Summary – Emergency Preparation

Yesterday, I was approached by one of my mill’s staff and he wanted to borrow some money. When I asked, he told me that he was robbed after giving a lift to one stranger. He now had to borrow money and had to go through a lot of trouble for the missing document; IC, driving license etc. So guys… be careful with strangers. It’s not safe anymore

A bit alarmed, today I come up with a set of things to do on how to prepare for such emergency. InsyaAllah I will do all the items on the list, and maybe you can help by adding some more useful ideas in.

1) In case my handphone stolen

  • To always have spare coins (RM2 worth of coins) in the wallet specifically for the public phone. The last time I used a public phone was few years ago.. hehe
  • To print a list of important telephone number and keep it in the wallet. How many of us actually remember phone number anymore, right?
  • In the list there will phone number to Digi Call Center (I’m using Digi), so that I can call and bar outgoing call from my phone.

2) In case I fainted in public

  • To prepare a RED laminated card with information such as name, contact details of family in case of emergency, medical record / allergy (if you need people to know)
  • Reminder : Never give out your home address, if you fainted and bad people have your address and house key, there’s no telling what will happen
  • In my handphone’s phonebook, I will set the first name to be my wife, But instead of entering the name, I will put it as “WIFE”. Then if the person (who is hopefully not a handphone thief of course) check through, he will immediately know who to call.
  • I’m going to use the Friend Finder service by Digi. (Now I feel like this is an advertisement for Digi eheh). For those who is not familiar, with this service, my wife will be able to know roughly where I am, or where my handphone is. again.. ROUGHLY hehe. At least she will know I’m in 5 km radius of the transmitting station 🙂 Hey it’s better than trying to find me all over Negeri Sembilan right?

3) In case my wallet stolen / lost

  • Beforehand, I will have all my cards and documents inside my wallet to be copied into 2 copies(Fotostat). One will be left at home, another inside my car.
  • Keep some money, RM5- RM10 with the copy of documents in my car
  • Keep track of what actually inside the wallet. What if I forget of my credit card, and forget to report the lost to the bank, things can get messy.
  • Reminder : Change your pin number. People with stolen wallet will first attempt to withdraw money from ATM using your birthdate as pin number. Please don’t use your DOB as pin number.

/end list

These are all what I can come up within 30 minutes. A quick brainstorm… I’m very sure, you guys can help add some more important items to the list. Maybe for another emergency? 🙂

—————– Personal Nore —————-
I’ve always very interested in coming up with such preparation. Call it a hobby if you want. But, I like it when in case of emergency, I am well aware of what need to be done. Even though I may not be able to remember and do all, at least.. I know 1 or 2 items

Tomorrow, I’m going to publish an interesting article from Ms Azuwachan. And guess what, there is one word in today’s entry which will describe the entry. And the first person who can guess the keyword will win a link to his/her blog in the post 🙂

The rules
– Azuwachan is not entitled to participate
– She also must avoid from giving hint to fellow friends directly or indirectly of the answer 🙂
– One person can only guess one answer
– Dateline 12.01 am 29th November
– The answer and the winner will made known in the entry on Friday.

So guys.. let’s hear your guess, azuwachan – shhh

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  1. 28 Nov 07 2:32 am

    errr.. an ‘entry’?


  2. 28 Nov 07 2:33 am

    errr.. an ‘entry’?


    Susahnye nk ikut sume rules tu pergi mane2.. Huh. Wasiat? Hehehhe.

  3. filantera
    28 Nov 07 8:32 am

    heheheh banji as we always knows, always have backup plan for backup plan for worst case scenario…:D

    if it happen
    photocopy your IC, (colored perhaps) laminate it, and bring along AND LEAVE YOUR ORIGINAL kat umah. ministry have approved that carrying your photocopy IC is as good as original one, unless you are pendatang haram laa of course. again, how many time do we asked for IC during a normal day, police traffic?(ive never experienced any…) FBI?

    keep some money in ur car for gas

    suma dah ditulis banji heheh

    always find a good spot to pengsan (hehehhe)
    embed something familiar under ur skin like “the bourne identity” (again, heheheh)

  4. filantera
    28 Nov 07 8:37 am

    errr about the photocopy of MYkad
    i think, mmmmm, just carry both (like banji said) sorry
    just did some research and many people said it is not advisable to not bring it. as today, there are so many demo and street protest, not bringing Mykad might do many harms.


  5. 28 Nov 07 10:11 am

    intan – wasiat tu mcm dah persediaan terakhir tu. heheh tapi still antara benda yg wajib ada in case jadi apa2. mana tau sampai hukum tuhan tapi kita banyak lagi hutang. at least org boleh tolong selesaikan

    hm rules tu, bukannya kena buat setiap kali berjalan. dia one time only 🙂

  6. 28 Nov 07 10:14 am

    filantera – well u know me… heheh logically paranoid :)baru nak tanya ttg ic tu, tapi dah dijelaskan. hm lebih baik dibawa la kemana2, tapi fotostat ic tu simpan jugak dlm wallet, kalau ada polis nak, tunjuk tu dulu.. kalau dia nak yg original at least ada 🙂

    find a good spot to pengsan? hehe tu kalau termalu dikhalayak ramai, boleh la lakonkan pengsan

  7. 28 Nov 07 12:23 pm

    Come on guys… currently we only have one attempt 🙂

    Ms Intan – Entry

    Scan through the post, and guess that ONE WORD which will be what tomorrow’s article about, and you can win a link back to your blog 🙂 You never know, the closest answer may win…

  8. 28 Nov 07 1:48 pm

    Erkk…wild guess…a HANDPHONE??

    Banji…how abt if u been kipnap??Kena culik..Nak buat pe??Penculik take all ur belonging..HP..Wallet..palis2 ckp org Labuan..Jauh2..

    Anyway..Banji..u’ve been tag by me..Check out my latest post..

    TQ.. 🙂

  9. 28 Nov 07 7:39 pm

    Updated guess 🙂

    Ms Intan – Entry
    Ms aRa – Handphone

    aRa – huhu tak terfikir lagi pasal kena culik, baru hilang barang… 🙂 aRa sendiri, nak buat apa kalau kena culik?

    palis? palis tu maksudnya jauh ke? about the tag… 🙂 insyaAllah akan diselesaikan nanti

  10. 28 Nov 07 11:18 pm

    Yerp..palis2 meaning jauh2..mcm hrp2 tak kena la..gitu la..Simpang 4 malaikat ke selalu org smnjg ckp..gegitu la..Agagagaga..

  11. gina
    28 Nov 07 11:48 pm

    wahh..gitu skali preparations..hihi. tringat kes dirompak dlm opis dulu..huh trauma juge.

    mcm kunci umah, kunci kete, kunci opis..mmg haruz ade duplicate di tmpt yg slmt..:)

  12. banji
    29 Nov 07 1:42 am

    aRa – ok ok.. faham 🙂 thanx, palis rupanya. tak leh sebut “minta lah dipaliskan”? grammar fail la sy ni huhu

    gina – kena rompak kat opis? isk ada direkodkan dlm blog tak? kalau ada nak baca. mesti trauma sungguh tu

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