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Summary – Lailatul Qadar, another POV

We had reached the third phase of Ramadhan. It is popularly connected with one of the greatest gift from Allah himself to us, the Lailatul Qadar.

As a quick introduction to Lailatul Qadar, this night is one of Allah’s secrets. One night in the whole 30 nights of Ramadhan will be chosen by Him and whoever strive to perform “ibadah” that night, will be awarded the same “pahala” as performing “ibadah” for 1000 months.

That is more than 83 years. I’m not sure exactly how Allah will reward that person. But simple logic (within my limited mind) believe that if I perform one “solat sunat” that night, it will be equivalent of me performing one “solat sunat” every night for more than 83 years.

Imagine if we strive every year to find that lailatul qadar, and perform that one “solat sunat” in that night. And imagine we can get hold of this lailatul qadar for 40 years of our life. That would equivalent of us performing one “solat sunat” every night for 3320 years 🙂

There’s so many things we can talk about lailatul qadar. The malay myth of how water will freeze that night, some ignorant folk even stay up that night to see miraculous thing and try to capture it so that their wish is granted.

We can discuss how certain “ulama” had even predicted lailatul qadar based on the day of the first of Ramadhan. Personally, I think this is just a mere conclusion based on experience. Even Rasulullah didn’t disclose the exact date and only specified the range of the nights. And we must not forget, the actual reason lailatul qadar is kept a secret is to motivate muslim to perform “ibadah” the wHOLE month.

It would be very wrong if we aim to find that night and perform all the five solat (Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak) with the intention not having to pray a single day for 83 years. (silly)

We can talk about all that… but what interest me is this

If any “ibadah” we performed in that night, will be rewarded as if we performed it for 83 years, how about if we commit sin that night? What if that night, we stayed up all night talking about other people (mengumpat or fitnah)? What if that night we scold our parent and hurt their feeling?There is no “hadis” explaining this. But I have to say that it is so much easier to commit sins than performing “ibadah”. We need to be very very very careful this time of the month.What do you think? Or maybe you know anything else about Lailatul Qadar worth sharing here?

————–Personal Note————-
I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I once heard that the next morning after Lailatul Qadar, we can even look at the sun directly. This is because all angels are flying back to the sky that the sun’s brightness is reduced. Again… I’m very not sure whether this is true or not. But when I was in form 2 and 3, I had to travel to my school very early in the morning. And I can assure you that there will be one morning every year in Ramadhan that the sun is very beautiful and I can stare at it for a very long time. At the time, I really believed that lailatul qadar was last night and I had missed it. 🙁  

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  1. sh_alkhair
    07 Oct 07 1:16 am

    hello there…

    ramadhan mubarak kareem…

  2. banji
    07 Oct 07 6:26 am

    may we succeed in this school of Ramadhan 🙂

  3. amirahsyuhada
    07 Oct 07 5:04 pm

    beruntung orang yang dapat malam lailatul qadar,tapi selalunya orang yang dapat ni, adalah orang yang tak putus ibadah sepanjang bulan ramadhan.

    selamat berpuasa

  4. Banji
    07 Oct 07 5:31 pm

    amirahsyuhada – memang selayaknya org yg berusaha yg dapat.. Dia Maha Adil, Orang yg overnight main dam kat kedai takkan dapat 🙂

    Selamat berpuasa!

  5. filantera
    08 Oct 07 12:45 am

    and i think, org yang beribadat setiap malam, sepanjang tahun, will not seek for lailatul qadar like we did!!

  6. Banji
    08 Oct 07 2:52 am

    filantera – like we did? hm mcm ada memori je cari lailatul qadar sekadar tunggu air beku time kecik2 dulu.

    apa pun, harap sgt at least tak dapat banyak pun, mohon diampunkan dosa. banyak sgt dosa nih

  7. ain
    13 Sep 09 8:53 am

    beberapa tahun jugak saya mencari lailatulqadar, selalunya missed . selalu gak qiam, tapi mesti dalam salah satu 10 malam terakhir tu saya terlena sungguh2. ramadhan mesti berusaha lagi…

  8. 13 Sep 09 2:00 pm

    Ain – Jgn risau.. dapat ke idak, terpulang pada dia. yg penting bukannya dapat malam tu, yg penting ialah usaha utk mendapatkannya sepanjang bulan 🙂

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