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Summary – Habit forming tips

It’s been 3 days of no updates here in LessonInLife and you know what, I actually felt like I lost something the entire time. I guess that’s how much I now enjoy blogging and your company. Thanx to all friends visitting.

With that I must admit that there is some truth to the phrase “Anything you did consistentlly for 40 days will become a habit.” Have you ever heard of such phrase? For example when I started blogging, I’ve gone through all the procrastination phase and fatigue. but I manage to follow my schedule of blogging and alhamdulillah, things are now getting easier and forgotting to blog is already an impossible things to do.

So can I ask, do you have anything to be made a habit? Maybe cycling, jogging or even solat? Well these tips may help a bit

  • Choose one habit to work on.. Just one
  • Write down the advantage of having it as a habit. The aim is to be a motivation for you to keep doing the habit. So try every methods you’re comfortable with, maybe motivational pictures or cycling partner.
  • Schedule a specific time to do the habit. The reason we often forget, is because we don’t know when to actually do the habit. I personally will take about 30 minutes before I go to bed to post an article here. So whenever I’m going to bed, I will instantly remember to blog
  • Just do it for 40 days.
  • Keep track of how many days you have been following your plan. Remember, we aim to do it for 40 days

Secret tips

  • #1 – Don’t be hard on yourself. If you miss a day, Don’t be stressed about it. Just continue the next day.
  • #2 – There are only two things that will corrupt a habit and if you know these two, the better the chances you will succeed – Procrastination and Fatigue

– I wonder –
Have you ever succeeded maintaining a habit? Care to share your success story?

———— Personal Note ————
Why there isn’t any update in this blog for the past three days? Well to tell you the truth, I’ve bought my dream laptop last Friday and I’ve been very busy setting it up and transfering all files from my former pc.

I consider it a dream laptop not because of its specification. It is just a cheap low end one. It is because owning a laptop has always been a dream to me. InsyaAllah now I will be able to blog everyday… YEY!!!

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  1. filantera
    10 Dec 07 8:51 am

    COngratz on ur new LapTop!

    hehehe nice cover u p ek!:D

    saja jaaaaaaaaaa………..

    joking only 😛

  2. 10 Dec 07 4:24 pm

    hmm..nak buat habit mmg le susah… yg gina cuba buat & sgt usaha buat nii, cuba bangun pagi tanpa alarm. sebelum tdo set dlm minda kita nii pukul berapa nak bangkit pagi esok…belum betul2 menjadi lagi. kekadang bangun terawal or terlewat..hihi. nak cuba lagi…40 hari kan banji?? hehehe

  3. 10 Dec 07 4:58 pm

    my ustaz did tell us one day in his class, for those who never solat ‘try to do it in 40 days, and after that if you still feel lazy to not to do it, then it’s up to you.’
    During the 40 days, it’s ok if you miss one solat fardhu, or you can start with 2 or 3 daily prayers for a day, and then gradually increase the number till 5.
    So after 40 days, Insya Allah you’ll become used to the activity.
    To start something new, especially the one we don’t really like requires hard work and high motivation. So we need to be really consistent in everything we want to achive, right?? 🙂

  4. 10 Dec 07 5:07 pm

    the lap top looks just nice bro…
    am thinkin of buyin me self a lap top too actually.
    but still dont know when is the right time to start
    strivin for it.

    40 days of blogging.
    humm… i think i’ll start on doing that today…
    n i’ll dub the title with the number 😀

    saja jaaaaaaa… nak ada motivation in blogging


  5. banji
    10 Dec 07 5:55 pm

    filantera – hehe one word go wrong, terus kena kutuk, anyway seperti mana yg diulang banyak kali, mmg hajat hati dari dulu lagi nak own a laptop, tambah pulak skrg dah addicted ngan blogging, so bertambah le satu lagi alasan 🙂 congratz to u too on ur new baby

    gina – tu antara life’s biggest mystery tu, mcm mana nak bangun tepat pada masa yg dikehendaki, accurate up to the minute.

    sy tak tahu org lain mcm mana, tapi sy sendiri kalau nak bangun tepat pada masa, sebelum tido sy buat2 excited. mcm esok kita nak pegi zoo gitu, the feeling tu yg penting 🙂 selalunya alhamdulillah mmg bangun tepat pada masanya,

    samada tido balik lepas tu, eheh is totally another story

  6. banji
    10 Dec 07 6:00 pm

    azuwachan – tu kaedah yg baik… jgn bagi terkejut, kalau org tu tak pernah sembahyang, tapi ada semangat nak belajar, biar slow2… pendapat sy lah, mmg le wajib, tapi yg penting consistent tu nanti..

    teringat satu memori time keje part time lepas spm, ada sorg hamba Allah ni masuk keje, bila masuk waktu sembahyang, dia dah panic sebab takleh sembahyang. ada tempat pun dlm store sana… mmg nampak sgt panic muka dia, esoknya dah berenti, bila la nak jadi mcm tu 🙁

    DaPocket – hehe sorg lagi nak nyakat. good luck though on ur quest to 40 days of blogging 🙂 tell me when u start

  7. 11 Dec 07 6:09 pm

    Hurmm…i have no new habit yet…Ntah nak wat habit ape lak..Org mcm i ni sesuai sgt la wat habit2 baru..Yo la..dok rmh 24.7 kan..Any suggestion banji??

    Dulu i berjaya ngan 1 kira habit la..Jogging and control mkn..Agagaga..tapi dah tak now…Lepas raya ssh nak control…weather now pun ssh nak jog..just wat senaman lam rmh je..2008 nak mulakan habit itew smula..Adoi..byk nye kena achieve next year!!!

  8. banji
    11 Dec 07 11:31 pm

    aRa – banyaknye nak achieve next year? azam tahun ni carry forward ke? 🙂 samalah kita.

    ttg cadangan habit tu, it really up to u, u know what best for u 🙂

    semoga kita sama2 berjaya fulfil azam kita

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