Summary – 10 things students need to say to themselves

We all have been there. The life in which all you should do is actually study study study. It a strange new world where every problem seems to be the most critical problem on earth. And every seconds seem like torture but when you think about it, it was the best time of your life.

However in this life (student life), you will faced some of the most challenging task in life. Hopefully these words will help you cope with the situation.

Listed below are 10 of the most common situation faced by students. And of course its corresponding responses. Just say it out loud when you are stuck in that situation.

When you are feeling lazy to study

  • If I don’t study now, I will have to do it later. At least now.. I will have more time and can study with minimum concentration

When you are doing something else besides studying

  • This isn’t helping

When you fail an exam

  • Wow.. failure sucks. Now where exactly can I improve

When you succeed

  • I will definitely remember this feeling. Now where exactly did I do right?

When you are shy to ask questions in the classroom

  • Years from now, I most probably won’t meet these people again my entire life. What they think won’t matter then, and should not matter now.

When you have that butterfly in your stomach just before the exam

  • I’ve done what I can, and I shall fail or succeed entirely up to my preparation. Nothing else. So get off me you silly butterfly

When you are so busy with your study, it overwhelm you.

  • Stop right there.. Breathe. Let me do this one at a time. In the end, everything will be done.

When you have so much free time

  • This is not supposed to happen. Either I am extremely efficient or I’m missing 2 or 3 classes

When you think you just can’t study anymore.

  • I better rest. There is no such thing as information overload, it’s just that I’m tired. My brain is better than this.

When you have so many problems, you think your head is going to explode

  • Millions of galaxy, each with millions of stars, each possibly with a series of planet orbitting, and assuming one of the planet may have millions of people like earth, that will total up to almost infinite amount of people, each with their very own problem. How can my problem be any bigger than this.

/end list

– I wonder –
Any other situation I might miss?

——— Personal Note ———-
I think you would agree that distraction work at its most efficiency during studying time. Suddenly there’s your favorite songs playing in the radio, or friends coming to chat. I’m not sure why, maybe because deep down we always prefer to do other things besides studying.

During my time, my only distraction is Internet Relay Chat (IRC). I actually almost fail one of my subject due to this. Anyway I learnt my lesson the hard way ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. 31 Mar 08 11:51 am

    oooooo yess.. failure in certain subject mmg sucks bro! terus tensi.. haha..

  2. 31 Mar 08 5:50 pm

    chezzy cheese – mmg tensi ๐Ÿ™‚ haha ( org yg pernah fail je boleh turut gelak ketawa)

  3. 31 Mar 08 9:04 pm

    huhu.. mmg tepat abg banji buat mende alah ni, dahla tgh exam week nih.
    anyway, I do question myself whenever I feel lazy, not in study mood, and so on.
    What I always do is I’ll switch my place, like kalo tgh duduk kat kerusi tu, tukar ke bawah lantai ke, open up the book and look into it. Then try to get the focus and read.
    The thing is how to start. Tu yg paling susah, huhu.. But once you start the reading, it’ll be ok ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. banji
    31 Mar 08 10:15 pm

    azuwachan – exam week ke? good luck kay

    switching place.. that’s a good idea, I believe you know that in Islam, we are encourage to change places when we are angry. Maybe somehow changing place can help us renew our mood.

  5. 02 Apr 08 9:50 pm

    bah, I am quite used to flunking my math…

  6. banji
    04 Apr 08 10:17 am

    Joel – ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 04 Apr 08 11:00 am

    Nice tips, can be applied for blogging as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just change “study” to “blog” etc.

  8. banji
    05 Apr 08 12:24 am

    Deimos Tel`Arin – interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos for noticing

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  10. Devraj
    22 Mar 17 2:52 am

    this is nice tips…
    i improved myself
    ..i managed the เคกเคฎเคฐเฅ‚ subject maths..

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