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Summary – List of ways to generate ideas for blogging

I’m curious.. how do you guys find ideas for your blog? Do you actually spend time thinking of what you want to write, or you just run the notepad program and start writing away what ever come to your mind. Do share ya… I’m very interested to know.

This however is a list of what in my opinion the best method to find ideas for my daily blogging. 🙂 I’m sure your methods will make a great addition to the list

  • Camera – I’m using my handphone as a camera, so whenever there is interesting event, I will be able to snap it. They did say picture is better than a thousand words 🙂
  • Write away – Like I said just now, run the “Notepad” program and write away. This is my favorite method, because most of the time, I will end up with 3 to 4 posts altogether. They don’t necessarily be finished, but the ideas will be there to be continued at another time. The secret is to never stop writing. Even for backspace… just write away. Try it..
  • Read your previous post – Most of the time, the entries in this blog are all related. For example, we write an entry about a recipe. Wander around with that topic in mind. Some topics that immediately come to mind are like how kitchen can kill you (Safety tips), how to eat and still lose weight (always a popular post), recipe to a full life etc etc.
  • Monitor your categories/label – For readers, categories will be a great way to browse through your blog, For you, you can see which ones you haven’t done. Like myself, sometime I can see that certain categories have fewer entries than another. So write about that category. Taking this blog for example, Scam Awareness is a very new category so I will need to focus more on populating that category
  • Television – Do you know how many people were behind the scene of every tv series in the tv? Writers are meeting all day long to come up with a good or original story. So sometimes when it may good to watch some tv and not only enjoying the story, but try to come up with more stories from it. For example, I love the sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond.. Definitely we know the drama behind every character in the show. And from that alone, we can blog about relationship between in-laws, or the natural jealousy between brothers etc. The world is there for us to learn from.

Believe me that there are thousands of way we can develop our ideas. Sometimes, we wait for it. Sometimes we have to work to get it, And the same as everything else, in order for a machine to work, we need to know how the machine work first. That goes the same thing to ideas generation.

I kept the list short not only to to keep my entry short.. but I would like to hear how you develop your ideas… Where do you get them? family? dream? Do tell 🙂

————- Personal Note ————-
Never underestimate our mind… It can go far and it can go there (showing to about one meter distance) 🙂

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  1. filantera
    12 Nov 07 8:39 am

    heheheheh by letting ur brother ride 2nd class train way back to kedah in insomniac mood is also another way!:)

  2. 12 Nov 07 11:09 am

    sometimes I just pour out everything from my mind straight away into the post.
    because I don’t really reveal my feeling to others, [I’m not that talkative. like I told you before, I’m more a listener type] but some, so when they’re not here with me, I got no one to talk to but to my blog.
    that’s why I love my blog. even though it cannot respond, but it heals me 🙂

  3. 12 Nov 07 5:19 pm

    filantera – hehe I’m not letting anybody kay, but u did come up with some very good blog topic 🙂 u should take the train to work

    Azuwachan – i understand… it’s always easier to talk to blog, u can let it all go, and if anyone come to read, they actually want to read. 🙂

    Friends sometimes don’t actually like to listen.. blogger friends.. they really like to read 🙂

    we both have the same way of generating ideas …

  4. 12 Nov 07 11:25 pm

    well for me its more to things u think right away.
    ‘ey… why is it like dat aaa…’
    ‘ui… dats unusually weird laa…’

    or something in between 😀

  5. 12 Nov 07 11:52 pm

    I sama mcm diaorg smua..Basicly smua right on the spot nye blog..Tapi biasanya if i nak berblog and i depan tv..i taip kat hp then save..bila smpi bilik..kadang lupa bila ingat terus la login blogger..agagaga

  6. banji
    13 Nov 07 12:49 am

    DaPocket – hm i guess the idea on the spot is why blog exist in the first place. to give a true account of what we feel at a specific moment 🙂

    aRa – kita sama kat situ, tapi sy dah setkan voice recording kt hp. so ada idea, terus cakap je… malam2 play balik dan ingat balik apa idea tadi… seriusly senang sungguh lupa, 🙂

  7. 13 Nov 07 11:14 am

    i used the write away method using note pad as well..since i blog using office comp (ooopss..pecah rahsia) ..and usually i wrote in between doing my work..

    so untuk mengelakkan terlupa apa nak tulis..as it crossed my mind, i would first wrote it in note pad..and post it afterward.

    kadang2 tulis jer kat mana sempat dulu.. in fact during my last trip i wrote on the “muntah beg” yang bagi kat lam plane tuh..the clean one of course..smp opis type balik..

  8. banji
    13 Nov 07 11:09 pm

    nolee – no fear, your secret is safe with me, I forget that Puan Wani’s phone number…. heheheh

    tapi guna notepad mmg senang, nak load dia pun cepat, dan takde heavy mcm word.

    muntah beg pun boleh jadi tempat meluahkan idea, heheh nasib baik bukan beg yg berisi 🙂

    great example nolee on how to keep the flow going

  9. 14 Nov 07 10:00 am

    haha..by the way banji..pn wani was no longer here.. She had transferred to wisma putra earlier this year. Nolee gantikan tempat dia laa sekarang.. 😀

  10. banji
    15 Nov 07 12:23 am

    nolee – wah congratz… Does this mean that u no longer read magazine 🙂

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