Installing Safety Valve At Your Heart

Summary – A proper exit point where no one get hurt

About Safety Valves

Allow me to introduce you to the three most important equipments in my mill : The safety valves. Bear with me for a while as I explain them.

There is a boiler in my mill, which generally produces power to run the mill. During operation, the pressure inside the boiler will go up as high as 30 Bar (that is equivalent to 30 times atmospheric pressure). In short, if the boiler pressure continues to rise there is a chance that the boiler will explode. I’m afraid that if that happened Lesson In Life will most probably no longer be updated.

Luckily we have the three safety valves. If at anytime the pressure inside the boiler go up to 32 Bar, the first valve will be opened automatically, releasing the pressure. And if that didn’t reduce the pressure, the remaining two will take over.

Why am I telling you this? I believe that we too need to install some of these safety valves to our heart. It may prove useful someday especially when our negative emotion has reached its critical point.

Why Do We Need Safety Valves At Our Heart

Our emotion is a very powerful element. It can bring both the best and the worst in us, Emotion like anger, hate, frustration can usually build up inside from time to time. And when it reach its critical state and explode, there is a chance that our nearest friend, who may very well be innocent, will be at the receiving end.

How will you feel if your best friend suddenly yell at you in public, cursing and humiliating you? Even if he apologize later, will that make everything better?

The whole objective of installing these safety valves to our heart is to set up a safe place or ways to channel all our feeling. A place that is far from friends and family. A way that whenever you unleash all those emotion, nobody gets hurt.

How to do this? Unfortunately you will have to figure your unique way yourself. When involving emotion, everybody will have to create their own manual. However, if you are still clueless about what to do, here’s a few example to get you started.

Recommended Personal Safety Valves To Try.

  • Chat with a stranger on instant messenger. Let it all out. Try to choose one that is on idle. When he get back from toilet, he will have an earfull 🙂
  • Create a secret blog. Change the character’s name and tell the world your story. Whether you want to promote the blog or not, it’s totally up to you.
  • Yell to the sea. This is classic. If there is no sea, a tree will do. Try not to punch the tree. We are trying to let the pain heals, not creating new pain.
  • Do one selfless act. Help a blind crossing the road, or offer to paint the house. If you still not feeling better, do another. Selfless act never fail to make you feel better.
  • Run your heart out. Go to a jogging track and run like you never run before. The more intense your emotion build up, the faster you should run. Never run in a busy street though. You might get hit by a car. Even though that may solve one’s problem, don’t.
  • Reciting your list of life’s priority. When you do this repeatedly, you will be reminded that what you’re feeling right now is nothing important. There are more important things in life.
  • Write to your newspaper. They may reject the letter, but somebody is definitely reading 🙂

Conclusion – It is very important to know how to react when you are overwhelmed by those negative emotion (anger, hate, frustration, etc). Know it by heart so that the moment you are feeling angry, you know exactly what to do. It is also equally important for you to try out that safety valve of yours from time to time.

– I wonder –
What’s your personal safety valve?

——– Personal Note ———
Today, there’s an engineer from the Department of Safety & Health coming for a visit to the mill. He asked me to test out the existing safety valves, making sure that they are working fine.

Somehow personally, I am never worried about machine causing an accident. That very rarely happens. Accidents usually happen due to people working dangerously.

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  1. 11 Aug 08 10:05 pm

    the part where u put as ‘yell to the sea’
    is also can be done by yelling to the pillow,
    just yell out loud but use the pillow to muffle
    the sound. Works perfect 🙂

    *and we thought those classic movie showing
    pillow as a muffler to a gun is a myth.


  2. banji
    12 Aug 08 12:43 am

    DaPocket – Also a good way. Easier too than going to the beach 🙂 Driving to the beach under a lot of stress is rather dangerous.. so using pillow is highly recommended.

    I’m sure this is a technique you use some time, what do you think of the after effect? effective?

  3. 12 Aug 08 10:14 am

    I just sang my heart out… ala-ala wat free konsert gitu…
    nasiblah orang umah sebelah….

    I wrote in my blog too.. tapi kadang2 tu berkias.. since we don’t want to hurt another soul.. 😀

  4. 12 Aug 08 12:17 pm

    utk lelaki mudah aje.. kasi hentam sama beg tinju sampai puas hati.. dn perempuan pula.. biasalah membebel, kan… membebel sampai penat dn ilang punca nk cakap apa lg! .. tp sy tahu ada jgk org lelaki yg suka membebel. Betul tak?

  5. 12 Aug 08 5:46 pm

    cam dalam pocket punye blog jugak, lame dah tak singgah sini. [my bad lagi]

    my personal safety valve adalah:

    1. private blog yang tak dipublish. ngeee~

    2. meraung sorang2 dalam bilik.

    3. tekan pedal minyak time drive kete.

    4. menggila ngan kawan2.

    5. cari pantai. but since KL ada pantai dalam je, sy akan ke tasik. the nearest is tasik titiwangsa. kalau susah sangat pun, sy just tengok gambar pantai. dari kecik lagi, memang suka ke pantai kalau ada masalah pape. sy suka tgk ombak n dengar bunyi ombak. really miss those days masa umah dekat ngan pantai. T_T

    6. the best and easiest way is- hampar sejadah, mengadu pada DIA… 🙂 [tapi jarang orang nak buat…kan?]

  6. 13 Aug 08 1:41 am

    Heavy metal works for me. I channel my anger into my music — making it and listening to it.

    I think it works similar way for some people with horror/suspense films. I know I want to see something trashy if I’m in a trashy mood. It’s best if I don’t get into that mood to begin with, as it often doesn’t make me feel better. But it’s an outlet, nevertheless. Better than having it bottled up inside.


  7. banji
    13 Aug 08 8:50 pm

    Nolee – 🙂 Singing your heart out is an excellent way to let it all out. Somehow when we are singing while listening to the songs, we will hear ourselves quite talented. I wonder if anybody else experience the same?

    Nor ash burn – dan saya tahu ada perempuan yg suka hentam beg tinju. 🙂 rasanya membebel ni adalah ciri2 blogger yg baik huhu.

    Satu persamaan yg saya nampak, kedua2 teknik tu akan terhenti bila penat. hmm

  8. banji
    13 Aug 08 8:57 pm

    fairuzniza – takpe.. perkataan singgah tu la yg paling dihargai 🙂

    I will have to discourage you from continuing your third technique. Nothing worth risking your life. Unless of course, you hit the pedal while the car is not running. Then only I will not mind.

    Pantai dalam tu actually rumah sedara sy tu. kat situ lah menumpang masa carik2 kerja dulu. hehe sedap betol restoran pak atan kat situ.

    I was wondering, who will come up with your 6th technique. That’s the best way to handle any problem. The best… Just ask and He will give you the answer. The question is are you willing to listen. 🙂

    Ari Koinuma – Feeling trashy thus doing something trashy. Get it 🙂

    It always amaze me those who can create music. I just create some humming, and most of the time it will be based on some songs or a combination of a few. Still, whenever I come up with a song, I will record it in my cellphone. That I will bring to the grave hehe

  9. Gale
    22 Aug 08 1:35 pm

    I really like your blog because it actually makes sense out of life with humor. One thing, when you say ” help a blind crossing the road, or offer to paint the house.” He may not appreciate the house painting as much since he can’t see it… little joke.

  10. banji
    23 Aug 08 12:06 am

    Gale – Thank you Gale for reading. I’m sure the blind will appreciate the house painting just as much 🙂 In fact, don’t you agree that the blind will need help with painting his house more than anyone else.

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