Get Back On Track After A Failure With These 10 Scripts

Summary – 10 lines you can say to yourself after a failure

I am not perfect. Even though I write a personal development blog, it doesn’t mean that I am the most developed person on the planet. We will always be in the process to be slightly better everyday. That’s exactly what this blog is all about

Personal development is just like life. It doesn’t matter whether you will end up a prime minister or a clerk, what matter is how you get there. And along this journey, some mistakes are bound to happen.

I confess that I procrastinate once in a while (Ok, maybe a lot), I sometimes manage my finance poorly (bought an external drive when I don’t actually need it). My point is, despite my articles that describe how to combat procrastinate and good financial tips, I can still make mistake and I can sometimes fail to follow my own advice.

This is where it becomes a problem. For the average guy like us, each failure can have some effect like depression, stress etc. How then can we effectively come back from a failure. For example, how can I remanage my finance after an out of control shopping spree? Should I start back from zero? Or is there any other way?

These are some suggestion on how to make that come back; a few examples of lines you can say to yourself to reset your life after a failure.

1) Behold! My experiment on making mistakes has completed. Procrastination really takes about half of your life.

2) Nobody was hurt. I am still alive. It is up to me to deal with the problem. I will make sure the external drive I just bought worth every penny I spent.

3)) All the negative feeling I’m having now because of the failure is officially postponed to next week. I will entertain them then. Thank you for understanding.

4) People might not even notice. They are usually too busy with themselves

5) So that’s what happen if (insert mistake here).. HAHAHAHA.

6) My life is short, I’m giving myself 2 minutes to mourn

7) Now where was I?

8] Resetting life… Starting now

9) If I want things to change, I will first need to change

10) Get up and just do something


We all fail ourselves at some point in life. We have two options. Making the come back easier or harder for us. The answer should be obvious – Always aim to make things easier for you.

– I wonder –
What do you say to yourself after a failure?

————– Personal Note ———–
I have a friend who diet. And whenever she failed to follow her diet and ate fatty food, she would literally torture herself by vomitting it all out. She would then be upset and depressed with the failure that even a stranger will be able to see it in her face.

Believe me, nothing good can come from this self torture. So stop it already.

Photo Credit – Hamed Masoumi

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  1. 26 Nov 08 7:53 pm

    Turn it into a positive and see each failure as a lesson that you learned.

  2. 28 Nov 08 7:46 pm

    err tu dh smpai ke tahap kes aneroxia kan?..huhu :S

  3. 28 Nov 08 8:17 pm

    Click A Life Coach – Of course.. without that a mistake will just be another mistake in life 🙂

    Eizrn – I think so.. kalau kawan eizrn, apa yg eizrn nak nasihatkan pada dia?

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