Summary – Trying Out New Option Requires Responsibility

One of the most frequently used word of advice from my manager is the words “You Never Know Unless You Try”. This is actually one of the oldest advice in the world, and maybe one of the wisest. But like all powerful things, if not used right, it will become a danger. Please allow me to elaborate on this.

First of all, why is the advice useful? It is because, sometimes we are given a choice like whether to pursue a dream that may not have a future, or do something we despise but guaranteed a future. The keyword is the word “MAY”. We can never know exactly that our dream will have no future. So unless we try, we will just never know.

This is where the danger lies. We can and should never try out everything. Life is full of option. If we want to try out everything, for the sake of “trying itout first then we will know”, we will have a very unstable life. Imagine a student studying mathematics. He actually love everything about the subject, but in the spirit of trying, he drop the subject and start his own business. This may be a good thing, but it turns out, he really dislike doing business in the first place. So that is an example of why sometimes we shouldn’t try everything

Trying in another word is making a decision to do the thing. You will have to be very sure that whether or not you are successful, the choice made is worth doing before you make the leap. You don’t have to be 100% sure. The question you really need to ask is whether that choice is really worth it. If it is, by all means, try it.

you will never know unless you tried, but.. use your wisdom wisely

– I Wonder –
Have you ever made any regretable choice?

———- Personal Note ————
Again, I must stress that it is not my intention to discourage you from trying things out. This is the very foundation of living life.

The article is just to highlight the other side of the equation, to never be stupidly brave to try everything

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  1. 01 Mar 08 6:21 am

    well, dat would be just the same as people who tried smoking and ends up addicted to it.
    Stupidly trying without understanding the consequences.

    And for us muslim we should’nt even try taking alcohol. cause if u ends up addicted to it. it’ll be hell a lot more damage to u, your family and everybody u luv.

    dontcha think so?

    but u have a friend who prohibit himself from drinking milo. just because he dont want to like drinking milo.
    Now that’s totally different thing.

  2. 01 Mar 08 12:21 pm

    it’s not wrong if we want to try something new, but think firstla kan.
    macam suddenly a student who is madly in love wants to get married despite of his/her condition as a student.
    the good thing is, dapat elak maksiat.
    but on the negative part, s/he’ll held a lot more of responsibility that may effect his/her study.
    Choices is always there, but we have mind to think back what’ll probably be the consequences of the act.
    And once you choose the path, there’s no gerenti for you to turn back.
    So the moral of the story; pikir bebaik dulu sblm buat keputusan. tanya kawan, family dan diri sendiri sama ada perkara itu yg paling baik atau tak 🙂

  3. banji
    01 Mar 08 9:55 pm

    DaPocket – smoking and drinking are the better examples 🙂 Almost everyone that’s tried it will regret it sooner or later.

    hm I’m curious though about the Milo example. True story?

    azuwachan – I totally agree with you on that. Marriage while you are studying requires a lot of thinking to do. In the end, the whole reason we are there is to study.

    Not that marriage is to be avoided. It’s just like you said, when married the responsibility of the two will just increase.

    Thanx for sharing the point azuwachan

  4. filantera`
    03 Mar 08 8:52 am

    quotes from “fast and furious: tokyo drift”

    “life is about makin choices………and living with it”

  5. amirahsyuhada
    04 Mar 08 12:34 am

    i am taking a one year course of TESL now, and sometimes i regret it. It can be my biggest mistake, but if i swallow it slowly and pray for a better future, then only ALLAH knows what will happen to me.

  6. banji
    04 Mar 08 6:16 pm

    filantera – making choices without any process of thinking is very dangerous. Need some thinking or maybe refer to established experience result or ultimately your principles and religion

    amirahsyuhada – Don’t worry about the future too much, just focus on what we can gain now. As long as you make a positive choice, irregardless of what it is, usually something more positive will come as the result.

    negative choice includes smoking, befriending gangsters etc..

    You will make a great English teacher. I can see it in your blog 🙂

  7. 05 Mar 08 12:33 am

    hurmmmm…until now i nyesal tak p interview keja last year yg di offer…it was last year…around 8 month ago…and i do regret tak belajar bw keta masa kat Labuan dulu…and i nyesal tak balajar btl² dulu…wah…byk nye nyesal…but life goes on…learn from mistake…

  8. banji
    05 Mar 08 7:04 pm

    aRa – That’s the better thing to do, learn from mistake. kalau dulu tak p interview, skrg kena cuba nail every interview yg dapat. at least you’ll improve your interview skill.

    tak belajar bawa keta, hm mungkin boleh start sikit2.. overcome fobia tu dulu 🙂 jalan2 depan rumah ke. nanti bila dah ade duit sket utk belajar, boleh terus lulus

    tak belajar sungguh2, hm rasanya ara bukan berseorangan, rasanya confidently boleh cakap yg 80% org yg belajar tak sungguh2, dan rasa boleh buat better.. what we can do, is to try to utilize what we have now

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