Summary – Know your extreme limits

Forming the club aside, I really hope this Hari Raya will be the best irregardless of the expenditure. What Ms Intan had commented carry some truth, when this is a once per year occasion. Furthermore it is actually recommended by Islam to honour and celebrate it happily. I guess in short, it is totally up to us to maintain balance between “spending until it hurts” and “saving until it hurts”

Hm I believe the key to better life is always moderation. Sugar if taken excessively will lead to diabetic and if we just cut out anything sugary, we will be equally sick and weak. We need to consume sugar but only in very moderate amount. (Doctors, correct me if I’m wrong).

Even if the example is wrong, we all know this fact long time already. So why is this post will be any different?

Again, we all know the importance of moderation, but the one thing that we don’t know is where is the line separating moderate and extreme. We may think we know, but the truth is we really don’t.

An example, a friend ask for help, how far do we go to help him. We have two option.. We can go to the extreme until we give him all our money in the bank, or the other extreme would be to ignore him entirely. Now we know that we need to help him (this would be the moderation). But how far should we help him. (This is the tricky part)

We must always have certain principle on this matter. Like in this scenario, maybe our principle is to help him in all matters except financially. Because debt can bring the ugliness in a friendship. I wouldn’t say that this is a good principle, but it is a good thing to have that kind of principle / policy beforehand.

The same thing goes to everything. Always have a policy that define what is the extreme of both end. it make things a lot easier, I assure you.

Other scenarios that maybe good for us to have policy
– when to get angry and when to be patient
– when to continue work / study and when to give in to sleeping
– which person to be friend with, and which person shoud be avoided
– etc

Do you have any other scenarios to add where extreme limits need to be clear? Appreciate your feedback…

————–Personal Note————-
Back when I worked in Johor, there was one time I was down with Dengue fever. I was at the time still single and live by myself. So one fine day, I felt very sick. Throwing up every now and then, feeling like you want to go have no 2, but nothing came out. Seriously that was hell. And I can even picture myself dying.One thing about me with fever, I usually try my best to sweat it off. I jog around the house but the condition just worsen. I then decided that this was no ordinary fever, and submitted myself to the hospital to be checked. I was immediately suspected to having dengue fever.

My point is, if I still want to be “degil” and still trying to sweat the fever off, I would probably die due to late detection. That’s just how much important knowing the limits to extreme is.

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  1. filantera
    03 Oct 07 1:01 am

    The Great Paracelsus (Philipus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim-Paracelsus, 1493-1541) is remembered by toxicologists for his famous quote: “All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy.”

    so mmg agreed with this post

    hehehe selalu ada confusion between
    “do i care for her too much or too less?”

  2. Banji
    03 Oct 07 3:40 am

    thats a very nice quote.. if u learn it during ur study and still remember.. i totally salute u 🙂

    wondering the limit of caring will be the hardest. lots of grey area. for example our mother, there shouldnt be any condition for us not to care.. dont u think?

  3. filantera
    03 Oct 07 3:47 am

    yup for a mother….there are no limit

    i think love has no limit

    and y up i remember it from the study years, but i have to research it back in the net for the name….

    The great paracelsus are also mentioned in Harry’s books~!!

  4. aRa
    03 Oct 07 5:32 am

    Love reading quotes..Good quote filantera..I love reading quote in my free time..

    Aiyooo…borrow money sensitive..2 me la..I never gonna borrow my money anymore 2 someone even if she/he are my best friend..Bkn me ni kedekut..Cuma pengalaman lama mengajar i jgn berbuat mcm 2..

    I agree with the sugar..the best way..tukar pengunaan gula kepada madu dgn kuantiti yg sederhana..madu lebih natural dr gula..Minum teh letak la lak teringat teh..Agagagaga..that’s what my cousin told me..His a doctor.

    Degil??Degil ade yg bgs..and ade yg tak bgs..depend on situation.. But when it come 2 health..jgn sesekali degil..Jmpa doc secepat mgkn..

    Masa blajar dulu…i selalu sakit pale..tapi degil,tak nak jmpa doc..1 day i my friend paksa p hosp..Check2..blood pressure tinggi tahap gaban..Klo lambat dtg,i might kena admit.Doc say, medical check up smua’s just a stress.. Thank’s God..So,moral of the story..when in come abt health,JGN DEGIL..Lebih baik kesan awal dr mengubatinya..Wahhh…lama tak dgr ayat 2..Agagagaga..

  5. banji
    03 Oct 07 9:53 am

    filantera – yup.. there’s no love like a mother’s love. in fact I think the whole Harry Potter story is built with that foundation in mind. It all started with harry potter being protected from evil due to his mother’s love right?

    I’m still at order of pheonix, so don’t start spoiler’ing me with the ending kay? 🙂

    ara – lending a friend some money will always have that risk. If he didn’t pay, he will be embarassed and that may ruin the friendship, you will also feel a bit “sakit hati” because let’s face it, borrow must return back la. that also will ruin the friendship 🙂

    penggunaan madu tu saya setuju sgt, tapi mahal la madu. kat sini sampai berpuluh2 satu botol. erk tak mampu den. sekali beli ari tu, simpan dlm peti ais, siap boleh beku lagi, nampak sgt dah campur air gula 🙁

    hehe pegi hospital mmg last choice kan? ntah tak tau le plak apsal… padahal early detection le yg paling baik. hmm takpe tu pengalaman kita yg paling berharga

  6. Noushy Syah
    03 Oct 07 12:24 pm

    True indeed Banji…

    I think not only in spending, eating etc but even jokes..must not go over board,must have limitation!

    Things go over board always ended in disaster…like you said moderation is the best policy.

    Too much sugar will cause diabetic, and too little will leads to hypoglycemia.

    Unlimited joke might ends up hurting others, no jokes at all would be bored!

  7. intankamaruddin
    03 Oct 07 2:51 pm

    Yeah betul. We don’t know where is the line. Or the line is too thin kita boleh terbabas lah.

    Hehe. A’ah raya kat sini lagi, masuk ni dah 5 tahun tak raya kat msia. Nnti dah dapat raya, I won’t care abt the line!!

  8. Banji
    03 Oct 07 5:16 pm

    noushy – joking with no boundary is never a good thing. People get hurt that way all the time.

    Other thing I hate more that these jokes is the person joking if he cannot be laughed at. He can laugh at other people, but when it’s his turn… he get upset. I simply hated this type of people.

    p.s. thanx for the “hypoglycemia” 🙂

    intan – dah 5 tahun? then u deserve to don’t care about the line 🙂

    if not caring about the line really involve in you giving away lots of duit raya… I want to be apart of your raya heheh

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