Summary – Public speaking tips for students

So where do these scammers learn speaking-persuasively skill? They didn’t go through any course of public speaking. Actually the skill is learnt from experience, lots of experience each complemented with a lot of unsuccessful experiment.

Well let me share with you my very own tips on public speaking. I can assure you it did not come from any books, if it does.. it is purely coincidental πŸ™‚

1) Know your stuff
How can you talk about something you don’t have any idea about? you need to know everything there is to know about the topic you are going to speak.Β TryΒ this…

You’re a blogger. Can you describe to me how to start a blog? I’m very sure you can talk about that for hours, complete with an explanation on how to install a cbox, importance of labels and even on how to kill your blog. You don’t know everything, but the thing that you know now is enough for you to confidently discuss them. And this is the first and the most important thing to do to be better at public speaking… Know your stuff head to toe, and toe to head.. and maybe from your bellybutton going up or down πŸ™‚

2) Memorize then forget technique
Whenever I want to do presentation or speech, I will usually know exactly what I’m going to say. Call it a script if you want to. I will memorize it from start to finish. I see a slide, I will know exactly what my first line is going to be.

But the thing is.. whenever I speak tomorrow, I will purposely forget all the script. Instead I will come up with a new version to describe my point. Seriously… this will make you look like you are a proffesional speaker, casually describing all point without fail and missing anything (as if you don’t have a script at all).

When you know your stuff, and you know the sequence of your speech, you will be very confident. Trust me.. These two are the most important tips and by practising this, you will have no problem. I guarantee.

3) Know your fear
Exactly what is your fear of public speaking? Identify this and try to come up with ways on how to overcome it. For example, you are afraid that you will forget your speech. Then memorize them and write small notes to remind you of what the next topic will be. People don’t forget what they know. They forget the sequence of the speech and that what makes it a mess.

If you are afraid of the question people will ask you, and if you cannot answer. Then try this.. remind youself – you’re there to speak to the crowd, and the crowd is there to listen. They can ask.. and believe me, if you did not know the answer, just tell them you will check and get back to them on it. Nobody knows everything. In fact, if you do the first step.. which is to know your stuff, there’s no way you will not be able to answer them.

If I ask you the benefit of blogging, can you answer? Of course you can, even though you never actually think about it before. You can because you are very familiar with blogging and you can come up with the answer as soon as the question asked.


A new category created.. “For Student” especially to my friends who is still studying. Hopefully I can be helpful to you guys πŸ™‚ I will continue this topic tomorrow. same time tomorrow? πŸ™‚

—- I wonder —-
I’m sure you must have your secret technique yourself.. Share share πŸ™‚

———– Personal Note ————
My first public speaking in my life is when I was in standard 5 (11 years old). I was competing in a story telling competition. So there I was, representing my school. My English teacher thought that it would be a good practice if I can perform in front of the whole school first before the competition. So she made the arrangement.I was actually very confident then, telling the story, when suddenly I heard some voice from just in front of the stage. One boy actually point at me, and said “Eiii kuningnya gigi dia!” ahaha

And you know what, I forget my story altogether. And after a lot more critics from that Malaysian Idol Young Judges, I gave up and just walked away in the middle of the story. My teacher was very mad at me,

To cut things short, after a lot more practice, I won the District level competition. Yey! (but loses at the state level) hehe

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  1. 05 Dec 07 2:21 am

    kita lak memang jenis takut nak “menonjol”kan diri cakap kat depan..kalau doctor tanya ke pe..even kite tau jawapannya,kite tetap gak akan senyap sampailaa xda orang nk jawab brlaa kita jawab..(penakut kan??)

  2. 05 Dec 07 2:24 am

    owh,ye..skrg ni org suka gunakan whitener utk putihkan gigi dorg..senanye bende tu xbape elok..utk makluman sume, gigi kite yang sihat,warnanye kuning cayaq..reflex warna dentine kat bwh enamel,xyah laa risau2 o susah2 nak putihkan gigi.

  3. 05 Dec 07 4:26 am

    Gosh..i’m not good in public speaking…I masih ingat my 1’st kira berdiri depan org ramai baca puisi,i was 15 at the time..Ngah kursus pengawas…I baca puisi itew dgn tangan yg mengigil…Pegang kertas…ya ampun…audience dok gelak i wat derk je..

    Until now i masih mcm 2 cuma mengigil 2 kurang…now voice lak terketar2..Hohohohoho

    Saat ni i tak tau la keadaan i mcmna klo i terpaksa ckp depan org ramai..I ni klo jmpa face 2 face..pemalu siot..tunduk2..hohohoho

  4. filantera
    05 Dec 07 8:30 am


    masih ingat banji berlatih story telling by telling us (me exactly) the story about…emmmm thousands time?:D

    well on my side, i think the best tips will be, is to be relax. relax as if u are going in front to have fun! or like going to tell children a story. say (utter) word by word. stop at full stop. no rush! no need highly debate skill or what. as if saying “once upon a time…………….” tone camtu!

    and surely surely, you ensure that u know beyond , i mean really beyond ur listener………..

    i remember when i am presenting my final year thesis, i even laugh a bit at one serius question asked by one famous lecturer. and explain to him why that question is simply not related to my project.

    : D

  5. banji
    05 Dec 07 1:10 pm

    faez – jgn macam tu, seriously nanti bila kerja lagi la kena pandai tonjolkan diri, kalau tak org takkan nampak, sebab tu mulai skrg dah kena belajar cara2 nak tonjolkan diri tu

    tak semestinya setiap kali tanya kita jawab, tapi biar at least doktor tu tahu kewujudan faez dan yg lebih penting.. how smart you are πŸ™‚

    hm good to know yg warna gigi yg sihat kuning cayaq hehe so agaknya yg ada whitening agent dlm colgate semua tu mcm mana ye?

    good to have a dentist here πŸ™‚

  6. banji
    05 Dec 07 1:13 pm

    aRa – heheh to tell u the truth ara, menggigil tu perkara biasa dlm public speaking, even the great ones will do that. cuma kena pandai cover la, mungkin hafal poetry tu so that takyah pegang, takpun deklamasikan penuh gaya πŸ™‚

    hehe skrg gelak hohoho lak ye? πŸ™‚

  7. banji
    05 Dec 07 1:19 pm

    filantera – im not sure about thousand, but definitely a lot of time. Until the words come out from my mouth effortlessly.

    yup… that’s a very good advice, talk slowly, not slowmo kind of slow, just that every words should be clear and some regular pause between key points.

    I guess the lecturer is impressed when you notice the irrational question πŸ™‚

  8. 07 Dec 07 4:19 pm

    i love public speaking if the topic is something that i know so i can elaborate more about it. but if it is something that i have lack info on it, i better become a listener than a speaker. hehehehehe.. ex, when i was in uia, whenever there is discussion in class about certain topic (an islamic class), i will just listen coz i know my knowledge regarding islam is not so deep and i afraid that i will talk something wrong and ambiguity.. afraid there will be too much confusion. hee =D

  9. 08 Dec 07 12:48 am

    my first time was in Standard 5. that was 11 years old (eh, same as you la banji). my whole class voted for me to be the one who represents my class in pertandingan mendeklamasikan sajak. practice gila2. i think masa tu kecik2 so tak berapa takut atau tak reti pun apa tu takut kalau present kat depan. lagipun, saya student yang famous kat skolah rendah dulu… in my batch. huhu. people know me as the best BM subject student. sebab selalu dapat highest mark for the whole batch. BTW, i didn’t get 1st place because there were a few things that I forgot to say. The sajak was perfect, only that I’ve forgotten to introduce myself before that!

    Then when in Standard 6, I was again requested by my class teacher to represent my class in story telling (in BM). I practiced and I was nervous like duno what. Then suddenly tak jadi. Lega tak terkata…. πŸ™‚

    Till today, of course I still get nervous….

    How do I overcome it each time? It’s always by thinking “all here that are listening are all stupid. Now I’m in front so I’m the clever one.” Just a psycho thing to give myself some confidence and not to feel afraid of the audience. hehe…

  10. banji
    08 Dec 07 11:34 pm

    Moon – I agree that Islamic topic must be discussed carefully, not to stray away. But nevertheless, we will never fully understand or learn Islam, So.. it is quite impossible to wait until we know the whole Islam before we can talk about it.

    Irregardless, I think, it is better to speak on Islam when we know there is someone who is more knowledgable amongst us, just to be safe πŸ™‚

  11. banji
    08 Dec 07 11:41 pm

    syahidatul – heheh sama lah kita ye, tapi deklamasi sajak mmg susah, sy mmg tak termampu rasanya, story telling sesiapa boleh buat sebab the story itself can sell, tapi sajak.. mmg perlukan dekalamasi utk tonjolkan πŸ™‚ tahniah

    eheh teknik anggap pendengar stupid tu, menarik gak, tapi takleh bagitau pendengar lah ye, rasa insulted lak, padahal kita just nak hilangkan rasa takut tu je.. good technique though!

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