Summary – Identifying the productivity layers of the mind

I just reached home after a 4-hour drive to Kuala Lumpur to bring my mother over. She has an appointment with the doctors here tomorrow. So tired.. I have a question though, and I’m going to make it short (since I’m writing this with my left eye sleeping)

Is it me, or does everyone’s mind wander off at the wildest form during driving. When I am driving, I am in full control of the car, identifying dangers ahead, abiding with the traffic law (almost all of them hehe). In fact anyone seeing me drive will think that I am a very focus driver.

The truth is, my mind is doing other thing as well, Most often I’m processing blog’s future article. This 4-hour drive itself resulted in about 6-7 interesting topics, and countless dull topics 🙂

So the question – why do you think our mind is very productive when driving

I have a theory

As we all know, the mind has so many layers. It’s just like we surf multiple website in the same time. We open a lot of browser. One for each site.

The mind is very similar to that. There will always be that layer of background music. I know you are hearing it this very moment, am I right? There will be another that possibly is designing a new tagline for the blog. Etc.

So what’s can you possibly benefit from this theory?

Aha! I theorize, that there will always be one layer which is the catalyst for your whole creativity and productivity. The thing you do that will help in promoting creativity. Some people write blog entries while finger-drumming unknown song, some while listening to songs and some like me, while driving.

For the finger-drumming guys, there will keep doing that when they are stuck or run out of an idea, not long after, they usually will be back in business.

Identify which is your productivity layer… and you will know exactly how to extract ideas from your infinite pool of creativity.

Disclaimer – Driving is very dangerous if you are not alert or focus. I’m not by any means promoting daydreaming while driving.

– I wonder –
What do you usually do when you are squeezing ideas from your head? What’s you productivity layer?

————- Personal Note ————–
My mother’s BP is now at 130/90. However I bet when she sees the doctor tomorrow, it will be recorded higher. She’s so nervous seeing doctors.

🙂 I really am tired, but somehow writing this post.. I just couldn’t stop until I am satisfied with it. I’m loving blogging more and more each day. Hopefully you are happy reading as I am writing them

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  1. 24 Jan 08 1:17 pm

    Salam to banji… Appreciate your mom while she is here…Anyway,,keep blogging..hehehe

  2. banji
    24 Jan 08 11:49 pm

    shakirah – thanx shakirah, Alhamdulillah now she is quite ok, the bp is still relatively high at 150/90, still need a lot of work

    Thanx again for the support 🙂

  3. intan
    25 Jan 08 1:50 am

    takpe, turun slow2.. drastic sgt pun xbagus nnti die rasa tk sedap pulak. huhu.

    driving eh? dunno if its the layer or not but i tend to shape my mouth when i work. like, biting my lips, or spouting. hihi.

    yeah i enjoy reading ur blog 🙂

  4. 25 Jan 08 11:36 am

    So far…not yet learn how to drive…so tarak tau la what i’ll think masa driving..tapi di mata penumpang la..erk…di otak…i usually think what would happen if i dah smpi destinasi…Recall back all yg dah plan kat rmh to make sure smua berjalan dgn lancar..
    Productivity layer??? gigit kuku kot..and mostly watch tv or listen to music…

  5. banji
    25 Jan 08 4:02 pm

    intan – hehe spouting? memuncungkan mulut ke? sure boleh ikat tu… hm thanx intan for the support. seronok dengar bila ada org yg enjoy the post.. tapi skrg dah blogging in private ye?

    aRa – a planner 🙂 ok jugak le merancang apa nak dibuat, dari terus terusan tido. very demotivating to the driver. gigit kuku? hmmm I used to do that, sampai satu masa rasa mcm out of control sgt. sampai takde satu pun yg panjang heheh kena berenti la time tu

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