Summary – Never base your decision on emotion

Let’s assume you found a wallet. Inside there’s about $1000 and an identity card. You will be able to return the wallet to the owner with the address attached to the identity card.

There’s a catch anyway. You actually knew the owner. The owner is actually one of your sworn nemesis or enemy. He is an actual bad person, always calling you names, and always hurt your feeling by making fun of you.

Will you still return the wallet to your enemy?

The right thing to do is of course to return the wallet to the owner, irregardless of how bad he is. That’s the way we actually have to practice.

When given a choice, always do the right thing and never let emotion cloud your mind.

Today, here in Malaysia, everyone is talking about one thing – The General Election. For those who votes, you will be facing choices, between two or more opposing political parties. What ever your choice will be, please do one thing.

Never let emotion lead your decision. You by now should have your principle on the matter. Follow that principles.

People will always be people. They will annoy other people, and talk behind everyone’s back about other people. Usually on the bad side of things. Why should you let this interfere with your judgment? Discard these gossips and make the right choice based on your principles.

Come to think of it, even though there is no election going on, we should never base our decision on emotion. Don’t you think?

——— Personal Note ———
I will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur immediately after I cast my vote. Tomorrow I will start working and apparently a lot of projects to oversee.

For my Malaysian friends, happy voting!

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  1. 08 Mar 08 2:17 pm

    Sworn enemy??
    ehehehe…..still doesn’t change the fact that i’m gonna make him go away him. The $1000 will come in handy for that.

    The same as what i’ll do to my own body bacterias. Right thing to do: Preserve good bacterias, Kill off bad bacterias.

    And when it comes to people….
    *replace bacterias with people in the quote above*

  2. banji
    08 Mar 08 11:53 pm

    3POINT8 – 🙂 I definitely will try to avoid being your sworn enemy then

  3. 09 Mar 08 12:31 pm

    Frust la tak sempat nak balik ngundi….uwaaaaaaaa

  4. 09 Mar 08 8:38 pm

    denan – patutnya ngundi kt mana cikgu?

  5. filantera`
    10 Mar 08 12:31 pm

    i think for voting, we have to look at it in other way kut

    we know a man, who is not so good man, always make fun of others, always claim he is the best, make false promises, seek help in a very rude way, back stabbing, unite with enemy when in desperate, stole money to give to his family,

    then we are having one great expensive car, and we have to leave the responsible on taking care of it with someone , shud we pick him?

  6. banji
    11 Mar 08 12:01 am

    filantera – oops you lost me there filantera. do you meaning to say that the other person has an expensive car? hm sorry care to clarify what you mean?

    I guess what I’m trying to highlight, is to never vote just for the sake of emotion. meaning, if all the supporter of Group A are doing all kind of bad things on you, you should not avenge by voting Group B

  7. filantera`
    11 Mar 08 8:34 am


    its like, if we have an expensive car, and we want (have) to leave it other people’s hands. so choose wisely while considering all the factors………….

  8. banji
    11 Mar 08 8:38 pm

    filantera – I see 🙂 good point. It’s true, whenever we want to need to trust somebody with something, we will need somebody trustworthy.

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