It is now the third day of Raya. I apologize for the couple of days without any updates 🙂 It’s Hari Raya…

Unfortunately I will not be able to update it until the 19th of October. Simply put, I am cut off from internet for a while now, and I can only continue back at my place. So for that I am very sorry… See you on Friday ya!

This is banji logging off from cybercafe :p

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  1. Pocket
    16 Oct 07 1:53 pm

    dis is me comin back to me place in Bukit Mertajam without a soul in me house. Lonely…
    tomorrow will start workin. OT for n extra wedges by the end of the month.
    so banji…eventhough u’re not back in 442 this year… your spirit was always with us.
    happy holiday banji…
    happy holiday everybody…
    this is DaPocket… signing in after raya cuti 😀

  2. filantera
    17 Oct 07 1:20 am

    this is filantera signing from my desk

  3. aRa
    17 Oct 07 3:05 am

    Agagaga…Dah ramai signing in do i..It’s been a while and 2 many complain from friends that i didn’t update sist ade cni..Bahaya tahap gaban..She never know that i have a blog..If she know..Mampos kena kutuk..Agagaga..Today…she’s going back 2 KL..Yahoooo..Merdeka!!!

    Well Banji..can’t wait 4 ur come back la..Msti byk cerita besh2..Agagaga..

  4. Banji
    18 Oct 07 6:28 am

    pocket – sama lah sini, walaupun beraya kat sini, tapi dlm hati tu duk pikir apa le yg berlaku kat kedah 🙂

    finantera – ada lagi ke bebudak student tu? hogging the net?

    ara – ur sis tak tau ke u ada blog? hehe takpe… buat2 le bagi dia “accidentally” tau, dan “kebetulan” post u ttg what a wonderful sister she is heheh :p

    I also can’t wait to officially be back at my pc. post dari pc org lain tak besh 🙂

    All – siapa lagi yg tak sign in? 🙂

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