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Yesterday my leave started, and I’m smiling all the way. Because I don’t have to think about work for the next 9 days or so. Not that working is no fun.. (in the case my manager read this), no seriously I enjoy my work (most of the time). But after a while, we just need to get away from it all.

I’m even happier with all this Aidilfitri celebration coming. But truthfully this is my first time not celebrating Aidilfitri with my family in Kedah. This year it will be here in Selangor. As you would probably know, my wife is now in her first trimester. And according to the doctor, she is not recommended to fly during this period.

I believe, every one will have that sad emotion when they cannot go back home for Aidilfitri right?

The funny thing about sadness, is that usually if we look closely, it is almost always comes in pairs. When there is sadness, there is happiness. Here what I found…

1) In 7 months time, I will be given the best of happiness. The happiness of being a father. All I need to do now, is to take care of the mother-to-be whole heartedly. Some people tried years and not given that gift.. I am so thankful and promise to take care of that trust at any cost 🙂

2) If previously, I am so happy with one family, now I got two. I should be twice happier. Imagine people living their life without any family to go back to. I got two… Why should I complain 🙂

/end list

Every person will have sad moment in life. Happiness we share with people, but sadness is often only ours to bear. This is usually the one feeling we kept inside. The truth is nobody can take away that sadness. Only you and you alone can sooth yourself.

This is exactly how I sooth myself. I look back at that sadness and then look at those more unfortunate than me. There will always be other people more unfortunate than us. People whose parent already passed away, People who still have parents but neglecting them. I will then feel that I am actually blessed by Allah with all this gift and I really should be more thankful. Seriously when u feel thankful, the world and how it is treating you is not that bad after all. 🙂

How do you sooth your sadness and pain? Care to share?

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————–Personal Note————-
In Kedah, during Aidilfitri, the most interesting event happened very early in the morning where everyone wake up late, trying new clothes, eating breakfast (and it will feel weird everytime, maybe due to 1 month of no breakfast). We will then go to the mosque. Later there will be a very formal “bersalaman” protocol where everyone take turn to “bersalaman” from the eldest to the youngest. 🙂 Lastly we will all go to the cemetary and do tahlil there.Everything seems normal right? That’s the beauty of family.. normal things but very meaningful and important.Hows yours? What are the things you do during Hari Raya? 🙂

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  1. iEn
    11 Oct 07 1:50 am

    Salam Aidilfitri untuk kali keberapa ntah le hahahaa.. jaga diri lek lok.. teman nak balek kampong esok sudaaa hauhauaha..

  2. filantera
    11 Oct 07 2:24 am

    dear banji

    its ok laa banji, i mean bukan tiap tahun kami akan dpt anak menakan kan! but stiap thn ada aidilfitri, insyaAllah…

    just take a gud care of her…i know banji is the best in this heh

    cumanya, admittedlah, raya is different without the three of us sekali…. well thn ni kami kena belaja bayar zakat sendiri lah…:)

  3. Banji
    11 Oct 07 6:16 am

    ien – esok balik kg? kg mana lah tu? selamat hari raya! banyak kali ucap xpe.. mana tau ada dosa baru eheh

  4. Banji
    11 Oct 07 6:18 am

    filantera – mmg lain.. tp tahun depan akan ada penambahan dlm family kita. insyaAllah

  5. intankamaruddin
    13 Oct 07 8:30 am

    Yes. Family. Looks like one thing nice to have. 🙂

  6. Banji
    16 Oct 07 8:26 am

    intan – hopefully intan boleh still happy raya kat sana. tak lama lagi dah kan…

    pastu katanya nak lepas geram beli baju raya 4 5 pasang hehe 🙂

    selamat hari raya!

  7. 03 Nov 07 3:05 pm

    Assallamualaikum,,lambat pula baca post ni,,hehe,,raya dah lalu,,maaf zahir bathin…dalam suasana raya pula masih kan…

  8. banji
    03 Nov 07 5:23 pm

    Pang5 – Selamat Hari Raya kembali… maaf zahir batin

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