My Uncle's Car Involved In Accident

Summary – Is It Worth It?

Did I tell you I’m going back to Kedah (my hometown) this evening for DaPocket’s wedding. It’ll be a long drive of about 600km.

This time around, especially with the Chinese New Year around the corner, there will usually be an increase rate of accidents throughout the country. I however think that there are 4 words that if applied during driving, the risk of getting into an accidents will reduced drastically.

The words are – Is It Worth It?

Whenever you are tempted to race with another driver, say it out loud – Is it worth it? Is it worth it to be declared a winner in that dull race while there’s a possibility of being killed?

You are feeling extremely sleepy while driving. You have a choice whether to continue driving or pull over and sleep for a while. Is it really worth it to reach home 20 minutes earlier when you most probably will pass out driving and hit a pedestrian.

For motorcyclist, it is always more comfortable not wearing a helmet. But ask yourself, is it worth it to fall into a coma after the accident for the sake of 30 minutes of comfortability?

The fact is despite all our effort, road accidents still happen around the world. I”m sure everyone involved know the danger of accident but it still happen. Why?

My theory is each person must find their very own method on how to keep themselves safe. Mine is these 4 words.

– I wonder –
What’s yours?

———– Personal Note ————–
After work today, around 5pm, I will start my journey back home. I will be on leave from work until 12th. Not that I’m celebrating the new year. It is actually for preparing for DaPocket’s wedding.

Anyone in Kedah, that time?

* Kedah is the northern state of Malaysia 

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  1. filantera`
    05 Feb 08 8:11 am

    have a safe journey home bro, we will wait for ya!:D

    another tips, be prepared……all! mind car health…………………..

  2. 05 Feb 08 12:04 pm

    drive safely bro banji! kim slm dgn DaPocket ek? erk– mcm la yanz kenal.. hihi.. hepi holiday!

  3. 05 Feb 08 2:06 pm

    Good one!

  4. 05 Feb 08 2:27 pm

    my 4 words are:

    biar lambat asalkan selamat 🙂

  5. 05 Feb 08 3:13 pm

    Run for Your Life!!! ( another 4 words)

    Hati-Hati Di Jalan Raya

  6. 05 Feb 08 5:27 pm

    my four words is….
    waiting for u bro:D

    have a safe flight, n go easy on the Tongkat Ali Cafe^^;

  7. 06 Feb 08 1:06 pm

    filantera – hehe can only reply this when I’m already there (i mean here at home)

    Thanx for adding to the point, we can be as careful as we can, but when the car is in a terrible condition, there’s no guarantee of a safe journey. so yes, mind the car’s health

    yanz – salam disampaikan 🙂 tak kenal face to face pun takpe, kenal blogger wise dah lebih dari cukup

    3POINT8 – thanx, welcome to the blog 🙂

    haan – a classic but one of the most effective, easy to remember hehe, welcome to the blog haan

    xalimx – hahah funny 🙂 especially useful for pedestrian of course. Also, welcome to the blog, hope to see you again here

    DaPocket – alhamdulillah safely arrived, although I have no idea when you reached home. fainted immediately 🙂

  8. 08 Feb 08 2:18 pm

    By the time i comment this..u’ll be bz at DaPocket weeding…Agagagaga…

    So my wish semoga selamat balik nnt yek.. 🙂

    My 4 word(walaupun tak reti drive)
    Look At People Driving..

  9. banji
    09 Feb 08 2:47 am

    aRa – just don’t look at them without blinking 🙂 that’s creepy

    One of the skills needed while driving is to predict and assess any risk or danger hundreds of meters in front. We can be the most careful person in the world and still we can be involved in an accident because some other people may cause the accident..

    isn’t it this year’s resolution for you to take up driving license? 🙂 just cook your parents a delicious dinner and pop the question eheh

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