Tracking emotion through time

Summary – Tracing back emotion through out time..

Can I ask? Have you ever had this feeling? You go through your day as normal. You know you are alright emotionally when you woke up this morning, many things happened since then… and suddenly maybe during lunch, you have that feeling that something is wrong. You’re not feeling comfortable as if there’s something offending you or hurt your feeling, Or is it you’ve forgotten something? You are not sure what it is… but something is definitely wrong. You just don’t know what it is.

Familiar? Happens to me all the time… 🙂 So assuming you are having the same feeling from time to time, what do you do about it? Do you start to panic, or just completely ignore it.

In my case, it happens usually if I do something hurtful to somebody else. For example, if I accidentally hurt somebody else’s feeling. I would feel it right away. And the feeling will not stop unless I confront him/her and apologize or solve the problem with him/her. I guess I just want to live in harmony with everyone

The interesting part is sometimes, at the time I hurt that someone, I don’t feel a thing. Maybe due to the emotion or what. And after some time, I totally forget it. Then the feeling I described earlier came, and I just can’t ignore it, because I know I hurt someone, but I don’t know who. I will then trace back my exact feeling throughout the day. For example, “Was I feeling this way when I’m at work just now?”… I traced it until I reached the part where I hurt that someone just now. I realized immediately because I can sense the my emotional change at the time. Can you follow me up to now? heheh

The keyword here is tracing back our feeling throughout the time (Hm maybe a key”sentence”). Does anyone here ever do that? Please share, because seriously it helped. When we know where our devastation started, we can end it effectively. The problem with the majority of us, is we don’t want to dig deeper into ourselves when it comes to feeling and emotion. Some even think of it as weakness.

Conclusion – You feel something wrong precisely at 5pm… Trace it back, Remember your feeling at 4pm, 3pm, 2pm etc. Once you have identified where the change in the emotion take place, deal with them. If you hurt someone, go see him… and discuss, If you forgot to pray Zohor, go “Qadha”, If you forget to logout of your email… immediately go log it out. Please don’t check the newspaper for the evening movies 🙂

– I wonder –
Have you ever have this feeling? And how do you overcome it?

———– Personal Note ———–
I have a confession. I am not very good at being angry at people. I rarely shout or scream at people, even though some of the workers in my mill are really getting on my nerve. I guess, I don’t like the feeling that someone actually hates me.

Not that I never feel angry or suppressing the anger. When it’s needed, I will definitely do what I have to do. There is one quote – “Shouting at people out of anger is like spitting, never lick it back”

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  1. 18 Jan 08 6:51 am

    Typically if I have an unusual feeling that something is wrong, it is related to the number of responsibilities I am juggling at the time. It usually means an important deadline or critical task needs to be attended to.

    I like your point about tracing back our feelings through time. When I get a feeling like this, I need to take a moment to think about what issues might be bringing on this unexpected feeling of dread. After a minute or two, I usually find the root of the problem.

    BTW, I found your blog through the comment on RemarkaBlogger.

  2. 18 Jan 08 8:30 am

    Jim – I totally understand, it’s like there is something you need to be doing, and you’re not sure what. But it’s definitely feels VERY VERY important. that itself will make me crazy hehe

    All we really need is just a conscious action to trace back the root of the problem. Doing an unrelated thing or more dangerously ignoring it will not help 🙂

    Hm I wonder if there is any special technique to do this tracing?

    thanx again for visitting 🙂

  3. 18 Jan 08 12:11 pm

    Yeah…experience it so many time..and biasa nya my day would be bad after that…I usually have problem overcome it…tapi biasanya org yg sakitkan hati i…I ni jenis tak nak ckp ape…nak mrh ke..i diam..but in a few hour i become emo..moody..and sometime i terfikir knp i jadi emo tetiba..then yeah…i remember…i pendam something…

    Klo dulu,i selalu luahkan kemarahan i kat blog…Kuar segala the bad word..Uncensored.. but now…masih lagi cuma dah censored la the bad word…walaupun ade kuar tapi…tak direct.. Slowly akan berubah gak..

    p/s :- Banji…u pernah tak alami perasaan seperti hurmmm how to explain it ah…Mcm everything you do mcm u pernah buat..U rasa ape u buat berulang balik…What do u call that ah??

  4. 18 Jan 08 5:53 pm

    its a click in the matrix system where the main controller is changing something in the system…
    but that was from the film matrix where keanu reeves plays the role of ‘neo’, a brilliant hackers who finally went into the rabbit hole too deep:D

    the feeling of anger does come now and then, shouting to people wont solve any problem but it will helps with your emotions. well atleast people will know that u means business.
    they wont do it again… or else the big banji will shout again near their ears till their eardrum bled. hahahah

    its normal to feel guilty after scolding someone, but always say this to yourself :
    ‘he deserves it’

    hummm tracking emotions… sorry bro:D da pocket dont feel dat laa… heheh when i’m bugged, i’ll feel like slapping. n then after a few slap… i’ll feel as normal as i can.
    if i dont get to slap… i’ll forget the whole incidents right away:D

  5. banji
    18 Jan 08 10:10 pm

    aRa – selalunya begitulah, puncanya ialah sebab pendamkan masalah. mcm sy, kdg2 marah.. tapi setakat ni boleh lagi channelkan amarah tu cara yg baik, nyembang dgn the mrs, curse sket.. (selalunya stupid je) takde la sampai mencarut2 hehe

    DaPocket betul, perasaan tu nama dejavu, banyak teori ttg dejavu ni tapi satu yg paling boleh terima, ialah otak kita terima msg delay, meaning ada double data transfer 🙂 ntah betul ntah idak, tak ingat lak source dia.

  6. banji
    18 Jan 08 10:15 pm

    DaPocket – wow u memorize the script is it? must be a die hard fan then 🙂

    Letting your anger out will definitely relieve some of the building emotion inside. I agree on that. But I also believe some level of moderation should be applied to prevent us from doing something we regret later.

    hm by slap, you mean sleep right? 🙂

  7. filantera
    19 Jan 08 11:18 am

    wah lambat sikit reply……

    mmmmm i ve read somewhere,

    a healthy mind, is a mind, that accept hateness and madness

    we are normal people, sometimes , its ok for people to mad at us, to hate us. takper, ko benci haku, takper, i am fine……… need to mend it.

    because feeling is private stuff, we cant how others feel about us.

    but yeah, we should improve ourself laa takkan nak suma org benci kita

    think it this way, Rasulullah pun dibenci kafir. itu semulia mulia manusia penah wujud tu, inikan lak kita:D

    to the things we cant change, ask Allah for help, and talk it out loud. or write it out.

    thanks to my experience, i found out kucing is one of the best listener hahaha

  8. banji
    19 Jan 08 6:07 pm

    filantera – That’s a good quote “Sedangkan Rasulullah semulia2 manusia pun dibenci orang”.. apa sgt lah kita ni kan?

    seriously a very good quote 🙂

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