Summary – Most results takes time.. It pays to be patient.

Today’s entry starts with a person. It’s Alice. And Alice was sent to a motivational speech this morning, where the speaker talked about fulfilling her life purpose and make full use of her life. The speaker equipped her with all the right tools and her motivation is at the maximum level. So high that she is walking as fast as she can just to start doing her work.

People are actually noticing the change in her pace. She is finishing up all her work, and to their surprise, she even stays up until late at night to plan the for a presentation tomorrow. Truly a super worker.

Do you know what in her colleague’s mind when they saw her working that hard? It’s sad actually, but they are actually betting that all this momentum will be over in a week, two maximum. And you know what? For a reason that I will disclose later, I actually agree with them

Why do you think this happen? Like most people, she has failed to realize one of the biggest mistake we do when we are highly motivated. Allow me to elaborate.

The Mistake – She Expect Results Immediately
Succcess is not a one day thing. Realize this fact before you even attempt to being success. Alice may be working as hard as she can but if she expect to find job satisfaction overnight, she will be disappointed.

Just like a car, when it is first invented, it is just a box with wheel going downhill. Then the inventor wants to maneuvre the car and avoid all the trees, so he invented the steering. Then maybe it rains, so he put a roof on the box. For a car to be beautifully and efficiently designed takes hundreds of years and there’s so much more areas that we can improve.

Imagine improving our life.

So take your time improving your life. Be patient, in fact be very patient. As long as you are moving forward, you will reach there. I promise

How to avoid this mistake
1) Quantify your success
This may sounds like a fancy word but it really is not. People can always say “I want to be successful”. But when we asked them to define successful, I don’t think they will know the answer.

So find your answer. What is success to you. Maybe for Alice here, her success is to get an acknowledgment from her boss that she had done good. So once she know her definition of success, she will need to work on it. Maybe producing daily summary of work done, or proactively suggest ideas in a meeting.

She will be successful when the boss recognize her or know her name.

2) Aim for little success
This is the most important solution of all. You need to wake up everyday knowing that you will somehow be achieving your success that day. Imagine you waking up to the day you will be promoted the new General Manager of the company. Wouldn’t you be excited to work and perform even better?

That’s my friend is one of the secret to sustaining motivation. Aim for the little success everyday. For example, Alice will aim today to finish a job and handed it to the boss by hand. And when she does exactly that, she has succeeded in the day’s aim.

I’m sure she will continue this excellent quality through out her life if she wants to.

– Personal Note –
What’s your little aim for today?

Photo Credit – OmniNate

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  1. 24 Jul 08 10:11 am

    My little aim for the day is to stop reading blogs for the rest of the afternoon and put the finishing touches on a small software project I’m working on. Starting Now!

  2. 24 Jul 08 6:05 pm

    Thomas Johnson – I bet you must notice that, the nearer we are to the completion of a project, the more lazy we become to finish it 🙂 All the best on your project

  3. 24 Jul 08 9:59 pm

    Good one.
    But i can’t find any joy in completing small little stuff. I need huge compliments to fuel my passion. But i know that kind of motivation only last for a short while before it dies down again.

  4. 25 Jul 08 1:15 am

    3POINT8 – Well everyone has their own strategy. Maybe that works for you 🙂 Personally I prefer to be able to sustain that motivation for a longer time

  5. 25 Jul 08 6:14 pm

    being able to go to each lecture without failing to ‘ponteng’ is my daily mini success 🙂 great article!

  6. 25 Jul 08 10:44 pm

    Wilda – All the best kay, How has it going so far?

  7. 01 Aug 08 7:03 am

    Great post! Sometimes we do awesome when we first learn a new skill, but then it tends to dwindle. Good tips on how to avoid that from happening. My little aim for today is to focus on the big picture, not sweat the small stuff … hopefully, not easier said than done.

  8. banji
    02 Aug 08 4:23 pm

    Marie – There’s a metaphore that motivation is like a glass of water and sand. Over time, the sand will definitely settle down. It’s our job to keep stirring it.

    Good luck and thank you Marie for the comment 🙂

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