Summary – 5 uncommon interview tips
If you google the keywords “interview skills”, you will be presented with all the basic, which generally includes –

  • Dress sharp
  • Speak confidently
  • Research the company
  • Be polite
  • Etc

Can I suggest another few tips that may also help? 🙂

1) Talk to stranger.
Try this, get on a bus. It can be any bus. And immediately say hi to the stranger besides you. Please don’t just pick seats to flirt. The idea is not for you to flirt. It’s for you to practise your interview skill.

Expected results:

  • You are no longer afraid to speak.
  • You can generate question on the spot.

2) Redo a sketch of your favorite sitcom.
You will need the help of another fan for this. For example, you love “Friends” the sitcom. Pick one scene about 1 -2 minutes long and memorize the dialogue.

Now redo the whole scene without looking at the script. I’m very sure you will forget most of the line, so improvise. Make up your own line. It can become another story.

Expected results:

  • You should be more confident in improvising your interview script whenever necessary.
  • You will learn how to be witty with your words and make you memorable to the interviewer.

3) Go for a “mock” real interview.
Spend some time to go to a shopping mall and apply for a job there. Any job. Practise everything you have learn to get the job. You can try being very funny, or very aggresive. It shouldn’t matter if you were accepted or not, this is just for you to practise. So go crazy 🙂

Expected results:

  • You will get used to the whole interview scenario, it no longer terrifies you.
  • You can actually ask the interviewer how you can actually improve yourself.

4) Help a friend to haggle.
You have a friend, and this friend wants to buy a laptop. You should follow him and do the haggling part for him. Haggle the price until you can get what you want. After all, you have the buying power. Why not get the most out of it.

Expected results:

  • You will have more confident in discussing your salary or benefit.
  • You will learn a few tips on how to haggle.

5) Monitor people being interviewed.
Assuming you have a friend of a friend who interview people. Why not ask him to let you in in one of the interview session. You are not interviewing people, you are just going to watch how people are interviewed. Take note on what works and what’s not.

Expected results:

  • You will have an updated and real version of interview skills.
  • You will see that the interviewer is actually not that scary.

/end list

Conclusion – Being interviewed is actually not that difficult. They are not going to ask you why you fail English, or make fun of the weird society you joined. They already have all the details in your resume. What they want to see is how you behave, what’s your attitude and motivation, and most importantly how you potray yourself.

The best part is they can only see all these via the way you express yourself (listening and speaking). Concentrate on those as suggested by the 5 items above. You will do fine

– I wonder –
Any other interview tips you would like to add?

——— Personal Note ———–
I still remember my first successful interview. To tell you the truth, I was not that prepared. I didn’t research the company, I have no idea what my job scope is, and I think I was very hungry at the time. 🙂 It’s a difficult time then. I needed a job ASAP.

However I believe they accepted me to the company simply because of the following conversation that happened in the interview (written from memory)

Interviewer – So banji, do you have a girlfriend?
Banji – Yes, I do

Interviewer – I must inform you that this job will require you to be sent to Sabah and maybe Indonesia. Most girlfriends will not understand this. What would you do if you were sent there and your girlfriend doesn’t approve?

Banji – Hm I can always find a new girlfriend there 🙂
Interviewer – (Laughing out loud.. both of them)

Photo Credit – Nathan Callahan

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  1. 24 Jun 08 9:23 pm

    wahahahah!! nice answer bro:D
    i remember my first interview,
    It was an interview to get to this school but i’ve put that school as my fifth option.

    Interviewer :
    i’d say u’r not that much interested in this school.
    or else why did u put ours as your second option…

    Pocket :
    aa.. no no!! well i am!! surely, definitely,
    please take me.. am definitely interested (Fluttering)
    if i can change those,i am definitely changing those.
    can i do anything about that?

    wahahahahahah… how bad i was…
    end up signing up in that school later on that year.
    maybe they can sense the ‘desperation’ heh heh,

  2. banji
    24 Jun 08 11:49 pm

    DaPocket – of course I immediately continue with “To tell you the truth, this is not the time for me to think about settling down, I must build my career first.”

    Must properly cover the story 🙂

    Anyway, I can imagine you interview story. Can’t blame you, we were very young and very easily threatened hehe

  3. 26 Jun 08 5:32 pm

    i rmmbr masa 1st interview..
    “y u need this job”
    “4 a better prospek”
    “did u think u’r qualified”
    “yes, if not i wnt sit down here”

  4. 26 Jun 08 11:54 pm

    Kuina – hehe confident is always the best way to project yourself, of course we are applying for a post we qualified right? 🙂 nice

  5. 29 Jun 08 12:55 pm

    I like tip no#2…
    indeed its something they dun teach in the book.
    Good one!

  6. banji
    29 Jun 08 4:09 pm

    3POINT8 – I wonder what’s your fav sitcom is? 🙂

  7. 25 Aug 09 1:27 am

    Great Article! A few notes:

    #3-4) Take Notes and Retain that Knowledge: I batch these 2 together. I take an intense amount of notes (suggested by Tim Ferriss author of the Four Hour Workweek, known to have over 15,000 pages of personal insights). I then type them into a word document and organize them by subject. (I call it Basics”).

    #6) Remember the numbers of 3 people: A close relative, a close friend and a “phone book friend” – someone who knows a lot of people. (Remember the 6 degrees of separation).

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