Summary – You can either gain speed or weep

It has been a very hectic week. And when I look at it, it was all worth it 🙂 For those who just tuned in, I was promoted to being a father on the 27th May.

One thing that I noticed is that a lot of my routine has been affected. I have to put aside blogging for the past few days. The same goes to other habits I’m trying to stick on like doing exercise etc. Everything get pushed behind.

Don’t you think it is very frustrating when all your habits get pushed aside? like suddenly you are forced to eat a buffet after years of dieting, or forced to rest in bed due to leg broken when you have been training for a marathon months.

Personally, I do. I find my peace everyday when I write here in LessonInLife. However, due to unavoidable reason, I have to stop writing for a few days and that sometimes make me frustrated.

This is however a very wrong approach to life. We should never be frustrated when something else come in our way. By being frustrated, people will usually take more time to return back to the original plan.

For example, a man who undergoes diet, suddenly were forced to break that diet because he’s travelling oversea and he wanted to have a taste of the local cuisine there. When he came back, he noticed he gained a few kg.

If he took the normal reaction by being frustrated, he will probably give up the diet altogether and eat even more than before. “What’s the point?”.

The best way for him to handle mishaps in habit forming is to accept that fact about him gaining a few kg, and immediately starts back his diet. Why bother cursing himself about that gained weight? It will still be there after all the frustration and curse.

Conclusion – When there were speed bump in our life, we can choose to either regain back our speed or park aside and weep. Between the two, which will get to the destination faster?

– I wonder –
What’s your most recent speed bump in life?

———– Personal Note ———–
The baby was diagnosed to have G6PD Deficiency. Which generally means she will easily get Jaundice (or the Yellow Sickness) whenever she’s in contact with certain chemicals. Alhamdulillah, as of now, her level of Jaundice is under control. We will be monitoring like a hawk 🙂

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  1. 03 Jun 08 8:22 pm

    I did weep, on the way through the journey we called life.
    I did give up hope, when I see no other way to go, no alternatives I can take.
    but in the end we forgive, and we move on. I think it’s human nature. Sometimes we should stop and weep, and then move on.
    It’s nothing wrong weeping, isn’t it?

  2. banji
    03 Jun 08 10:50 pm

    azuwachan – personally, we can do what ever we want, as long as we know when to move on and in the end act on it. There’s definitely nothing wrong with weeping then 🙂

  3. 04 Jun 08 11:21 am

    i’d rather chose to move on, but i can’t help myself from weeping. so, i did both. and of course, i move on when i finish weeping and sobbing bout the thing. haha~

    it’s pathetic, but that’s how i put colours in my life.. 🙂

    am i right, uncle?

  4. banji
    04 Jun 08 10:16 pm

    fairuzniza – it’s interesting how you perceive your reactions to the road bump as putting colours to life 🙂

    I’ve always love a new way of seeing things

  5. 05 Jun 08 5:12 am

    I especially like your title and your conclusion. Everything in between makes you ponder how you handle change in your own life. Thanks for an interesting, enlightening post.

  6. banji
    05 Jun 08 9:14 pm

    ssgreylord – Thank you for the motivating note 🙂 Apreciate it

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