Sumary – If done correctly, it can even shed a few kg of you.. Here’s how

Why is it that some people is more energetic during Ramadhan, while another is weaker? The answer to this very question will help us to not only become fitter but we may be able to lose weight in the process, insyaAllah.

The answer is “Sahur”. People from Kedah call it “Soq” :). There’s a reason why “sahur” is very recommended to people who fast. In fact, that’s the only difference from our fast and the non-muslim’s fast.

Let me try to explain it.. We all know breakfast is the most important meals of the day. Yes it provides us more energy to start our day, but there is another secret to it. Breakfast actually gives signal to our body that we are not in starvation.

You see, our body is very clever. When we are starving, the body does not react by burning more fat. It actually react by lowering down its metabolism and burn less fat to preserve them. That is why we are often weaker when we are hungry for a long time.

So Sahur, will indirectly signal the body that we are not starving ourself. And thus the body’s metabolism will switch to normal mode. Which means it burns more fat and giving us more energy to start the day. Thus we will be fitter and stronger the whole day. And since the metabolism rate is not slowed down, more fat will be burn and eventually the weight loss (Of course other factors must be taken into consideration, such as exercise, type of food etc)

So guys.. it’s already half a month, Any weight loss or gain? 

Note : The intention to fast is never supposed to be about weight loss. It is our very own bond with Allah, since no one will ever know we’re fasting or not except Him.

————–Personal Note————-
Waking up for sahur is very challenging indeed. During my childhood, I even have some stages that will occur before I completely aake for sahur. My grandmother will wake me up by calling my name. That almost certainly will not work. She then go very close to me (visible distance) and again call. This time, I will reply by giving some sort of protest that I don’t want to sahur. She know this too well and start nagging with high frequency voice 🙂 That should wake me up. And I protestly walk to the dinner table and eat my sahur.This happen almost every night, and almost everyday.. I will feel grateful to her for patiently wake me up. 🙂 if not… *sigh

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  1. intankamaruddin
    30 Sep 07 5:40 pm


    Little but frequent meals can also speed up metabolism.

  2. Banji
    01 Oct 07 12:44 am

    well guys… u heard the doctor 🙂

  3. Rockafella Gurl
    01 Oct 07 2:46 am

    ni lagi nk raya, lagi tak larat nk brsahur! haa camno tu?

  4. shakirah
    01 Oct 07 3:09 am

    Salam Ramadhan.. I mkn soq , i trus tdo. Cmne nak turun berat badan ntah..

  5. filantera
    01 Oct 07 3:31 am

    huhuh bukan smpai skrg ke banji tak sahur….?

  6. Banji
    01 Oct 07 3:45 am

    yanz – bukan sahur je, terawih pun makin malas, agaknya sbb tu lailatulqadar selalu jatuh 10 mlm terakhir..

    x cakap org sy sendiri dah makin malas 🙁 kena rajinkan balik

    shakirah – huhu tu susah nak komen, sbb diri sendiri pun tido. alasan esok nak keje eheh. tp ye la paling baik, x tido dan beribadah

  7. Banji
    01 Oct 07 3:50 am

    filantera – jgn x tahu, tahun ni dah bgn dah eheh makan simple2 je skdr ambil sunat.
    tapi kalau ye pun x sahur, xkan xleh share knowledge kan? 🙂

  8. annefarish
    01 Oct 07 12:10 pm

    saya sudah hilang empat kilo..huhu.. 🙂

    anyway memang betul, kalau tak sahur rasa letih. tapi kalau sahur rasa cepat lapar…huhu..

  9. UncleJ
    01 Oct 07 2:31 pm

    ye betul..sahur tu mcm breakfast jugak..the most important meal of the dont skip sahur, apart from making us stronger for the day, pahala pun dapat..jgn malas2 bangun sahur…mkn korma dgn air pun dah cukup..betul banji?

  10. intankamaruddin
    01 Oct 07 4:58 pm

    haha. sy semangat when it comes to losing weight. lol.

  11. Banji
    01 Oct 07 5:20 pm

    annefarish – 4 kg? congratz!!! permulaan yg baik, cuma kena jaga makan time raya ni le plak hehe

    uncleJ – yup.. that exactly it, sahur tu sama effect mcm breakfast. cuma kalau sahur lepas waktu subuh dah betul2 jadi break the fast 🙂

    intan – sama lah ngan saya… 🙂 cuma takut hari raya ni, lupa daratan hehe

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