Summary – Ingatlah orang yang tersayang

This is one of the new advertisment on tv this Hari Raya. The message is simple – Wear your seat belt even when you’re at the backseat. (I laugh out loud watching this the first time hehe)

joke aside, the accidents during this festive season is very frightening. Nobody wants to have an accident. It just happened. Now that fact if true will be even more frightening, don’t you think? It’s like we have no control what so ever to our life.

Accidents do happen. But most of the time, accidents happened because of other factors. I generalize them all under these four factors – the driver (sleepy etc), road condition, car condition and other driver

Knowing this, we should know how to avoid accidents

1) The driver

  • Get enough sleep
  • Stop at regular interval. It is advised to stop driving after every 3 hours. You may feel energetic and all, but your body is actually finishing up all resource available, and at any moment you can fall asleep or feeling tired all of a sudden. So take that mandatory rest.

2) Road condition

  • Try to use familiar road
  • Avoid travelling at night time, if you must, make sure all lights are working well
  • Drive carefully.. you may have time to avoid any death trap

3) Car condition

  • Check your car condition before long journey, some of the most critical items would be timing belt, radiator, tyre etc

4) Other driver

  • Some drivers are just idiots. They show off their “so-called” skill or fast car to others. There’s no way to avoid them. You must just be more patient than ever when you are driving.
  • All you can do is to be extra extra careful
  • Don’t be that other driver

I know these are all old news. But when you can see the number of accidents happening during festive season increasing every year, that’s just prove that nobody bothers. We bother right? So act like we bother

Any other advice / tips you may have for driving? We will definitely need to remind ourselves and others on this.

————–Personal Note————-
Guys… For your information, my leave starts today. I will be on leave (from work) from 10th to 19th. I will update this blog as normal as possible, but if there is no update..

  • I may be so full from eating delicious food I fall asleep
  • I may be busy cleaning up the house, or cleaning up the mess I make when I aim to clean the house

In short… There is no guarantee I can update everyday from 10th to 19th. But there will be updates (that I guarantee) 🙂 Selamat Hari Raya everybody!

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  1. aRa
    10 Oct 07 5:15 am

    Agagagaga….best la iklan 2..Agagagaga..i did laugh 2..

    Hurmm..mmg ngeri tgk berita kemalangan..Hope yg drive balik kampung 2 berhati2 ok..

    Kita mgkn berhati2..tapi pastikan org lain sekeliling anda gak..Klo cara mereka bw kereta agak meragukan..cuba elak bw keta dekat mereka..

    Selamat Hari Raya Banji..Maaf Zahir Batin..

  2. banji
    10 Oct 07 9:10 am

    ara – mmg kebanyakkan accident sebab org lain, bukan sebab kita. betul apa ara cakap, kalau tgk lain macam je org tu bawak, kejap ketepi kejap ketengah, baik kita jauhkan diri..

    one thing about kl, driver dia yg cekap, cekap betul..kita bawak huru hara pun dia pandai elak.

    tapi yg tak skilled, mmg hampeh.. tu yg selalu accident

  3. UncleJ
    10 Oct 07 12:37 pm

    banji..iklan ni first time saya tengok dlm youtube..dah agak lama baru kuar tv..memang kelakor habis..gelak besor masa memula tgk tu..bagus iklan ni..lain dr yg lain..

  4. banji
    10 Oct 07 4:02 pm

    uncleJ – yup lain dari yg lain… cara paling baik nak sampaikan msg ialah dgn humour.. impact ada, dan org akan ingat 🙂

    hopefully time bawak keta dia ingat, jgn time depan tv je

    mmg suka tgk iklan yg funny 🙂

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