Summary – 20% of controlling power is better than 0%

If you were given a choice of a super power, what power would you choose?

I watched an interesting movie not very recently “Next” played by Nicholas Cage. I am more interested in his power though. He can actually see 2 minutes into the future.

Don’t think about it too much. you might get headache. Enough to say that he know exactly what will happen to him. And thus he know exactly the right action to do. He can even dodge bullets after bullets as if he were dancing.

In a way, we can apply this power in our life. Are you ready to learn it?

All we need to do is that everytime the minute-hand of our clock strike the number twelve, try to spend 30 seconds and plan what to do in the next 60 minutes.

But first, we will need to know what exactly we want from our time. If for example, you life goal is to earn more money, then ask yourself, what can you do in the next one hour that will help you make money.

Even if you are not doing anything you planned, keep practising it. You will slowly have a more goal-oriented mind each day. And this will help you achieve more from your time.

There’s no need to write what you’re doing. We actually want our life goal to be embedded deep in our subconscious mind. Trust me, the problem with this is commitment. In time, you will start forgetting to practise it, or you find it not practical. Don’t let this stop you. Keep practising it. The whole point is as previously mentioned, to embed it in our subconcious mind.

It will be more effective though if you actually do what you plan.

Tada! Now you have the power to see one hour into your future. Keep doing this, you should be able to see you entire future 🙂

You may not be able to control 100% of your future, but you are now controlling 20% of it, far better than the 0% you did previously, don’t you agree?

– I wonder –
How many of us actually plan what to do tomorrow before we go to bed?

——– Personal Note ——–
Believe it or not, one of my most played game during my childhood is a game called “Main-main”. A direct translation would be “The Game”. Filantera and DaPocket can verify this. I believe we invented the game ourselves.

At the start of the game, everyone would choose a superpower, and we would then start telling stories of how we got the power, or what good deed we were doing. It’s very imaginative. However, most of the time it went pretty much the same way, with secret identity exposed, getting the girls, bad guy loses, become wealthy etc 🙂

Good times good times

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  1. filantera`
    15 Apr 08 8:31 am

    the game, i wonder whether others would enjoy the game or not:P

    btw, i myself is a very bad planner…hehehe sometime i just wish my day go through without doing anything!

    shud wake up from this sleep in comforting zone i think!

  2. 15 Apr 08 1:32 pm

    yeah!! I’m totally agreed with you.
    the fact is that I’m now in 2 week vacation, so what you say is totally right!
    I do plan what to do during this holiday, but maybe it’s my low commitment that hold the plan from going well.
    I must start today, I guess. So wish me luck, aite!!

  3. 15 Apr 08 9:51 pm

    i hate the film banji, simply because the ending is soooooo the mengganggu (Disturbing)

    but he actually know what happen in the next two minutes, n i especially like the scene where he actually trail run all his option… huhuuuu.. if we can in any way to trial run our option. kan ker besh…

    Yup…am totally missing ‘the game’ .
    cant play it with the wife cause…
    it’ll change into ‘future discussion’… wahahahah

  4. banji
    16 Apr 08 12:08 am

    filantera – Maybe others can play too, but they will need to understand the game in the first place.

    I am too still learning to become more organized. It is hard work.. really. Let’s

    azuwachan – Happy holiday azuwachan! so what’s your plan for the 2 weeks? I hope a large portion of it will be resting 🙂

    DaPocket – I can see how you hated the movie. 🙂 the ending can be disappointing for some. I just like how atypical it is and of course the idea of such power

    Hm I guess that game is meant only for us at one digit age

  5. belladonna
    16 Apr 08 11:04 pm

    Banji, tadi aku plan order McD.. after 60 minutes masih tak sampai 🙁

    Kalau camni, aku nak power macam Jumperlah.. hehe

  6. 17 Apr 08 7:38 pm

    belladonna – eheh kucar kacir sgt le jumper tu, laju sgt. kalau mcm energize startrek slow lah sket 🙂

    order kenduri kahwin ke sampai sejam lebih tu?

  7. Corbin
    12 Feb 12 5:02 am

    First off the power you are talking about is foresite and I do have it and you cant learn foresite you have to be born with it. Ive been seeing things sense I was 4 and now im 13. Ask yourself this “Have I ever seen or heard or even thougt about something then it happens” If thats never happend then you cant see the future or change it and if you dont beleive me just because im 13. Go ahead waste your life trying to do it but you cant.

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