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Summary – Incorporating exercise in daily chores.. A vow

An update on my mother’s condition. Yesterday, I went to KL and brought her over to my place. We then went to the hospital in Kuala Pilah, and she was admitted into the hospital for observation. I will be going there every day to check on her. The last BP check (just after I left the hospital) showed 150/120. Still relatively high.. but hopefully a good sign.

Many factors affected blood pressure, One of which is regular exercise. Exercise does not necessarily means you put on your jogging shoes or hit the gym. The more efficient method is by doing exercise when you are doing house work.

A good example is to avoid using remote control. You will have to get up from the sofa and hit the button manually. I get this example from a tv show “Downsize Me” on Discovery channel. I then started to think of other way to do exercise indirectly at home. Maybe you can add to the list, and together we try to do the items on the list one at a time.

  • Avoid using remote control, get up and switch the channel manually
  • Set up rules, that when you enter your bedroom, you must do 5 push ups.
  • Wash car yourself.. It’s a good exercise. Remember Karate Kid?
  • When you touch a keyboard to blog, set your timer on your handphone for 30 minutes… When the timer rings, you take your skipping rope and do 50 “skipping”. If you forget, no problem.. just do it when you remember.
  • Choose 5 clothes every week and wash it manually. Maybe you can choose those with stubborn stain on the neck area
  • Mop the floor and play some music… maybe you can dance to the music while mopping, the whole work will take a little more time, but you are going to have more fun.
  • Pick one 30 minutes sitcom every week, and exercise while watching the show non stop. You can do crunches, or just some air-punching. Anything as long you sweat and enjoy the show.


I’m very sure that you guys have more creative ways to incorporate exercise in our daily house work. Care to share them here?

————— Personal Note ——————-
I admit that I don’t practice the items in the list. But that is exactly why I put it up here. I will try to do all the 7 items, one for every day in the week.

Monday – remote control day | Tuesday – push ups room day| Wednesday – Wash car (today I’m going to wash the car) |Thusday – 30 minutes of keyboard, 50 skipping | Friday – Wash clothes | Saturday – mop the floor | Sunday – sitcoms

A vow made… come join me 🙂

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  1. filantera
    14 Nov 07 8:47 am


    i am on my way to reduce my weight here (see, i can told the world now..kalau tak turun jgak then everyone’s invited to kutuk hehehe)

    another point(for me)
    * warm up everymorning! as if nak start main bola punya warm up, it help burn the extra cal while u are sitting the whole day, and maybe twice if u are having a hectic day!

    *walk and walk…………even at shopping complex (for men, sorry to tell u this, heheheh nanti byk laa reason all the wivey nak ajak shopping)

    *play with ur children!

  2. 14 Nov 07 12:33 pm

    Ehehehe…filantera..I’m on my way 2 reduce my weight 2..Sblm puasa lagi but masa puasa tergendala lak..i used 2 jog every evening with my mum tapi masa puasa stop..then dah sebulan Syawal..blm start balik..Agagagaga…

    I bought a gym ball for only RM30..used it every single morning after i get up from bed..It’s good LOL..leh guna kat mana2..depan tv..dlm bilik..as for me..i’m the only 1 using it so kat lam bilik ar..

    Banji..i don’t know if u know abt this..benda ni dah lama i tau cuma br amalkan nowdays je(tapi jarang..agagagaga)..pagi2 sblm u mandi or berus gigi,drink air suam maximum 8 gelas..it’s good 4 u..Memula tau benda ni…8 gelas????mak ai…byk nye..2 maximum je..4 gelas dah ok ar..

    Ha…i selalu naik turun tangga rumah klo ngah bored..agagaga..senaman 2..And klo ade yg keje yg opis dia bertingkat2..rerajin la guna tangga ek..lain la klo opis smpi tingkat 10 and above..agagaga..

    Cerita pasal remote control…again i teringat pasal someone bawa remote control p opis..Agagagaga..

  3. 14 Nov 07 1:21 pm

    kene wat situp gark nieh.. perut dah boroi hehe

  4. filantera
    14 Nov 07 5:37 pm

    ara…………heheh same here, tp lepas syawal reality hit me in the face, terus beli track suit baru hahaha
    tp tak lari pun!:P

    ball exercise ni i tak berapa familiar laa
    kena belajar gak nih

    banji?mmm thread mill tu kalau tak pakai, ada somebody yang nak pakai here:D

  5. banji
    15 Nov 07 12:08 am

    filantera – warming up… now that I didn’t do. but to tell you the truth, I have no idea what a proper warming up session is. will google it later.

    Walking in a shopping complex is really a great way to exercise, you burn calorie and you are actually enjoying the view… both shops and the people hehe.

    children.. have super stamina. I wonder where do they got it from? Excellent tips as always filantera 🙂

    ps. the thread mill? hahah it dies with me *touch wood

  6. banji
    15 Nov 07 12:15 am

    aRa – nak start selepas berenti tu yg paling susah kan eheh sama la sini 🙂 dulu mmg fit tak hingat2 nya, bersilat sampai pancit. skrg angkat kaki dah pancit huhu

    air suam 8 gelas pagi2? hm one thing yg sy tahu, kalau kita bangun pagi, sebelum gosok gigi dan kumur… akan mengelakkan nyanyuk bila tua. tapi utk kurus kan badan… hm boleh try, air suam je.. tak rugi apa2

    naik turun tangga mmg digalakkan, kkita ni mmg dah naik lemak sbb asyik mencari lif atau escalator. mungkin kita boleh try tingkat pertama dan kedua mesti naik tangga, lebih dari tiga tu boleh naik escalator… tapi tu la problemnya… kat shopping complex dah susah nak cari tangga 🙂

    iEn – huhu boroi is the new slim 🙂 (sambil memandang kebawah)

    *Sukacita diumumkan, projek berjalan lancar utk hari pertama. cuma instead of basuh keta, sy mop lantai ari ni 🙂 hopefully boleh committed lah

  7. 15 Nov 07 4:53 am

    Gud luck Banji!!!!

    Tell me if how many weeks u wud be able to survive ok! Haha..

  8. banji
    16 Nov 07 12:18 am

    intan – survive? as if still breathing? or still committed? 🙂

    I know commitment is the hardest thing to do, but at least there’s a goal and a plan. hehe I don’t think I will be able to commit to such plan but hopefully 4 out of 7 is so much better than 0 out of 7 right? 🙂

    thanx for the luck.. i definitely need it

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