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Anybody here actually hate their job say “Yes” 🙂 I know the feeling. The fact is we are not hating the job every single day. It’s just that on some days, the idea of quitting our job and do our dream job can comes to mind. And it is tempting.

But a job is still a job. Who’s to say that when we quit and do our dream job, we will not suffer the same hate feeling sooner or later. So what we can do is to try to find a way to be in love with what job we are having now.

This is what I do.

I searched my heart for the one thing that I really enjoy. One that I can do 24 hours a day without realizing it’s already 24 hours.

Upon checking, I realize that one of the things that I enjoy is playing games. Not any kind of games, specifically Role Playing Game. For those who has no idea of role playing game, it is basically a game where you play a character in the game. And you start with a mission for your ultimate goals and as the story folds you encounter a lot of adventure, mini mission, upgrade level etc.

Still clueless? No problem. Let me explain further. When I’m bored or starting to dislike working, I will imagine that I am the character in the game. And that with completing all the mini task, I am gaining experience point. I can actually see the point being added (Of course in my imagination)

Sometimes I was assigned by my manager to negotiate with the worker’s union on some matters. I quickly get into my game mode. And with every successful negotiation, I imagine 1 point of Communication Skill is added to my stats 🙂 I’m sure those who play RPG game will understand.

I don’t know about you, but this alone will help me get through some tough day.

You too can do just the same. If the thing you enjoy the most is gardening, and you’re working as human resource manager. Try imagining your workers are like plant. You need to give them attention and all the right nutrition for them to grow. When they do grow into a more efficient worker, take the time to enjoy your success.

– Disclaimer –
This method may not work for everyone. But try away, maybe you can further expand it to cater yours 🙂

– I wonder –
What are the thing you enjoyed the most? The thing that you will lose track of time the minute you started on it.

———- Personal Note ———-
I have to make it clear that I don’t hate my job. It’s just sometimes, I feel like quiting my job and maybe start blogging professionally. 🙂 Anyone hiring?

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  1. 08 Apr 08 4:01 pm

    Used to hate my job, can’t hate my job now since I am working for my dad. 😀

    Life itself is one massively multiplayer online role playing game, you only have one life, play it well. 🙂

    Well, if Buddhism is thrown in, you have many lives as long as you do not attain enlightenment. :p

    However, you will respawn again as a level 1 newbie each time your current life is ended! 😀

  2. banji
    08 Apr 08 10:09 pm

    Deimos Tel`Arin – Wow.. working with your dad, congrats! any vacancy?

    I like that MMORPG metaphore. some people just keep looking for money, while in the end, they still don’t know what to do with it. Some are just clueless. 🙂

    However, unfortunately for me, I haven’t had any opportunity to try playing one. since my internet connection is still tortoise speed 🙂

  3. 08 Apr 08 10:59 pm

    I’m a level 48 Palladin in my World Of Warcraft, everytime i’m dead, i’ll be resurrected to the nearby graveyard.

    kinda good approach on the RPG mode banji. then u’ll appreciate every task u’ve been given.

    n by knowing that u’ll get new skill point everytime a task is completed would make u appreciate it even more.

    mama will be level 51 soon. how?

  4. 08 Apr 08 11:20 pm

    LOL. This is the first time I’ve heard of these kind of approach.
    Hmm…I love to sleep. Lets see, how should I incorporate sleeping to my job?
    *thinks real hard*

  5. banji
    09 Apr 08 3:30 pm

    DaPocket – That’s the whole idea. In a way we really are playing our very own role playing game, but there is no resurrection or save option for us.

    And yes mama will be level 51 soon, I’m bringing her out for some nice dinner tonight 🙂 We’ll set another celebration later in Kedah kay..

    3POINT8 – if only you know what it is about sleeping that you love, maybe I will be able to suggest something eheh

    but since we don’t actually realize what we felt when we asleep. There’s no way we can put it into work in our daily jobs

    When you found the answer, please share it with us kay…

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