like you might having an eye infection or conjunctivitis (but very funny though even if the doc refused to look at your eyes?!)…coz, this is the commonest eye infection and if it is true, then it’s contagious..you are advised to wear sunglasses…wash hands every time after in contact with your eyes..

    Didn’t the doc tell you what you’re having anyway?

  2. Noushy Syah
    24 Sep 07 8:58 pm

    p/s taik mata = eye discharge

  3. filantera
    25 Sep 07 12:37 am

    yup………..conjunctivitis (say it in front of the manager and they will nganga! hahah) and i am still laughing when a doctor told me that conjunctivitis can be spread just by looking to other person eyes…..hahhaahha macam gambit dalam xmen la plak…

    trutttttttttttttttt (bunyi laser kaler merah keluar dari mata)

    anyway try to avoid direct touch with the mrs (hahah i challenge u that) wash hands with antibacterial soap, separate laundry, and avoid watching friends so much in the morning (due to puasa laaa)

  4. banji
    25 Sep 07 1:56 am

    noushy – well the doctor seems to be in a hurry. maybe afraid of contacting with the disease.

    thanx for the translation and advice. this I will remember for a long time! 🙂

    filantera – hahahh betul la, mcm gambit… dah le skrg pakai spek, bukak spek je terus rasa ada laser keluar.

    all your advice are noted, even though I can’t say that the challenge is possible or not. 🙂

  5. aRa
    25 Sep 07 5:56 am

    Banji..get well soon..I tak tau nak bg advice ape pasal sakit mata..Bab tak pernah kena..Jauh2 la..tapi my friend dedulu selalu letak benang hitam kat jari..I tak tau la ia berkesan ke tak..hurmmm

  6. Banji
    25 Sep 07 6:36 am

    ara – tak pernah kena? 🙂 mesti banyak makan carrot nih.

    benang hitam kat jari ye? menarik.. mungkin boleh try 🙂 thanx

  7. Pocket
    25 Sep 07 9:57 am

    kejap kejap….
    bukan gambit lah … cyclops…
    but sometime i do feel like wanna be infected for a day or two…
    then i got the whole two day off for me … that’ll be nice 😀

  8. wilda
    25 Sep 07 12:53 pm

    ish..masa2 busy cam nih, teringin gak nk kena jangkit..leh rehat sehari dua..:)

    moga cepat sembuh ye.. (but if it’s me, i’ll take my medicine the third day of my mc so that sakit mata tu lambat2 ckit baik and i can get more mc’s..maybe another week?) heheheh :p

  9. Banji
    25 Sep 07 1:43 pm

    pocket – aiseh betol.. bukan gambit, gambit yg baling daun terup tu 🙂

    the thing with “conjunctivitis” (eheh penggunaan, is that your body is not tired, you just can’t see that well. so many things you can do 🙂

    wilda – aiseh idea datang lambat.. dah makan dah 🙂 takpe lain kali mungkin boleh cuba heheh, org nak baik kite nak lambatkan…huhu

  10. intankamaruddin
    26 Sep 07 7:08 pm

    haha dpt conjunctivitis ke??

    i think there must be rational explanation behind ur petua. mb to wash away germs n bacterias.

    disinfect ur lenses properly. and tunggu clear betul2 baru pakai lense tau! haha. i know how it feels having specs on ur nose for the whole day..

    p/s – taik mate is eye discharge..

  11. banji
    27 Sep 07 2:56 am

    intan – the spectacle is actually already years old. Since I’m wearing lense, the speck is for immergency use only, such as now 🙂

    so the power is a bit way off.

    eye discharge ya… hm maybe i should start calling others – discharge to be more polite heheh

    rectum discharge 🙂

  12. akhir
    10 Nov 09 10:47 pm

    Akum…..ler u from Mill mana? sama cam saya je, actually this evening i ada SOU meeting kat Mill gak. masa tu rasa mata ni lain macam je…sampai umah je…lagi teruk….tapi tak leh nak rehat sebab byk submission lagi yang tak siap so..duk tengah sepek sepek ni pun..duk depan PC….anak anak kat luar takut gak jangkit kat dia orang….keje tengah banyak ni…tak best la klau g klinik sebab dapat MC…..emmmm..yang ikat benang hitam kat jari tu bukan conjunctivitis……tapi iatu namanye mataletih…..heheeh sebab mengintai orang…tu kata orang tua-tua jangan mengintai atau bercakap masa buang air nanti jadi ketumbil…atau orang kedah pangggil ketumbit…ok gurls and guys…nice to meet with u all…wassalam…..

  13. 06 Dec 09 4:39 pm

    Akhir – Waalaikumsalam.. skrg di Sabah. Area Lahad Datu 🙂

    Macam mana sakit mata u ari tu? dah ok?

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