Summary – You want something, go get it. Period!
MBBDDH is nothing new actually. It’s a negative attitude that may very well be the one thing that will bring us down irregardless of what area we are in. That I can assure you.

MBBDDH stands for “Maybe Busy, Better Don’t Disturb Him”.

Have you ever wanted to call a long lost friend but in the end, you just cancel it because you think that he may be busy, and you are only disturbing him? He may actually be wondering why nobody is calling him? In the end.. it’s everyone’s lost since the friendship is ruined.

MBBDDH is not an attitude specifically for calling long lost friend. We are actually doing that in most of the things in our life.

Example 1 – The Blackout.
The electrical supply to your house is cut off. you just leave it as it is thinking that somebody else may have called to report.

  • Result – you spend half a day without any electricity.
  • What you should do – Call the electrical company to report. They may be able to fix the trip in just a few minutes.

Example 2 – The Promotion
There’s a vacancy for a job superior than your position now. You don’t go to your manager for his recommendation, you just hope that they will know that you are qualified.

  • Result – the human resource had employed another person for the job.
  • What you should do – Get recommendation from your manager and go to human resource asking to be considered. You must promote yourself even though you consider yourself as a very popular employee 🙂

Example 3 – The Broken Heart
You like a girl, she seem to like you too. You befriend her, flirting every now and then but never officially tell her that you like her.

  • Result – After one year of being friends, she think that you just want to be her friends. And she move on with another guy.
  • What you should do – tell her that you like her.

Conclusion – I remember a quote from the movie “The Pursuit Of Happiness” which goes something like this – “If you want something, go get it. Period!”

That short sentence is one of the most effective words I’ve ever seen. When we want something, why do we let our shyness, or our fear to stand in our way. Those feeling will never help us achieve what we want, so why bother entertaining them. Toss them aside and just go ahead.

– I wonder –
Any other example of where MBBDDH attitude is used?

Photo Credit – Hamed Masoumi

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  1. filantera
    18 Jul 08 3:19 pm

    people affraid to go meet the Dr. because afraid of the medical test while they are still ‘young n healthy’………… the end, they discover the disease only when the symptoms is out………..and normally it is in the final stage already

  2. banji
    18 Jul 08 5:32 pm

    Filantera – I think I maybe one of those type. I kept postponing my appointment with the dentist and I don’t think my teeth is getting any healthier. It was suggested to see the dentist every 6 months. The last time I went is just to get my tooth out

    Thanks for reminding 🙂

  3. 19 Jul 08 2:01 am

    yup, it’s true; if you want something, go get it. Period!
    but sometimes the situation can be the challenge. For example, a girl likes a guy but due to custom which unofficially state that ‘takde perigi yang cari timba’, so she decided not to tell the guy about the feeling.
    same goes to those who wanted to continue study, but has no chance and no money to do so.
    I don’t know, but somehow I believe in chances and luck to get the thing that you wanted. not just effort 🙂

  4. banji
    19 Jul 08 1:37 pm

    Azuwachan – Girl liking a guy is very rare in Malaysian culture. Even though from an islamic perspective it shouldn’t be. Siti Khadijah proposed to our prophet. Hopefully this will gradually change in the future.

    Of course there are other factors in getting what you want. But as long as you go get it… the battle is already half won

  5. 22 Jul 08 2:30 am

    Another example would be any idea that you are passionate about but don’t make it happen- such as a new business, a spontaneous trip, or career change.

  6. banji
    22 Jul 08 4:18 pm

    Derek Ralston – True true.. an idea will always stay an idea unless we make it happen. Yes, sometimes a lot of thought must be put into it, but most of the times, all it need is just a leap of faith and see how it goes 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by Derek

  7. 23 Jul 08 9:05 am

    hai banji. lame sy tak anta comment. cume bace jek. hehe. anyway, tajuk nih caught my attention. sgt lah btol “if you want something, go get it. period!”. hmm, a guy like a girl tuh kan, how am i supposed to know that he likes the girl eh? my situation is that we’ve been friends since primary school, and beberapa bulan yg lepas kami jd rapat. he seems to be so caring towards me and always offer send me balik shah alam. and baru2 nih die bercuti kt luar negara and everyday die anta sms. kire mengupdate kan diri die la. but then, b4 this die ada bgtau he’s havig a big prob with his gf and he said he’s givin up on her cume blom bg kate putus. so sy nih tak nk dijadikan as a rebound. but i dont know. hehe. no rush bout this tapi kdg2 nk tau tp takot pulak. hehe. ape lah sy nih. tp kami mmg comfortable la ngan each other. takpe lah, saje nk tanye pendapat banji. hehe. ok banji, have a good day! =)

  8. banji
    24 Jul 08 12:15 am

    Diha – Salam Diha, apa khabar skrg? insyaAllah nanti saya buatkan satu entri khas utk jawab soalan ni. Mungkin dalam dua tiga hari lagi kay? 🙂 Terima kasih bertanya

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