Summary – Start with a small win
A typical morning, I was waking up when I heard this conversation in my head (Not in an insane kind of way)

Willpower – OK you need to wake up now
Lazybone – What? now? I still want to see the ending of the dream.
Willpower – But you are going to be late.
Lazybone – Will you please just shut up?
Willpower – erk OK

/end conversation

Of course the conversation is made up. But have you ever had similar experience? Where the problem with your productivity is not due to procrastination but because of your weak willpower.

Some may call it discipline, but the fact is the stronger your willpower, the more likely you will be able to finish up your work and do what’s necessary. So how do you strengthen this willpower to withstand any temptation that may come?

Let him win the small battle
Willpower is really just a part of us, just like our muscle. If we didn’t do any exercises, it will become weaker. Period. However if we immediately start with intense exercise after a long rest, it will not be stronger, it will be painful instead. So start small.

Exercise your willpower by letting him win some easy round.

1) It’s never easy. Before anything, we need to establish that it’s never easy to overcome temptation or procrastination. It’s not impossible though. Once you understand this, you will know that it will take a lot of effort to win the war. And that itself will strengthen your willpower tremendously.

2) 1 minute timer. Set your timer in your cellphone for 1 minute to rest during working. Enjoy that 1 minute and when it’s up, straight away continue working. This will be his first victory.

3) You’re the boss. How about saying this exact word everytime you sense your willpower is about to be defeated. Just imagine he’s really the boss of you.

Some may not like being bossed around, but who else would be a better boss if not the best part of you – willpower

4) Start the tough war. It’s easier to let willpower win when we really enjoy what he is asking us to do. For example, eating ice cream. For a start this may be a good idea, just to let him win a few round.

But we will need to step up a bit by start winning some tougher rounds. Maybe you don’t want to go to work or washing your car. Win this. And your willpower will immediately be stronger.

5) Never negotiate. Temptation being a temptation, is tricky with words. They know exactly how to manipulate you into letting them win. Try not to negotiate. An example of negotiating is “Ok, I will wash the dishes, but afterward I’m going to play PS2 for the entire night”. You see what they’re doing? 🙂

This kind of winning will never strengthen your willpower. It will only make it worse.

– I wonder –
Any other methods to strengthen our willpower?

———- Personal Note ———–
I always have fancy dream usually in the last hour of my sleep. The kind of dream that you will want to know how it ends. The most recent is how I survive being flown away by a major tornado 🙂

Photo Credit – doughkeeney

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  1. 25 Jun 08 10:10 pm

    saya selalu hadapi keadaan ni masa bersenam. bila saya found out yg bnyk baju dh x muat, semangat berkobar2 nk bersenam. tp bila bersenam, dh start penat, mulala ada suara dlm hati yg ckp “cukupla setakat ni, esok2la bersenam betul2, harini warm up je” akhirnya, seminggu penuh dgn warm up saja. 🙂 eh, ada kaitan x dgn article kali ni? hehehe

  2. 26 Jun 08 11:57 pm

    Wilda – seminggu penuh dengan warm up jauh lebih baik dari satu hari exercise all out, dan dua bulan rehat 🙂 keep it up. however small the task, just keep it up, you are one step closer than many others

  3. gaurav
    15 Mar 11 3:34 am

    How to make my will power strong

    25 Jul 12 1:45 pm

    will power is very essencial in life

  5. xxxx
    03 Oct 12 1:52 am

    thanks bro

  6. YPS Chauhan
    12 Nov 12 5:00 pm

    It is very difficult to make decisions against your temptations.I have a great temptation for video games and i always lose my will power and start playing it which wastes a lot of my precious time.Don’t know how to stop this but this article has helped me and i’m trying to win small battles first moving to tougher ones.I know it’s difficult but i will slowly get used to it and make my own daring decisions.Wish I could finally master my will power and do something remarkable in the world!

  7. Anonymous
    26 Dec 12 7:01 pm

    its depend upon ur faith

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