Summary – Why pain exist

Pulling out teeth without anaesthetic is plain cruel. So it hurts, and most of the time you will cry out of pain.

Have you ever wonder though, why then did Allah created pain? And since we are talking about it, why did the feeling of angry, envy etc even existed?

The answer is simple, it’s because all those feeling are equally important with any other feeling such as happy, joy etc. So what happen if the world exist without ….

1) Without any pain – Well, there will be a lot of people hurting themselves without even knowing it. People using only barehand to hold hot fying pan, They will have burnt skins but since it does not hurt, what’s the harm. The worst thing that can happen, is people will start killing each other without any guilt. There is no pain, so dying is just as normal as fainted.

2) Without any anger – People can bully us how ever they want. They can step on our head, or even call our families names, or insult our religion / country, and still we will accept that naturally. Discipline can never be achieve since anyone can do what ever they want. One word – Chaotic

3) Without any envy – Envy is when we don’t have what others are having, and we want that too. Basically envy is our desire. The world will surely die, since nobody wants anything. Nobody wants to compete. So everyone will live their live without any desire to move forward.


Yes, it is written in about all books on positive thinking to avoid these feeling altogether. But I disagree. I think these feeling is meant for us to use it WISELY. We must know exactly when to be angry, and how much is too much.

In Islam, a husband who let his wife with another man is considered a “Dayus”. “Dayus” is roughly translated as do not dare to be angry and take action. And the husband will be sinful for just being a “Dayus”

Conclusion – Every feeling and emotion is created to be used wisely. And for it to be useful, the limit between too little and too much must be crystal clear

———— I wonder ————
Care to list down other negative emotion.. and maybe you can come up with a continuation to the list, as to what will happen to the world if other negative emotion does not exist?

————— Personal Note —————–
I’m starting a new column in the entry which is “I wonder” column. I will put up a few question there for discussion.

Feel free to provide your own insight to the matter discussed, or ANYTHING in the entry. But if you are clueless on what to comment, maybe you can just put up your thought to the question in the “I Wonder” column. Just trying to make things easier 🙂

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  1. filantera
    03 Dec 07 8:44 am

    long time no comment here heheh

    well, mmmm i remember, one day, walking back from mosque after friday prayer, with additional beloved abg syikri join, banji ask the question; “what is the limit of sabar?”

    this scenario happen after the incident banji said earlier on “fight in the night of ramadhan” (dont remember the exact title)

    the answer?

    i am too small at that time to remember hehhe

    i always have problem dealing with my anger, not that i have anger management issue,….i am simply dont know how to be ‘mad’ at people. simply, i feel so ugly to be mad……….

    well thats is not a good attitude too

    apa laa merepek pagi isnin ni

    nice one bro!!!

  2. 03 Dec 07 5:41 pm

    filantera – takpe.. bz ke bro? or that intern is hogging the internet again?

    I believe you’re not the only one. I too have the same problem, not knowing when actually we should be angry. Someone has told me before, that being angry (i mean physically) is like spitting, you are not going to lick them back…

    So when we physically angry at someone, it better be worth losing a friend. People just don’t forget…

    great to have u back bro!

  3. 04 Dec 07 12:39 am

    Hurmmm…people selalu ckp at 1’st i look like a very la the friendly person..tapi bila dah kenal,i’m a serious person..Org takut actually ngan i bab my anger..Agagagaga..I mmg mudah mrh but mrh i kejap je..kasi cool dulu 1 jam ke..then i’ll be ok..

    Knp org mrh selalu menyumpah ek??memaki…i do..Dah selalu sgt…walaupun i know ia salah but masih gak bt..Tapi i mmg selalu minta maaf la pass i nyumpah.. Agagagaga..

    Kadang nak jadi terlalu baik pun tak leh…i suka kaedah balance..baik pun ya…jahat pun ya..Agagagaga..tapi jahat bkn la jahat jenayah ke..ape ke..jahat yg +ve la..Hohohoho(mulai ari ni nak gelak mcm ni la..since nak xmas ni and ur bday..Hohohoho)..

  4. banji
    04 Dec 07 12:53 pm

    aRa – ok point noted, lepas ni kalau ara marah, sy cabut lari heheh sejam sy datang balik 🙂

    tapi tu la, menyumpah ni kena cuba kurangkan, marah semua org marah, dan selalunya org boleh maafkan kalau kita marah dgn sebab yg betul, tapi menyumpah dan maki ni, susah org nak terima, dan selalunya sekali dimaki, mmg akan ingat sampai mati.

    mmg susah nak ubah, tapi kena cuba la ara ye 🙂

    hehe first time dgr jahat yg positif.. kena elaborate sket tu ara 🙂

  5. 07 Dec 07 8:42 pm

    I concur with banji 1/3 and for the other 2/3, I disagree.

    Pain is a natural physical reaction for human beings and living animals (insects too?) on the planet earth, i.e. all beings created by Allah (or God?)

    Pain happens automatically when the situation demands it, i.e. a lady would definitely suffer extreme pain during child birth, a victim of a serial killer would definitely feel immense pain when the serial killer saws off the victim’s limps off slowly one by one, etc.

    Unless one’s nerve system have been heavily modified such that our feeling of pain is cut off, one will always feel pain.

    Though there are cases when one does not feel the pain right away, especially when the damage is inflicted instantaneously. Only afterwards when one notices one’s wound, then the feeling of pain will kick in.

    Anger, Envy on the other hand are in fact non physical, emotions that one is able to exert total mental control over it, once properly trained and conditioned to do so.

    Negative mental emotions are optional for us and they do not benefit us in any way, but instead degrade us further and thus should be avoided.

    In short, negative emotions should never be used if one is able to do so. It is hard, but not impossible.

    The 90/10 Principle stresses that one should always react positively to any kind of situations that happen to us. The 10% is the random factor, the 90% is how one choose to react to the situation.


  6. banji
    08 Dec 07 11:53 pm

    Deimos Tel`Arin – Point noted 🙂

    From what I understand, you’re differentiating between pain and “Anger,envy” in term of pain is physical and the latter is emotional, Did my assumption correct?

    And I also familiar with the 90/10 rule, as you comprehensively describe in your entry.. good enty anyway 🙂

    However, maybe my focus is that all these emotion, or physical effect, be it positive or negative is there for us to benefit from. There will always be time, when anger is needed. envy is needed.

    p.s. ur disagreeing.. is greatly appreciated 🙂

  7. 09 Dec 07 6:22 am

    Your assumption is correct. 😀
    Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    Well, you’re welcome. :p

    Perhaps, the way that we can benefit from these negative emotions, when we are not actually performing such negative emotions ourselves?

    For example, let’s say I said something that royally pissed off my Darling, but I did not realize that. Darling’s reaction is sudden outburst and obviously she is very pissed off and angry.

    I can choose to react in many ways, say:
    1. Get angry myself (bad choice, I say, sadly I still find myself in this option sometimes even though I am trying hard everyday to practice the 90/10 principle, my mouth needs to be sewn up during heated arguments or fights since nothing good seems to come out from it)

    2. Cool down, look back at what I said earlier, contemplate. Think about what I did earlier that might have pissed her off. Try to apologize to Darling to make her feel better etc.

    Is this what you are trying to say?
    I think it is. 🙂
    Cheers! 😀

  8. banji
    10 Dec 07 1:18 am

    Deimos Tel`Arin – that is 90/10 rule application at its best. There’s a saying.. Never fight fire with fire 🙂

    First of all, I totally support this 90/10 rule, what I’m trying to highlight, is that the emotion anger is there for a reason. That we may sometime need to have the feeling in order to react accordingly.

    Being angry is never a pretty sight, and it must be avoided at all time. But there will be time when anger is needed, like maybe when somebody throw stone at our parents. Some level of anger is needed to allow us to confront that rude people. If we are not at all angry, we will let them do what they want,

    Anyway.. good job in choosing the 90/10 rule with your relationship 🙂

  9. 10 Dec 07 9:57 am

    Cheers, mate. 🙂

    “But there will be time when anger is needed, like maybe when somebody throw stone at our parents. Some level of anger is needed to allow us to confront that rude people. If we are not at all angry, we will let them do what they want,”

    Well, this is kinda weird, but this kind of situation (example) can be looked at from a few perspective. Basically from a normal human being’s or from a more religious point of view.

    1. Hot headed
    Screaming: “Motherfxxking fools! How dare you throw stones at mua folks!!! $%#$^#^ I am gonna gut you all alive you worthless sons of B#@%@#hes”
    Displays genuine anger, plenty of bubbles produced. This individual could very well be out of self control and there is a strong possibility of being manipulated by one’s currently heated emotion.

    2. Level headed
    Stern voice: “Stop your actions or we will call the police!”
    Displays fabricated anger through facial expressions and tone of voice, but is in fact level headed and no bubbles are produced. This individual is in total control of one’s speech and action.

    I guess, banji is referring to the second choice aye? 🙂

    From a religious point of view, well, I will only continue if banji is interested in what I have to share? 🙂

  10. banji
    10 Dec 07 6:12 pm

    Deimos Tel`Arin – you guess it right.. Reaction no 2 is exactly what the article is all about. SOME level of anger to react accordingly, not too much and not nothing at all

    If it doesn’t take too much of your time, please share your idea on the scenario from your religion point of view 🙂 That’s the whole idea of this blog anyway..

  11. 13 Dec 07 3:28 pm

    I call it fake anger, one is not angry at all, but need to fake some anger for purpose of display. 😀

    Religious Point of View
    From the bits of info I gathered from Buddhism, it is said that us mortals exist in or is reborn into the physical realm of mortals because of the sins that we carry over centuries of cycles of birth and rebirth.

    There is also the law of cause and effect, i.e. karma.

    Thus, the act of people throwing stones at our folks can be explained that because of our folks’ actions (cause) in their past lives, so now these mofos are throwing stones at them (effect).

    But, this act of throwing stones (effect) can be interpreted as fulfilling the debt of karma, which kinda means that those mofos are doing our folks a favor by treating them bad.

    In other words, whenever someone treats us bad, they help us remove our sins. Kinda something like that.

    Of course, this is a little bit of what Buddhism is about.

    Cheers 😀

  12. banji
    14 Dec 07 12:34 am

    Deimos Tel`Arin – thanx for the explanation on karma 🙂

    In Islam, we also believe that any hardship we faced with patience will be rewarded by forfeiting the sins…

    as for the fake anger… hm what I meant is just that.. whether it is fake or real anger, what important is the will to do something about it 🙂


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