How To Use Emotion & Solve Problem Effectively

Summary – Use emotion
The following story is one of the many interesting stories published on the net.

The Story

Once there was a school with quite a unique problem. The girls at the school were beginning to use lipstick and like everyone else who just started a thing, there were lipstick prints all over the mirrors of the school bathroom.

This however was a problem to the janitor since he would have to clean the mirror every single day.

One day he reported the problem to the school principal and she immediately called up all the students to the bathroom (of course in groups). She then explained that the lip prints were causing problem to the janitor who worked very hard to keep the school clean.

She even asked the janitor to demonstrate how difficult it was to clean the lips prints. The janitor took out a long handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it.

Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.

/end story

As you can probably notice, the solution is so simple and effective, it is amazing why we can’t come up with it in the first place.

So how can we come up with an amazingly effective solution to other daily problems in our life?

I don’t know about you, but when dealing with people, I personally believe that any solution can be very effective provided we can tap into the people’s emotion.

Let’s look at the story for example. The janitor use the toilet water to induce the feeling of disgust in the students and in the end, he manage to solve the problem completely.

How I Apply It In Real Life

I’m having the same problem here in my mill. A lot of my workers prefer not to wear the safety helmet during working. Of course they will be wearing them when I’m around but I really don’t think they are wearing it during night time etc.

So what I did is to gather a lot of pictures from the internet on accidents that happened to people who did not wear their safety helmet. There are pictures of dead people with their head slice into two, iron rod penetrating the skull etc. Seriously, they are the kind of pictures you wouldn’t want to show your children or you will have to pay for their therapy for years.

Immediately after I show these pictures, almost everyone wear the safety helmet (day and night). I’m really hoping that the pictures can stir the fear inside the workers. It worked! Problem solved!

– I wonder –
How else can we use emotion to solve problems?

——– Personal Note ———-
You must not confuse this with emotional blackmail. Emotional blackmail is a method used to get what you want but via dirtier means. For example, using guilt to make your relatives become slave of the house or by using jealousy to ruin a marriage etc.

Like all other great tools, in the right hand, it will become a blessing. But in the wrong hand, it will become a disaster.

Photo Credit – Katie Tegtmeyer

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  1. 21 Jul 09 11:45 pm

    Hey hey!! u have been posting again and i’ve never
    realizes this… i guess i need to come to your place
    more often yes? 🙂

    yes, that’s a good way of solving a problem about
    safety.. just like those people did with road accidents.
    Showing off photos of accidents and ‘casualties of war’
    waaahhhh… makes u wanna drive 50km/h everyday
    everywhere… heheh:)

    Believe me but the same method helps me to avoid those
    ‘night entertainment’ when i was sent to thailand!!
    those picture of hideous skin complexity from aids..
    hoh!! Dicky stayed in!!

  2. 25 Jul 09 8:26 pm

    Pocket – I’ve been very busy for quite some time. And to add to that, the internet connection is here is very slow, so I will have to make do with what I have in hand 🙂

    You make a very good point. Those AIDS photos and info do send out very strong message to avoid all those entertainment.

    There is a reality show on Hallmark – The Biggest Loser. It is slowly becoming my favorite tv show, simply because it stir up my envious feeling for their success in losing weight. Hopefully it will motivate me enough to continue exercising 🙂

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