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Summary – Preserve childhood stories

I like stories. Don’t you? During my childhood, I was brought up with a lot of stories. All of them never fail to amaze me. Typical examples of the stories are like “Sang Kancil Dengan Buaya” (mousedeer with the crocodile), “Anjing dengan bayang-bayang” (Dog with the shadow).

I don’t know about you but I think these amazing stories are slowly becoming extinct. Nobody tells them anymore. Which is such a loss to us because they are all amazing stories where the children (I am the living proof) learn a lot of things about life.

So I am going to dedicate today’s entry to the preservation of the stories. But the fact is… story is only an essay if not read out loud. So I sincerelyΒ hope those who read today’s entry to keep telling our children our childhood stories and hopefully they will enjoy and more importantly learn from them.

Once upon a time, there was a dog. This dog was very greedy and was the bully of the village. All other dogs were afraid of it.

One day, to the dog surprise, it found a very big bone. It was very happy and picked up the bone to be brought home. Along the way, the dog will have to cross a river. There’s a bridge across the river. So the dog, still enjoying its lunch, walked across the bridge.

In the middle of the bridge, it looked down and saw another dog inside the river carrying another big bone. (We all know it is just the reflection of the dog, but of course this dog is so greedy it fail to access that part of its brain.) The dog was very greedy and want to have that other bone, it tried to scare its own reflection away. Once it opened its mouth to bark, the bone in its mouth dropped into the river. And now it had none.

Moral of the story – Greedy people always loses in the end. (Orang kedekut selalu rugi)

What’s your favorite childhood stories? List them here please.. πŸ™‚

———- Personal Note ————-
I love telling stories to children especially my youngest sister, Mira. She is now in standard 2. (She’s not my actual sister but she is a sister to me) Anyway… when I told her the stories, I will usually exaggerate with all the voices and even some pictures, Of course, it is more like sketches on how the story goes. :)So one time, I actually found her sitting and she was telling the same story to herself by sketching them in her book (I don’t know.. maybe trying to remember the story), with all the exaggeration etc. heheh PRICELESS

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  1. 30 Oct 07 5:35 am

    It’s reminiscing…Yeh yeh, when I was a Lil gal, my siblings and me, couldn’t sleep without bedtime stories…either given by my mum or my’s a must.And not only stories but also stories and rhymes..

    Too many to be listed out, some are:

    Snow White and the 7 dwarfs
    Alice in Wonderland
    Sleeping Beauty
    Little Red Riding Hood
    The Wind in the Willows.

    I love the story of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame’s, first published in 1908,a classics of children literature.The characters are individual masterpieces,the setting of the English countryside shown is so charming!The language is the combination of the poetic and humorous..this is a timeless tale that mostly be part of everyone’s childhood here..:)

    This is the tale about to discover the world of mole,ratty,toad and badger!!

    Old time fava
    HUmpty dumpty
    Jack n Jill
    Twinkle twinkle lil star
    Hickory Dickory Dock
    3 blind Mice…and many more,

    But this one reminisced when I was really a toddler and learning to count:

    1, 2, buckle my shoe
    3, 4 knock at the door
    5, 6 pick up sticks
    7, 8 lay them straight
    9,10 my fat hen
    11, 12 dig and delve.

    Eensy ,weensy spider
    Climbed the water spout
    Down came the rain
    And washed the spider out.

    Eh eh..sorry banji, for filling up ur comment box..I was carried away with my sweet lil gurlie time…hehehhe.

  2. filantera
    30 Oct 07 9:49 am


    ada sekali, mira kat kg, she want to tell me a story, a ghost story to be exact.

    suddenly, dia amik kertas, and siap conteng lukis lukis….

    “mira kan, ada kawan tau, nama dia ikmal(bukan nama sebenar), bilik darjah kami kat atas, tandas lelaki kat bawah, tandas lelaki kat sini (lukis), ada sekali tu kan, dia cakap kat cikgu……..”cikguuuuuuuu nak pegi tandas!” cikgu pun cakap laa “okay…jgn lama” tp kan lepas tu kan, dia pun pegi laaa (lukis lagi) sampai lamaaaa tu kan, dia tak balik lagi….lama laaaaaagiii dia tak balik jgak…..(lukis jam) pastu kan cikgu kami pegi cari dia tau, tgk tgk ada darah! byk….ada baju yang byk darah………pas tu kan, kitorg pegi umah dia, dia dah takde dah…family dia pun takde dah…keta dia pun takde dah”

    and then i was thinking, either she has ‘the blood’ or mmg somebody did teach her how to convey a story that good!

    its soooo good that even i have posted in local forum to search for its true story!!!!!!

    p.s: sorry banji, that is not the story i want to post it here hehehehhehehehehe

  3. banji
    30 Oct 07 10:15 am

    noushy – by all means… fill it up, i love reading them πŸ™‚ great list u have there, does stir up some memory heheh

    I’ve never read the story the wind in the willows. Even though there is one movie about a dward named willow but that’s another thing πŸ™‚

    I’ll try to get that wind in the willows. Good story must be read πŸ™‚

    U know what, I’m actually singing along the rhyme u write πŸ™‚ huhu talk about evergreen

    Good one noush! remember to keep telling them to ur children ya! that’s our heritage

  4. banji
    30 Oct 07 10:19 am

    filantera – ye ke? hahaha tak tau le samada dia belajar tu dari cerita2 banji ke apa? tapi mmg masa cerita dia by sketching tu, mmg dia interested sgt, siap dia ambil pensel dan join in πŸ™‚

    *I’m smiling!!

    *see… children learn fast and they may not look like they care but they do remember

  5. 30 Oct 07 12:28 pm

    dulu, arwah tokwan selalu jek bercerita dekat kami, cucu2 kesayangan dia.
    tp dah lama, so saye pon tak ingat. mostly, yg saya ingat, kebanyakannya kisah2 haiwan. cerita hantu pon dia selalu jugak citer, heheh..
    bukan citer ja, teka-teki pon dia selalu bagi. yg saya ingat sampai sekarang,
    ‘rusawababi di hutan,
    kepalanya tiga, kakinya lapan’
    apakah itu?

    ala, kalo budak2 tuh mmg jenuh nak pikir apa, tp kalo abang banji pon tak tau gak, tak tau nak kata apa, hihi…
    howerver, too bad I’m not a good story-teller, I’m more into listener πŸ™‚

  6. no need to mention!
    30 Oct 07 1:38 pm

    I thought that ‘orang tamak selalu untung!’ That’s way I become greedy again and again and all over again! Hehehe…

  7. Anonymous
    30 Oct 07 2:16 pm

    This message is dedicated to:
    LessonInLife Dot Com blog owner


    Hi there!

    It is nice to me to have known that I could get in touch all over again with my long-time-no-see friend as we really took our steps through the different paths of study and career that distanced us apart for approximately 15 years (or more) started from the late Maa’hadian phase until today. I’m very glad too seeing your new chubby face (Is it your wife who feeds you?). How healthy you’re now! Hehehe…

    I would like to thank my wife as she found by coincidence the Immortal Wisdom Blog on the Internet which will be our medium of reunion after a long period being a parted and miss-contacted. Thanks to the technology as well!

    I thought you have already guessed and known me. In all probability, some people who used to surf your blog had already seen my name (mentioned more than once in the blog) and even known in minutest details what had happened between Banji/Bungee and me (concerning loosing the relationship as a subsequence of negative assumption).

    There are lots of things I wish to know but I thought it is enough for the first-time-meet message after being a parted.

    Would you mind continuing back our friendship?


  8. 30 Oct 07 4:52 pm

    hehhehe..banji, it’s true, when talking about this, even I myself while typing it is saying and singing those words and rhymes at the same’s something that unforgettable!!

    I definitely will pass this heritage to my kids next time…and I think it’s good for you too start preparing from now too..hehehhe

  9. filantera
    30 Oct 07 4:53 pm

    to the anonymous

    if u are who u are, then u should have known me, the youngest of all too!!

    maktuk always mention ur name.

    hope to meet u again!

  10. 30 Oct 07 7:45 pm

    azuwachan – mesti best kan cite2 tokwan tu? boleh buat tajuk blog tu, ceritatokwan hehe..

    org2 dulu selain dari cerita berunsurkan nasihat, teka teki diorg pun unik kan? mcm teka teki azuwachan tu la πŸ™‚

    rasanya the oldest teka teki yg sy ingat – teka teki teka tekok, ular mati isap rokok? huhu sapa2 yg tak tahu, email me for the answer πŸ™‚

    I really don’t think u’re not a good story teller, believe me when I say.. all blogger is a good story teller, if not they will not set up the blog at all πŸ™‚

  11. 30 Oct 07 7:50 pm

    no need to mention! & anonymous – reply sekali sebab dua2 org yg sama πŸ™‚

    waalaikumsalam… amboi akhirnya dapat jugak jupe kamu ye? untuk pengetahuan semua, hamba Allah ni lah satu2 nya best friend yg kami sama2 bahasakan diri saya kamu πŸ™‚ respecting each other im supposed.

    apa khabaq? sihat? hows the wife? masih mengajar ke? itu je berita terakhir yg tahu ttg dia.. yg dia mengajar. ntah sejarah tahun berapa tu. anyway alhamdulillah dipertemukan jugak kita akhirnya, setelah hampir 15 tahun.

    would I mind continuing back our friendship? I would never mind… Please email me and we can talk πŸ™‚

  12. 30 Oct 07 7:55 pm

    noushy Syah – as a matter of fact, I am preparing πŸ™‚ but at the moment, So much to do.. so little time heheh

    I will need your help though with the song Hickory Dickory Dock πŸ™‚ never heard them before

    filantera – yes, he is definitely who you thought. Finally, the only person who drink Gulai resurfaces πŸ™‚

  13. 30 Oct 07 10:51 pm

    yeah… nice to know u’r back.
    at least we know dat u’r fine.

    banji… i like the kapak story … the story where the angel gave the man gold kapak n a silver kapak instead of his kapak buruk after the man accidentally dropped the kapak buruk into the lake.

    n of course the twisted story. where the angel brought back two beautiful lady instead of his original wife. n the man refuses…
    ‘i could not even afford my current wife n u’r giving me another two?’

  14. banji
    31 Oct 07 12:50 am

    DaPocket – the kapak story is very classic, and it undergoes so many transformation πŸ™‚

    usually funnier. I wonder if the woodman fell into the lake, what will happen?

    This is truly a great story indeed, worth telling to our children

  15. 31 Oct 07 2:01 am

    Woo my pleasure we goes..

    Hickory, dickory dock
    The mouse ran up the clock
    The clock struck one
    The mouse ran down
    Hickory, dickory dock.

    Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John
    Went to bed with his trousers on
    One shoe off and one shoe on
    Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John.
    Higgeldy, piggeldy, my balck hen
    She lays eggs for gentlemen
    Sometimes 9 and sometimes 10
    Higgeldy, piggeldy, my black hen.

    hehhehhe…good for toddler! That was when I was 3-4 yrs old, always saying that over and over again, and while writing this I feel as though I am a todller..hehhehe…

  16. 31 Oct 07 10:07 am

    noushy – thanx a lot!!! I will look for any download, to hear the actual song. πŸ™‚

    I can imagine you singing the rhyme very excitedly hehe

  17. 31 Oct 07 12:24 pm

    Agagagaga..My fav adalah c kancil 2..1 2 3 lekuk..Jantan betina aku ketuk..Agagagaga..I use 2 be in-front of the tv masa tv pendidikan dulu selalu tunjuk this story..And cerita sal monyet 2..Jgn Monyet…jgn.. Adoi..teringat zaman kecik2 lak..

  18. 31 Oct 07 1:30 pm

    heheheh ye ingat ingat… cerita monyet makan cili satu pokok tu, “tolong la, dah 4 hari saya tak makan, kasihan ye, dah 4 hari tak makan, baiklah monyet, makanlah apa saja dari kebun kami ni…. (sound effect) jgn monyet jgn!! kita taklah makan buah tu, ah aku tak kira, aku nak makan jugak”

    hahaha besh nye tengok katun tu.

  19. 31 Oct 07 10:37 pm

    jadi tak der la makan … with a voice like neil armstrong from dat song ‘what a wonderful world’ πŸ˜€

  20. banji
    01 Nov 07 12:29 am

    suddenly that song now stuck in my heard. thanx bro heheh

    we are so easily amused when we were kids. πŸ™‚

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