Seeing your other you

Summary – Assignment : How to relate imagination and problem solving

I have an assignment for you. It is really up to you whether you want to try it or not. But I really hope that you do. You can even do it in your free time. And you don’t need to write a feedback for me in the comment section. Even though I really appreciate those who do 🙂

The assignment is for you to use your imagination. Imagine you are now standing a few metres away from where you are now. And you are looking at yourself reading this article. It can actually be anything you are doing, not specifically reading the article.

For example, maybe you are jogging. Imagine you are looking at a person jogging and that person is you. Look at every step he (you) took, the facial expression, the bad hair, everything..

What will be the first thing in your mind?

This is one of the skill in life that very few of us possess. And believe me that this skill alone can solve almost any problem you have. In some cases, it may even save marriages

However, please forgive me but I will only explain in details about the skill tomorrow. I now open the floor for everyone to figure out, how imagining seeing yourself from a third point of view will possibly help save marriages.

There is no right or wrong answer. Your interpretation of the assignment may open up more ideas from others. So comment away…

I’m looking forward to hear your ideas

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  1. 02 Apr 08 9:46 am


  2. 03 Apr 08 9:25 pm

    now i know this would be irrelevant but …
    its because people want to see themself from third point of view that they start to taking vdo of themself doing ‘it’
    n when the vdo falls into the wrong hands…
    hell breaks loose.

    hahahah… irrelevant isnt it?
    sorry (_ _)

  3. banji
    04 Apr 08 10:15 am

    arsaili – 🙂

    DaPocket – hehe if people are dumb enough to record, be prepared for it to be watched by other people. it’s just like the old saying, don’t build your house near the beach, if you don’t want to get hit with tsunami once in a while

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