It’s 2 am and I just got home from the hospital. As you probably know, the mrs is now in her 8 month of pregnancy. Yesterday (That’s “just now” for me when I wrote this), the unborn baby had made very few movement, and according to the doctors, I should bring her immediately to the hospital if the total number of movement is less than 10 in 12 hours.

So I brought her to the hospital, and after a lengthy checkup, the little one started kicking again.. I can now smile again 🙂 Only God knows how worried I was.

Anyway, forgive me for not able to write up a post for the day. Very tired, and can’t think that straight anyway. Good night everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow

p.s. I still owe you an explanation of the assignment given. No worry 🙂

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  1. 04 Apr 08 9:53 am

    fuhhhh.. i hope every doing fine ur dearie mrs, bro banji.. insyallah.. and yesss, i cant wait nak dgr bro banji jd daddy ni.. yay!

  2. banji
    04 Apr 08 10:35 am

    chezzycheese – alhamdulillah, so far so good… Both excited and afraid at the same time 🙂

  3. 04 Apr 08 12:12 pm

    Lol, congratulations on being a soon-to-be father. That stinks that you had no sleep. I know how you feel, my friend broke his mailbox, so we had to fix it today. Very tiring.

  4. banji
    05 Apr 08 12:22 am

    Evan – broke his mailbox? did he accidentally run it over with his car? 🙂 thanx for the wishes

  5. 05 Apr 08 3:08 pm

    Banji…i just know…How’s mrs now??? Baby??? Lama tak jenguk cni…Byk article dah ketinggalan…I terkezut gak masa baca “recently written” yg apology…

    so,due date bila??

  6. banji
    05 Apr 08 10:20 pm

    aRa – Alhamdulillah dah ok, ari tu baby kurang gerak. sepatutnya 10 kali dalam 12 jam, tapi tak banyak sgt, risau gak takut lemas ke apa.

    due date insyaAllah bulan 5 ni 🙂 doa2kan ye

  7. 06 Apr 08 11:45 am

    Haha no man, he jumped on it while we were playing football, and it just fell over.

  8. 06 Apr 08 11:43 pm

    Evan – Fortunately he’s ok. Even though I have a feeling that maybe it was you who jumped on it 🙂

    Just kidding

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