Summary – Scam Via MSN/YM (any instant messenger) exposed

I promised another two factors to success yesterday for today, but I have come across another topic which is more important. So that two factors will have to wait.. Can it?

There is a scam going on this time around. I’m not sure whether it is old news or new, but I’m going to put it here for our reference.

I read about this in a thread in forum, you can read the full story here. But in short, The scammer was able to login to an MSN account, and then he started chatting with the friends listed. Not long after that, he will ask the friend for a favor saying that he cannot login to Maybank2U (an online banking service in Malaysia). He asked the friends to transfer RM400 to an account, which he said was a seller’s. The scammer claim that he bought an item and now owe money to this seller.

The friend, being a nice fellow… transfered the money, and with that he had lost RM400


Lesson learnt

  • If you are using instant messenger, make sure you log out properly when you are using it in a cyber cafe or shared computer. Most of the time, we didn’t notice that option “Remember password” is checked, and thus our account is already compromised. Some cybercafe user can even install a keylogger to the computer, so that anything you type on that computer will be recorded and sent to his email address.
  • Preferably, just don’t use IM at a cybercafe
  • I know this is old stuff, but please change your password. Most of the time, the password used is very common like the username, or date of birth, or full name. This is very dangerous, believe me. If you like to use that password, make ONE change to it, for example.. your password is your DOB – 771107, then just add 10 = 771117.
  • Always be paranoid when money is involved. Verify with the person by calling him on the phone.
  • If you are familiar with hacking, you will know the term “Social Engineering”. This is basically a method where hackers uses the weakest security in a system, which is you. He may just pretend to be a woman in distress and attack your conscience. The only way you can defend yourself, is by knowledge. Keep learning and we’ll be fine

Maybe you know any other online security tips? Please share it here

—————- Personal Note ——————
I’m very sure everyone has a story of being scammed. Why not share it with all of us. Email them to me and I will put it up here. Hopefully we don’t have to go through the same mistake twice. A new category is introduced – Scam Awareness

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  1. filantera
    07 Nov 07 8:42 am

    salah satu scam standard is the sms…..

    bunyi camni

    this is PETRONAS MLYSA (they didnt even write Malaysia?) u have won RM 15 000, please call this number

    kalau check num tu, num indonesia………..
    most people know bout this already, tp dah tak leh pikir scam yg lain hehhehe

    other word of scam (famous nih!!!)

    a phone call:
    Banj….mmmmmmm banji…..mmm insuran keta dah nak abis laa, duit gaji tak masuk lagi ni…….banji ada my acc num kan?


  2. 07 Nov 07 12:14 pm

    I just don’t understand why la org skrg mudah sgt tertipu..Mudah termakan pujuk rayu org lain..klo i la..bila bercakap tentang duit,i’m sorry not bcoz i tarak duit(hakikat mmg bankrup now..agagaga..If ada la)i tak akan bg pinjam nye..Kedekut???yeah that’s me..agagaga..

    Even my kazen nak pinjam duit i leh fkr 10 kali pulak benda2 scam ni..I ade came across 1 YM dr kwn(not actually kwn chat ngan dia 3-4 kali)asking 4 money..ckp nak pinjam 100 la..leh bank in kai maybank je dia ckp..i terus ignore..ahahahaha..kejam sungguh..

    And ape yg kelakar..i rasa mcm nak call je num 2..ade kan skrg ni share2 krdt..u leh bg org krdt la…kan ade cara..ade lak org ni antar sms kat i(tak kenal num 2)..”Jika anda ingin krdt RM10 sila taip …… then send kepada ……(num yg antar sms 2)..WTF(opss..terhangin kejap)…ingat i bodoh kot..hidup2 dia nak tipu i..tapi alhamdulillah la..tuhan bt i masih mampu berfikir and tak terpedaya ngan penyangak 2..I leh call that num but what for nak abiskan krdt i call dia..

    Pendek kata,zaman skrg manusia dah ade byk idea nak tipu org lain..So kita kena la berhati2..Jgn mudah terpedaya ngan kata2 org..Don’t trust anyone..wahhh bahaya 2..agagagaga..When it comes 2 money,jadi la kedekut ckit.. ;p

  3. banji
    07 Nov 07 2:43 pm

    filantera – bila dilayurkan dgn duit, mmg org kelabu mata, katanya “ala try je, kalau tengok pelik semacam berenti la”, attitude tu la yg selalu sangkut tu, sbb org yg buat scam tu sure ada trap yg dirancang rapi.

    “a phone call:
    Banj….mmmmmmm banji…..mmm insuran keta dah nak abis laa, duit gaji tak masuk lagi ni…….banji ada my acc num kan?”

    Jawapan – ada (noktah hehe)

  4. banji
    07 Nov 07 2:46 pm

    aRa – tu la, yg penting, apa saja yg menyebab kan kita keluar duit, kena hati2 lah.. biar org kata kita bodoh ke apa, takda bende free dlm dunia ni, dan org takkan saja2 nak bagi duit ribu2 kat org unless untung yg dia dapat. mmg kejam tapi itulah kenyataannya

    cuma tu la, kalau sedara mara minta duit ni, kdg2 tu takleh berkira sgt.. this is for me la… kalau nak spend duit kita, biarlah pada org yg kita sayang, dan kalau sedara tu mmg masuk golongan tu, mmg berbaloi la, tapi kena niat dulu la dari awal… kalau org tu nak bayar, alhamdulillah, tapi kalau tak, jadi sedekah lah. but of course la kalau sampai 10ribu, kena le tuntut jugak 🙂

    dan betul kata ara tu, zmn skrg manusia banyak idea nak tipu, sbb tu antara cara terbaik ialah tingkatkan pengetahuan kita sendiri. dan hopefully blog ni boleh berusaha kearah mengumpulkan pengalaman org utk tujuan tu

    nice story shared ara!

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