Here’s the tricky part. Some part of the world call the game football, while another part call it soccer. To be fair, I’m going to use the word used in Malaysia which is football. Just to be clear, I’m referring to this.

Why I’m writing about football, when I am actually not a good player to boast? I watched a match yesterday on TV and these ideas just hit me. There’s so many things we can learn from football.

1) Only one aim – The Goal
Each team has only one aim in mind, which is to move the ball to the oposing team’s goal area.

Everything the player did from the start of the game to the end is aimed to do this. You will not find a player just squat down and admire the ball’s roundness.

We should follow this example. Figure out our goals in life. And make sure everything we do will get us closer to that goal

2) Own goal happened – life goes on
Sometimes the player accidentally kicks the ball into his own goal. A lot of people will be frustrated especially his team. Does the game stop to give time for the player to mourn? No

In our life, we are bound to make mistakes here and there. Some mistakes maybe critical and some may not. What ever it is, don’t spend too much time mourning it, shake it off and move on. Time waits for no one.

3) Referee solves issues
Just imagine a match without the referee. I don’t think the game will last 2 minutes without a fight. In a case of foul play, both team will never admit their team is wrong. They will fight and in the end, nobody will win the game.

Sometimes, we also will face crisis. A problem where each party will have different opinion. Neither opinion is wrong but still we insist that everyone follows our opinion. In these cases, it is better to assign a third party decider. Everyone must agree to follow what that referee decide. This is because having a decision is always better than no decision at all.

4) The tougher the opponent, the sweeter the victory
Assuming you are a national player, would you play against the kindergarten football team? No? Me too. The victory if any, will be meaningless. unless of course you are playing with your children 🙂

Never expect life to be easy. It’s not. It is full of difficulties and problems any way you look at it. However it is these difficulties and problems that will make life worth living. When you know you earn your life

So whenever you are stuck with a problem. face it like a warrior and if you survive, enjoy your victory

– I wonder –
Any other lesson we can extract from the game?

———— Personal Note ————
I am not very good at playing football. That fact had been tested many times and it always end with the same result. One of the game that I am good with is Sepakraga. Apparently there is no Wikipedia explanation of Sepakraga, however you can watch the video of the game.

can I ask what game you are good at?

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  1. filantera`
    22 Apr 08 8:39 am

    nice one banji!! though our fam are known to be kaki bangku hehehehe .

    mmmmmmm like the final part most. some how it just wake me up!!!:D

  2. 22 Apr 08 11:23 pm

    filantera – yup.. a known fact in that little village 🙂 Personally that part is also what trigger me first. The warrior inside hehe

  3. ruhi
    24 Apr 08 10:11 pm

    bro banji,,u are just like my husband,, can play sepakraga but not football…. i wonder why….my husband said that during school time, he spend his time more on sepakraga than football,, that’s why he dont really good playing tht true banji..? anyway,,i’ve once tried to play both(time zaman budak2 ribena)..but enjoy football more,,bcoz sepakraga hurt my head n leg he he he

  4. banji
    25 Apr 08 11:19 pm

    ruhi – I don’t know why, maybe sepakraga is more a game that easily played. of course after you have passed the pain of learning it 🙂 I actually started learning sepakraga with the shuttle cock 🙂 so kungfu like at the time

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